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  1. Met the guys from the "LGDS" french VTC while casually exploring the ProMods map, in Spain.


    These guys were awesome, if you see them on the road, say hi and flash your lights to them! ^_^



  2. Had some nice convoys tonight with the bois. ❤️:mlg_doge:




  3. Ladies and gentlemen, please drop a F for Krewlex.





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    2. KhaosHammer


      ^ But that's not realistic to see a truck stop within 25m ?

    3. ScaniaFan89
  4. While almost everyone is driving a Mercedes or a T Range, there's me and my good old Scania S that I haven't stopped using since it became available a long time ago.




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    2. Computerpro
    3. KhaosHammer


      @Computerpro Nah, Scania FTW.


      Hope you liked my pink one that which probably burned your eyes. :LUL:

    4. Pandouillle


      je prefere le miens mouahahahahahah

  5. Finally added the exhaust pipes from the Actros DLC to my Scania S. ^_^


    I have that truck since the day it got released, but overtime it's getting more and more parts from other brands like DAF or Mercedes. :thisisfine:


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Looks great :wub: How'd you get the Scania writing on the numberplate? ?



      Good afternoon, my friend.

    4. KhaosHammer
  6. The Pink Squad group photo from yesterday's stream. :mlg_doge:

    You guys are awesome! ❤️



    (My eyes are still bleeding from seeing too much pink)

    Forgot to take a pic with names to tag you all, I'll do next time :thisisfine:

    1. MarkON


      ^ "My eyes are still bleeding from seeing too much pink"

      Senior - you didn't see pink sets in event? server ATS today ?




    2. KhaosHammer


      ^ Ahahah that's scary ?

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  7. The first Discord Nitro Booster convoy was awesome!

    Thank you all who attended and for supporting our public Discord guild! ❤️


    See you on the next one! :mlg_doge:





  8. Nice truck, Samiz. :troll:

    11/10 - IGN :thisisfine:



  9. This is by far one of the most "special" parking style that I've seen since I'm on TruckersMP. :lol:

    11/10 - IGN :mlg_doge:


    Sums pretty much how the C-D road is everyday. :thisisfine:


  10. Went on a few jobs with @White Wolf., @iHobbit & @Krewlex earlier today, in the middle of the night. ^_^

    Let's hope that before the next time, Hobbit gets a decent truck that isn't slowing down at the slightest hill. :troll:



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    2. KhaosHammer


      Admeeens pls foto :thisisfine:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos and trucks, especially White Wolfs Scania :wub::love:

  11. When I'm quite late for work:


    (Happened yesterday during the Real Ops event, thanks ETS2 physics.)


    Video from @SanQuan :P

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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. galantisCC


       ETS2 physics, I have that too... 

      When you see that line on the road never give gas ;) 

      it is always funny to see :D 

  12. Thank you everyone for coming to the Real Operations 6! :mlg_doge:

    The event was awesome, even if we've had some connection issues at the start, the event was, I think, a large success.


    I can't wait to see you all again on the next one!


    Here are a 2 screenshots that I managed to take while staying at the EP event:




    And the final group photo with the whole staff that participated to the event.

    On behalf of all of them, again, thank you much for coming, see you on the next one!:P




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    2. Digital


      @dragonslayingmaster1000 Unless someone takes the mod from MP and uploads it in the workshop, I'm not sure of Forerunner intends to add it himself there.

    3. KaitanFox


      Really fantastic, I saw that steam train on the truck at Europort. It was quite the sight indeed.

    4. Mika L.

      Mika L.

      Oh my god @Forerunner, a locomotive?! You never stop to impress me... :love:

  13. Hai!


    I've tried to make something "cinematic" in TruckersMP. Some sort of a "trailer".


    Everything recorded was without letting anyone know, to keep a "natural" aspect.

    Premiere Pro messed up some clips as they're not all recorded at the same resolution (and camera animations required to "zoom in" a little bit). But it's been 2 months since I started this, so I'm gonna post it anyway or I'd never finish. :thisisfine:


    I'm quite bad at editing, feel free to give me feedbacks and tips! ^_^

    Maybe you'll see your truck!


    Thank you and have a wonderful week-end! :P

    This is not an Official TruckersMP "trailer". Take it as a "fan-made" trailer.


    Thumbnail screenshots credits go to @TruckerSemih, @tnt404, @NoNameFound, @Mike Dragon & @[HDF] F i F i [FR]

  14. Spent an hour or two with 6-7 guys randomly found around Brussels for a convoy toward the Baltic sea area.

    Always nice to meet people and have a chat with them while driving! ^_^




  15. Let's say that we didn't expect that the NCZ was that small at this ferry.


    At least the karma striked me back for making @Oliana do a backflip. :thisisfine:

    (Of course we were doing the WoT event, we had to cancel our 900km trip due to this fail D':)



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    2. Noxii


      Yeah probably some reason for it, but they didn't take into account the tons of muppets on MP that can't drive or drive to ruin stuff for others. I drove from Le Havre before towards Germany and just a little bit from my destination there came this Scania without a trailer on at full speed crossing the red light ramming into my side so I flew like a glove in the air. I quit the game in rage after that and haven't continued with the event since... :(

    3. KhaosHammer


      SCS doesn't care about TruckersMP when it comes to fixing/updating stuff since their game isn't made to handle multiplayer.

      All their decisions are taken on a Singleplayer point of view.

    4. XanderBGaming


      yes that is true 

      this is a sp game as this a multiplayer mod :P

  16. I see you lurking here. :troll:


    Still driving coaches?  :thisisfine:

    1. Ashley


      Ofcourse, my beaut doesn't drive it self!


      Although, I'm taking a lovely VanHool away next week as opposed to my coach :)

  17. If you see this random and completely innocent Pilot car with a white name above it, don't run away, I don't bite. (at least not always) :troll:


    #Undercover :ph34r:


  18. Hi Admeen, thank you for the follow. :kappa::wow:

  19. I've found this old gif, when a hacker drove through my truck, sending the back of the trailer underground.

    Then the game threw away my truck like it was a toy.


    RIP. :thisisfine:



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    2. Mike Dragon
    3. MrBrandman


      Round and round she goes, where he stops NOBODY KNOWS

    4. Skorpion_TMP


      Maybe he thought that u lose something there :troll:

  20. When you forgot about your brakes and try to avoid ramming the police car in front of you. :troll:


    ❤ you @Oliana


  21. Woah, I didn't expect that at all. -_-

    Best of luck for the future, buddy. You'll be missed.


    Thank you for everything that you've done for TMP and your hard work through that long time with us, take care and come back sometimes to say hi! ^_^

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