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  2. Witam, czy moge podac link do forum o FS bo tam sa moje wszystkie zdjecia?
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  4. When i go to PCI express there is only 1 option which is ''disabled'' but if i enable it the other 2 options is *power saving* so i am not really sure how this will help. still buffles me because the other 2 upgrades i did are 2x 8GB RAM memory and more importantly, i bought an expensive PSU 550W plus 80 gold certificate from a very good manufacturer that would normally be more than enough to power my 1060 and i5-4440
  5. lol
  6. button box

    It is possible, but with what control direction?
  7. Whoa... I think you're not the only user experiencing freezing with GTX 10 series. There could be multiple factors... Try right clicking the Windows Icon of your task bar, Power Options, try to find Advanced Options, then there should be an option somewhere concerning PCI Express. Choose the one that gives the most performance (it might be "Disable"). Also, in the same window, look for Processor Power Management, and put everything at a 100%. Can you report back if any changes happen?
  8. According to the evidence you provided screenshots, we believe that the evidence is insufficient and the administrator does not abuse the power
  9. Hi Sassy I know just how you feel with ETS MP. When I first came on I was thinking omg there is a lot of people on here. I was thinking this is just like the real thing. I can tell you from my own experiences that the more you drive the easier it will become. As the saying goes... if you can't beat them join them! My thinking was this is a guys game but I was going to try my best to play and have fun. No matter what mp game you play there will always be those who are inconsiderate of others and just plain out rude! So thankful for the many admins in the game who does their part in banning players like that. I will say this though about ETS MP, I still am a little nervous in there because there are usually a lot of people in there at certain times. I usually try to go to cities with the fewest people and also either go in convoys or with some of my friends..that does make it easier
  10. Anyone you see with a red name is an admin, its impossible for anyone else to have a red name in MP and as already said above their names are white when they are not logged in, if you want to know more more about admins or just watch them do some admin work in MP I'd suggest watching one of the admins twitch streams Gives you a good understanding of what they do and deal with in MP
  11. k. think for the info's.
  12. There might be Admins with whites names. If you crash into one of them or do bad stuff, you could see a white name turn into a red one, then boom you're pwnd.
  13. I don't report people but when it comes to admins I try to keep that up for those that isn't a admin can get noted. but now I know what to look for.
  14. Поиск по словам "Ограничение скорости" в русскоязычной дискуссии решил бы проблему мгновенно.
  15. ha k np just checking if u was a admin or acting like one. still learning about mp admins. so now I know if I see red names they are admins.
  16. Wow, We were just having fun!
  17. k thinks for the info. so if I see red names they are admin
  18. Both of them are IGA. Ohai @Sgt_Tailor & @Sysgen They can play "normally" with a white name/text like us, but they can choose to play as an Admin by typing /login. (you can try if you want it won't work for you )
  19. Sysgen (in this case) is definitely an admin.
  20. ha k so Sgt_Tailor is a admin what about Sysgen?
  21. If an Admin hasn't his name/text in red, it means that he's playing without being logged in as an Admin. I don't know if that was you were looking for with your post/screenshot. Sgt_Tailor was playing as a "regular" player. Or maybe doing Admin stuff "undercover" so trollers don't instantly spot him because of his red name.
  22. I'm not 100% sure all the admins are as for truckersmp admins are I'm posting this here in stand of in the report section just in case it is a admin if they ain't admin go on to what u need to do. I've seen some red chats but never seen names from who just to who they are going for. I finished my job before I posted this.
  23. bungee jump from the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. (321m or 1 053 ft) playing with 5 fps on any game or being banned 3 months?(and never playing any game under 60 fps after being banned)
  24. You kicked me off the game called American Truck SImulator today because i had the gamer tag called " Firefighter3861 " how does this violate any rules in the game. i did as you asked me to do and you refuse to answer me. 

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    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      Hey mate, you haven't been banned for your name, but for your tag. Change it from the Login Menu then make a Ban Appeal here :




      When you launch TMP, it's located there :






    3. [CHINA]      TACHOGRAPH



      Having inappropriate usernames/tags including those with insults, any with no text, any with swearing in them, names matching administration, law enforcement organizations, any current living or deceased political leader or anything similar. This also includes tags that would indicate that you are a "Forum Mod", "TS3 Admin", "Admin", "Police", "Security" or similar and in any language.

    4. Sgt_Tailor


      Locked, if you are unhappy with your ban you can use this thread to contact feedback. 


  25. Hey, man, today is your birthday, must be very happy, bless you!

    Your username is a bit long, haha

    Your user name looks good look, is a cat face and its eyes


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