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  2. Starting a new stream now on Sim 1!


  3. JamesS014

    "REC" in your tag...

    Lol, How many do you think you reported?! lul
  4. FernandoCR [ESP]

    "REC" in your tag...

    Funny thing, I have recorded and reported many of those who have REC or Recording on their tags. I don't use any tags, I don't warn them. But hey, they can use their own recordings in their ban appeals, right?
  5. FernandoCR [ESP]

    A server without rules?

    How about removing the "banned players" thing and make the server anyway? I mean, I find that if banned players had this option, they'd be less likely to create new accounts, evade their bans and keep ruining the "legit" servers. That's why I see it as a good thing. But if the problem is allowing banned players to have a server where they can play (which they have now, any server if they want, ban evading is easy enough), then make a no rules server for those who are not banned but want speed, collisions and don't mind being crashed into. All those who are now asking to remove speed limits from a simulation server or to enable collision in an arcade server. They say that they want to drive fast, they want to have collisions and they don't care if others collide with them because that's the fun, the challenge, etc. So give them a server! But with no rules. No reports, no punishments, no extra work for the game moderation team. They'd be happy, we'd be happy (less "idiots on the road" in the simulation server), the game moderators would be happy (less reports overall)... I don't see any downsides to the idea.
  6. Ady Man

    Ady Man Gallery

  7. Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes! 

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Happy Birthday!:love:

  8. JamesS014

    "REC" in your tag...

    Nice one! well done
  9. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Fehlercode 0x80072EE4

  10. Dieses Speditionsthema wurde aufgrund von Inaktivität archiviert. Sollte der Wunsch nach Wiederherstellung bestehen, so ist ein Moderator zu kontaktieren. Die Regeln des Speditionsforums sind hier zu finden: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/42109-speditionsbereich-regeln/ //Locked & Moved to Section Archiv.
  11. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Wir suchen nach AKTIVEN Fahrern

    //Nicht akzeptiert Bitte überprüfen Sie die Regeln:
  12. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Captiva Force sucht DICH ;)

  13. :wub: Alfa Romeo Giulia :wub:

    :D Hope you like my little trip guys. :D






    Video: :wub:



    1. QF_Giulia


      Said someone my name? :troll: Nice shots! :) 

  14. xenophobia

    CYBERRIOR Paintjobs gallery

    This thread got me drooling. Loving it.
  15. DJFrontier

    Color Player Tag

    Olá, estarei movendo esse tópico para a área de tópicos inativos devido a falta de atividade no mesmo, caso esteja ainda com o problema em questão, nos envie um ticket de suporte (https://truckersmp.com/support) \\Fechado e movido para inativos
  16. Olá, estarei movendo esse tópico para a área de tópicos inativos devido a falta de atividade no mesmo, caso esteja ainda com o problema em questão, nos envie um ticket de suporte (https://truckersmp.com/support) \\Fechado e movido para inativos
  17. Racyen

    A server without rules?

    i found an Identical Topic in Rejected Suggestions
  18. Ouskillerr

    A server without rules?

    They should change Arcade #2 to have collisions and remain Arcade #1 as non collision.
  19. Today
  20. Callum Johnson

    A server without rules?

    I see, well my original answer is fine then I definitely do not see this as a good thing, its basically taking the meaning away from punishment, if someone gets banned, they are banned for a reason, they shouldn't just be allowed to play again. Thanks for confirming though

    CYBERRIOR Paintjobs gallery

    Andersen Thermotransport
  22. xenophobia

    A server without rules?

    The idea is to allow banned players in a ruleless server. Players who aren't banned shouldn't be allowed to connect, however, this is debatable.
  23. Callum Johnson

    A server without rules?

    I am not sure whether I have fully understood your idea, however I am seeing it as you want a new server with no rules whatsoever where everyone can play, even if they are banned! I do apologise if I have misread your post, however if I am correct with the above, I am definitely against it! People get banned for a reason, they do wrong so they receive punishment, if we had this sort of server, what is the point of having Game Moderators? What is the point in banning people for wrong doing? If someone has broke a rule, they have got the punishment they deserved, they need to learn a lesson, not just think... 'Oh, there is still a server I can play on anyway to the ban is utter useless'. Like I said, sorry if I have mistaken your topic.
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