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  2. I'm pretty sure its a desync problem. It happens to me for some of my friends (From their view, my trailer sometimes makes a weird move, that can do some nasty things to people trying to overtake). So its something with the ping either increasing, or decreasing. Unfortunately, I can't do anything to my internet, since, I only have Coax (Theres no fiber yet (I don't even know If I'll ever get fiber)) Best Regards General18
  3. Well, I don't know what you did but even if you and your friend tried to help, for example, with pushing/blocking then decision of this Game Moderator was right. Also talking on Forum about bans is forbidden and if you are not happy by this decision make appeal, or if your appeal was rejected, create Feedback.
  4. Czas wsiąść w barwy biało-czerwone i przewieźć towar z Polski do Włoch. Pogoda nie sprzyja, lecz to nie przeszkadza Stefanowi. Podczas trasy jedna z osi naczepy została uszkodzona i kierowca był zmuszony czekać na serwis, na szczęście nie wystąpiło opóźnienie.
  5. I am glad, that i was able to help you here. Thank you to everyone else, for participation! If you require more help in the future, please do not hesitate to create another Topic or a Support Ticket. Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support //locked and moved to Solved Topics
  6. THANKS!!!! it worked!!
  7. We were a small group of 3 drivers. 2 of us could pass the bridge too. The driver on the bridge was traveling alone. It would only have been considerate of him to let the group pass completely. The other two from my group were further back and have been waiting for me there because of the situation. You can see them in the background in the video. https://youtu.be/dDE-IsizFGc?t=37 If the moderator would ban both players, it would be fine. But to punish only one here is simply wrong!
  8. I have had this done to me numerous times. When a player is overtaking or oncoming they flip their trailer in to mine. Been told it's a bug due to desync issue. This I do not believe to be the case think the admins need to look more closely to reports.
  9. Well I don't know if it's bad to try to help in the game like we know there are some places in the game that is so much crowded and I was with my friend in a pilot car trying to make it easy for everyone and trying to help and we were not the only one there were others too who wanted to help also many users were happy with what we did but some were not happy because they are the ones who don't like the thing that's going good so they just record a small clip of us showing our fault and we get banned is that it ? We get banned trying to help people ?
  10. To those who keep asking "When's Promods going to be supported?" or come out with the comments of "I can't play Promods in sp or mp" it's really, really simple.. you're going to have to wait until Promods have released their own update, once that's happened it will all be mp compatible again and you can stop moaning. Things like this take time and quite frankly, if you don't like it. Don't upgrade until it's supported, but bear in mind you'll only be able to play sp..

    1. [Kobra] Aborjin

      [Kobra] Aborjin

      in my opinion promods will be uptaded after released of the black sea

  11. привет. помогите!! вчера обновился в стиме ЕТС2 и играл в онлайн. сегодня обновление мультика 1.36 обновился и не могу зайти. как пишут что нужно откатится на 1.35 если не работает. так мульт то-же не пускает не на 1.35 не на 1.36,удалял игру убирал все галочки с длс и всё тихо. сносить виндовс? сомневаюсь что это поможет. либо ждать когда они подкрутят гайки? или вечером заработает когда выйдет длс?
  12. Well said, I couldn't have put that any better if I'd tried. And I'm a very blunt person

    neoprávněný ban

    Zdravím všechny, mám prosbu ohledně banu, který mi byl udělen neprávem. Zkoušel jsem psát adminovi, který mě zabanoval, ale bez výsledku, buď je namyšlený, nebo ho ta pozice prostě nebaví. Asi před 4 dny jsem jel Z Calisu do Duisburgu po frekventované silnice, kde dodržuji pravidla, stejně jako po celém TMP. Když jsem na křižovatce, kde se u Duisburgu silnice rozpojuje, čekal na volnou cestu, zprava přijel tahač, který na mě blikal a troubil a pouštěl mě, mezitím se za ním vyřítila bílá octavie co strašně začala brzdit až metr přede mnou, jako by to nešlo hned... Ignoroval jsem tak jsem pokračoval asi 3km, při sjezdu na dálnici [JELIKOŽ HRAJI MYŠKOU] jsem zatočil trochu více, s domněním, že naproti stejně nic nejede, to by mě ale bohužel francouzský i***t nesměl předjíždět do protisměru a přes plnou čáru. Vše si dokonce nahrál a nahlásil mě že jsem ho nabořil. video po dni nastavil na soukromé a admin absolutně nereaguje. Dostal jsem Reckless driving a ramming, příjde mi to nespravedlivé a doufám že český národ bude na mojí straně, kam se mám obrátit na odvolání banu? Děkuji za odpovědi a přeji hezký den. jinak admin se jmenuje Baratako
  14. I find it very relaxing after a long day at work. Lately its been my "meditation" time before bed.
  15. Hello there! You could try to start ETS2 in OpenGL. To do so, head to your Steam library, click Play on ETS2 and a small grey window will open. Choose "Launch with OpenGL" and start the Game all the way, save and quit. Now try to start TMP again. Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support
  16. Thrustmaster T150 Pro with some functions setup on a Streamdeck.
  17. I think my graphic card supports DX11 because I play other games that uses dx11... But I will try to launch the game again with dx11
  18. I think it's more about synchronizing updates to both ATS and ETS. Why do the work twice over? They probably spent the last month grinding the update for 1.36, got ATS ready, waited until ETS patches aswell, kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Honestly a good 50% of the people on this forum are so unbelievably entitled it's flabbergasting. Give the admins the credit they so rightfully deserve, stop spitting the dummy when you don't get your way.
  19. https://imgur.com/7KUOVVx   any fix for this please ive downloaded and installed 4 times now and the same thing keeps happening 

    1. H u n t e r.

      H u n t e r.

      Hey Allan, This has already happened to me, try reinstalling your TMP Launcher, restarting your computer or even if you are restoring a backup do it!

    2. Titanic4


      Have you tried to start the launcher as administrator? This usually fixes such problem.

    3. Allan [Tango TR Owner]

      Allan [Tango TR Owner]

      nope same thing happens 


  20. no už aj tak musím od začiatku som to všetko vymazala
  21. Are you ready to start your engines and travel through three new unique countries in Euro Truck Simulator 2? 새로운 3개의 특별한 도시를 통해 당신의 엔진과 여행을 시작할 준비가 되었습니까? The Road to the Black Sea map expansion will be released today at: 9am - California | 12pm - New York | 5pm - London | 6pm - Prague 8pm - Istanbul | 1am - Shanghai (6/12) 흑해 맵 확장 DLC 는 다음 시간에 출시됩니다. 아침 9시 - 캘리포니아 | 오후 12시 - 뉴욕 | 오후 5시 - 런던 | 오후 6시 - 프라하 오후 8시 - 이스탄불 | 다음날 새벽 1시 - 상하이 | With 20 new major cities and many more towns and rural villages to discover on your journey, Road to the Black Sea has something for everyone. If you prefer a more scenic journey, route your GPS to avoid the highway to travel past coastal views and forested countrysides, or marvel at Europe's largest city, Istanbul. 20 개의 새로운 주요 도시와 더 많은 농촌 마을과 이 여행을 발견 할 수 있는 흑해 DLC 는 모든 사람을 위한 것입니다. 더 경치 좋은 여행을 원한다면 고속도로를 피해서 해안가의 전경과 숲이 우거진 시골을지나거나 유럽에서 가장 큰 도시인 이스탄불에서 놀아보세요. Be sure to join us for our stream broadcasting live from the SCS Studios for the Road to the Black Sea release at 6pm CET on Steam. CET 오후 6시에 스팀에서 SCS 스튜디오에서 방송하는 흑해 DLC 생방송을 위해 꼭 참여해 주십시오. The SCS team will be standing by to push the big red button to release this expansion for truckers to enjoy featured alongside some gameplay footage. SCS 팀은 트럭 운전자들이 방송의 장면과 함께 이 DLC를 즐길 수 있도록 하기 위해 큰 빨간 버튼을 누르기 위해 대기할 것입니다.
  22. Hello there! You could try to start ETS2 / ATS in OpenGL. To do so, head to your Steam library, click Play on ETS2 / ATS and a small grey window will open. Choose "Launch with OpenGL" and start the Game all the way, save and quit. Now try to start TMP again. Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support
  23. Today
  24. Hello there! We can not help you with Account issues here. Please file a Support Ticket on our Support System: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support
  25. These narrow Iceland bridges need a one at a time rule 1925 should have waited for the bridge to be clear before proceeding
  26. For me they were both blocking. I have no GM training what so ever but me as a player would just kick them both and carry on.
  27. Yeah sadly i found out what's the problem my graphic card doesn't support dx11, so i cannot play anymore..Thanks for the answer btw.. The saddest thing is that i bought it only because of TruckersMP, and 3 days after.. poof can't play it anymore wew..
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