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  2. I guess I'm one of those who like to make social media posts about making changes in their lives while no one really needs to hear it. I just wanted to make this somehow "official" so this is mainly a post for myself. Anyway, I'm leaving the truck sims behind. They're the games I always return to and spend too much of my time on while neglecting to make a future for myself.


    See you out there! 💚 (Or on Discord. You ain't getting rid of me there. Well, not without blocking me.)

  3. Aek177

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @NaTY0u345 [FR] has been removed from the team due to violating the Information Security Policy.
  4. Newtiiii :troll: Danke für's folgen :mlg_doge:

  5. Had a fun drive with @_Newtie:HaulieLove:



    1. _Newtie


      Yeah, I had really fun and enjoyed the (pixelated) streamdrive with you - hopefully tomorrow it will be better :HaulieLove:

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  7. Hello there, Since this topic has not been asked to be reopened after 7 days, I will go ahead and move it to Unsolved Topics. If you are still having issues, feel free to contact us here: https://truckersmp.com/support Kind Regards, Savage TruckersMP Support //Moved to Unsolved Topics
  8. Hello there, Have you found the answer you were looking for with the above answers provided? Please let us know so that we can move this topic to the correct place! Kind Regards, Savage TruckersMP Support
  9. Have a great night all ❤️

  10. When does the alpha stage end And move on to the next one
  11. Community Servers are dedicated hardware to do the server part. It's the same as TMP but the technology used behind multiplayer is P2P. The reason SCS went with P2P solution, was to avoid paying for hosting fees. As for Community Servers, the company usually issues a manual on how to configure your server to run their game. Sometimes, it's even simpler than that. You also need the company to grant your server a license to run their game. After that, you basically have a server always online that runs Convoy mode. You're responsible for paying the server fees and do the moderation. That's the process in other games that i know of, and i'm guessing it will be the same in ETS2. Well, that's just basic modifications on the arcade server's report system. Remove the driving related reasons and keep the rest, i guess.
  12. Even though I don't know you I was still shocked when I heard what happened to you... Rest in peace angel 👼 :RIP: 😭

  13. Thanks for the follow 😊

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