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  3. Happy Birthday! :HaulieLove:

  4. Happy Birthday Mate 

  5. (FR) Je pensais que cette nouvelle était une bonne nouvelle mais c'est tout le contraire ! 150km/h en Promods ou même 110km/h c'est irréaliste. Je préfère rester en solo sans TMP. Un camion est normalement limité à 90 km/h qu'on le veuille ou non, il aurait été préférable de proposer un serveur "Sérieux et strict" comme en mode réel. Tel que cela se fait en simulation aérienne tel que IVAO ou VATSIM. Car là c'est accident, destruction de marchandises et bagarre avec des trolls. Ça sera sans moi ! (ENG) I thought this news was good news but it's quite the opposite! 150km/h in Promods or even 110km/h is unrealistic. I prefer to stay solo without TMP. A truck is normally limited to 90 km/h whether we like it or not, it would have been better to offer a "Serious and strict" server like in real mode. As done in flight simulation such as IVAO or VATSIM. Because there is accident, destruction of goods and fight with trolls. It will be without me!
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  7. Happy birthday 🎂 @Miyu*

  8. Mannheim, because our Chinese convoy starting point will generally be there, for convenience!
  9. Game moderators are responsible for handling game reports to maintain order in TruckersMP's games
  10. Because ATS we Chinese players don't like to play.
  11. Happy Birthday 

  12. False, I like offline shopping more. The next person uses an iPhone.
  13. Happy Birthday :HaulieLove:

  14. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

  15. | Anchor of North | TruckersMP | On the road through Austria. 


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      Thank you ^^ @Werzey*

  16. Congratulations:HaulieLove:

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