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  2. Oh I just assumed cause I've never seen that done in the admin streams I've watched I know ye type the reason for kicking or banning someone tho, Thought this post was about sending a pm message to everyone that gets reported (I know that admins get to alot of reports after the thing has happened and the persons gone) or am I a bit confused
  3. hello truckers, i've done every step to install multiplayer but nothing seems to work. i followed everything from this website and also from youtube. but nothing seems to work. I downloaded the green download on this and after i had downloaded that i followed all steps. after it was downloaded i waited for the check now orange sign on the truckersmp website but its been there for 16 hours now and no change. i only have ats not ets2. can someone help me please
  4. get new razor headset and mic get adapter to get it on my computer so i can put mic and headset jacks in the headset  port. it doesnt work. anyone know how to connect my mic to my pc or anything? :angry:

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    2. videogamer


      did you headset come with a disc?

    3. Jacrispy_Cones
    4. videogamer


      did you plug in both cables?

  5. Blazie is off to bed. Good night TMP


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  7. I made that all, same the problem.
  8. Gracias amigo Raúl lo intentaré cualquier cosa volveré a escribir saludos
  9. ^ Untrue. A majority of us alert the player that a rule is being broken before taking any action. This won't happen if a player is purposely ramming, blocking a busy area or breaking other rules that's impacting several people's experience.
  10. This is strange I've never actually seen a green one in game (rarely see those trailers tho) Anyway to get the green one? or how do people that have the green one get the black on?
  11. This would be a waste of admins time, they get loads of reports in the game and if they had to type a message in the game to every person reported they would never get through the reports as they'd be wasting half the time sending messages to every person reported
  12. Most likely not. Although I don't completely get what you're saying, I must say about the parts I DO know, it's probably not going to happen.
  13. I just do not believe it.
  14. Cuando me sale yo le doy cancelar y despues lo abro de nuevo y me funciona, si sale de nuevo dale cancelar y asi te funcionara. Asi he hecho yo.
  15. Would it be possible for admins to send mail notice in their trucks/cars to drivers with "reports" against them along with a warning about a potential ban for future bad driving infractions? I would hope this would encourage better driving and less reason to report. Just a thought...
  16. Late night thought. The Sun doesn't need to go to university,  because it already has 28 million degrees.

  17. Did you also sell 200 trucks or do you still have those 200 trucks because if you still have those trucks that could be causing your issue plus since drivers don't work on mp it's pointless to have them.
  18. Truckers.FM (Radio Station) will be attending* and will be represented by Presenters and members of the TruckersFM Admin Team. We look forward to seeing you there! *awaiting parking space and confirmation of presence at the Truckfest.
  19. I restarted my computer, steam, updated everything i could, looked everywhere in the game, every single page of jobs. I know the DLC works because of the trailers (the "schwarzmuller" logo appears on each one). But absolutly no option to change the skin to the actual schwarzmuller, no little gear at all. Really don't know what to do now... EDIT : it doesn't work either in the single player game...
  20. Que Puedo Hacer Apuesta esta problematica por favor necesito su ayuda !!!
  21. Hello, Check if your Antivirus blocks tmp and or the file.
  22. I don't have a single clue. It could possibly be a bug. It shows up on my game.
  23. Hello, Check if all your Service Packs are installed for Windows.
  24. Try this
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