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  2. Doğum günün kutlu olsun 🎉

  3. Gracias por el follow!

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  5. Yeah, I agree with you. People don't know how to drive and don't look in their mirrors.
  6. Hello, now my video has been published, I want to see if you will handle this event?This is the evidence connection  https://youtu.be/cnGJOuggoxM

    1. ZIMBA.



  7. To my liking I choose the Daf XF Euro 6 I like it much more than the XF 105, Many things inside are very nice!
  8. At the moment my favorite trucks are: DAF XF106. Scania S. Volvo FH16.
  9. Thank you for the follow!

  10. C H E E K I .  believe he can fly, C H E E K I .  believe he can touch the Sky... 😸 📸 📹




  11. Another Modeling with @CuteCatand @enoble_yt 👀 📷 📸 🚚



  12. Just an normal Day with @CuteCat 👀 🥰



  13. One more Tour with my Personal Bodyguard @CuteCat. 😻 💓



  14. Two beautiful Trucks spotted today at Calais (Port) @CuteCat @enoble_yt. 😻 :love: 👀 


  15. Today with @CuteCatand @enoble_yton the Road. 💌 😻

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