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  2. Would You Rather

    SCANIA Busy City Holiday or Countryside Relaxed Holiday?
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    ^ Da hast du Recht. Mir ist in der Tat erst vor kurzem aufgefallen, dass ein solcher Guide in der deutschen Sektion fehlt. Ich habe mir aber bereits die Erlaubnis geholt, den oben verlinkten Guide übersetzen zu dürfen, ich muss es nur noch machen Danke also für die Erinnerung, es könnte aber noch ein wenig dauern. Ich verlinke den Post hier sobald er öffentlich ist.
  4. Gutted I was not recording on C-D road a while ago :( One of the funniest things I have ever seen happened :P

    I was stuck in some traffic going slowly, 2 heavy cargos, a car and a truck then me, then some trucks (with trailers) came up at high speed and I mean really high speed, I'd guess between 90 ad 100 mph (can you guess the makes of the trucks I wonder? :lol:) the first 2 overtook safely but then oncoming traffic came and well not quite sure exactly what happened but the trucks infront crashed then further ahead a car did multiple 360's into the air,  2 trucks flipped over to their sides, I pulled onto the grass and just as well I did cause more trucks came at speed and slammed into the crashed trucks (would have hit me if I had not pulled onto the grass) and finally another trucks also at speed went onto the grass around me and stopping to avoid it :o


    1. Fumiko


      Lool that's what they get for speeding -so he says while he speeds himself- :troll:

  5. Okay! Thank you for addressing my question!
  6. If you don't already know...


    NOTICE: Many areas in New Mexico (all the new prefabs) are missing their NCZ (including the new repair shops). So please, be careful!

    1. The Flying Dutchman 2

      The Flying Dutchman 2

      Yep.. already came across a situation earlier, when someone spawned inside my doubles and I went flying. :( 

    2. Mike Dragon
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      No NCZ :troll: I remember when that happen in an ETS2 update :lol: this was quite a while ago :P


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  8. странная фраза)) чёрти где был, а к соседям заглянуть не можешь и срочно напиши что-то полезное
  9. Can the key for push-to-talk (the key "X") be changed?

    Question answered. Thank you for your participation. /Locked and moved to solved.
  10. Lust uneingeschränkt zu fahren? Wir suchen genau dich!!!

    Sind weiterhin auf der Suche:)
  11. Have been in New Mexico for hours today together with @Liondog177


  12. Fozzy's Cinematics

    Here's a quick teaser of the new Scania. The main aim of this video is just to build hype for the new update and hint at some upcoming cinematics. OP has been updated with this new teaser cinematic.
  13. Would You Rather

    Oh! Asia is interesting! Scout or Scania?
  14. Today
  15. Here's a quick teaser video of the next-gen Scania


    I have a couple cinematics I'm going to do for this one.

    (Cinematics thread updated)

  16. RIP LOL XD :lol:






    1. [???????] ResTed
    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      :( ah so thats what happened :P I see me in the video :D

  17. Advanced Ghost Mode

    This is a neat idea, but there are so drawbacks, for those of us who play with names off, this wouldn’t make any difference. Personally, what would be better is if someone enters ghost mode, then something very visual occurs, either their vehicle goes transparent or has a persistent warning tag till they come out ofghost mode. A small marker or colour change on the players name tags doesn’t really add much from a distance that you would see another vehicle, I mean sure if you’ve got a 40 inch monitor or play in VR then it’s easier to see at distances, but for most, in order to even see or make out tags on someone’s nameplate, you have to be pretty close and by that time, your mind is already tricked into thinking that the vehicle is solid so you slam on the brakes. I mean, even a big bold letter warning sign that could say “GHOST MODE ACTIVE” that flickers between red, orange and black, that would be more noticeable at long distance, than a little symbol that can potentially get lost in the sea of colours ahead.
  18. Getting a job in a company

    ^ Yup! Just went to their websites and write an application! ^^
  19. Ranks in TruckersMP Community

    Like @Mirko9 said: You must be Moderator / Supporter / in The Media team to become Admin / Trial Admin! You can find the status here or here Regards!
  20. ATS is on 1.29 yet when trying to go on mp it says 1.28 & needs 1.29....tried re installing both ats & mp to the same result

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    2. Spirit Omega Wolf

      Spirit Omega Wolf

      Recommend uninstalling MP completely. That includes deleting any files of truckersMP anywhere on the PC.

    3. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner



      Follow the below steps:
      -Close any process of the game
      -Press Windows key + "R"
      -In the dialogue box type "%programdata%
      -Locate the TruckersMP file
      -Delete this file
      -Open the launcher (using administrator mode) and install the updates (If there are no updates then press F1)


      Try this

    4. ScaniaFan89


      No matter what i do it says the same dam error HUEZVB0.png




  21. ats

    this is a trucking sim we cant have mods in the game but they can add CARS to the game WHY like i say its a trucking sim give the players more choices to change there trucks we don't want CARS in the game as they just use them to drive round smash in to people and take the fun out of playing what is suppose to be a TRUCKING SIM.
  22. Hopefully this would optimize the mod

    (As a note: your game doesn't lag when you pause it because it doesn't have to render and calculate collision, it's just the physical model and not the logic behind it which increases your fps).
  23. Yesterday
  24. Can the key for push-to-talk (the key "X") be changed?

    Thanks for the answers guys! ;]
  25. I'm in love with the new Scania! :wub: all I need now is to slap a mighty griffin dlc on it. Time to wait and see what they do for the official release.

  26. Released

    @mwl4 The update is fine, there is only one problem, that in the workshops as they are different, at the time of the configuration they have forgotten to place NCZ in the workshops, in these instants this is deactivated and the trucks are bugean at the moment of giving F7, when it is going to roll in there is no problem.
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