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Hi truckers,

Since May this year we introduced the feedback-email ([email protected]). Since our reply can take some time, we'd prefer if all your information is in the first e-mail. 


If you want to write the feedback e-mail there's a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Replies can take some time, we receive a lot of e-mails about a lot of cases and we want to examine each case.
  • Only the Project Managers / Community Managers reply to this e-mail, the rest of the team doesn't have access to it.
  • If you want to complain about a ban, make sure you have already made a ban appeal (
  • We prefer that you write your e-mail in English, because we won't need a translator to translate it for us and therefore can inmediately start working on your e-mail.


What can or can't you write to the feedback e-mail?

In general, you can write everything that has something to do with TruckersMP, e.g suggestions, inquiries or complaints.

This e-mail doesn't serve it's purpose as report system or ban appeal system, we have designed systems on for that.


You can contact the feedback e-mail, if this applies to you:

- Want to provide feedback about members of the TruckersMP Team.

- Want to provide feedback, complain about or discuss punishments.

- Want to provide feedback or ask questions that does not fit in any forum category.

- Have a request that contain personal and/or private information, that you would not like to be publicly available.

- Other requests directed to upper staff.


Useful links:

- Bug Reports

- Suggestions

- Help Section

- Support



Important notes.

It's very important that you link everything we need in order to examine your case, e.g TruckersMP profile link, ban appeal link or report link. If you do not add this in your e-mail, we have to ask for it and this will increase the time for us to review your case.



We've written down an example here in order for it to help you writing your e-mail to us, do NOT copy and paste this into the e-mail you're sending because we will recognize the text from here. Click on the spoiler down below to view the example.





To: [email protected]

Subject: Unfair ban


Hi there,

On 23 November 2016 I've been permanently banned for ramming, in my opinion this ban was incorrect because I didn't see these people on my screen.

I've created a ban appeal here:<id>

The admin has provided evidence, link:

My TruckersMP profile:


I would appreciate it if you can look at my case, because these people weren't on my screen and therefore I couldn't have done anything to prevent this from happening.




<your name>



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