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  1. Hopefully this would optimize the mod

    (As a note: your game doesn't lag when you pause it because it doesn't have to render and calculate collision, it's just the physical model and not the logic behind it which increases your fps).
  2. Departing out of Barcelona with a slight delay, bound Birmingham: 


    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Ryanair, Boeing 737-800?

    2. konfig0
    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Just love the 737 Series <3

      I love you Bobby

  3. Flying above an almost clear Nebraska. 0gCbtpSNQGOXrGs4Ex7J-w.png

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    2. BaldemarDeutsch [EN\TR]

      BaldemarDeutsch [EN\TR]

      Come on l couldnt win :) my fav KLM Dutch call sing KLM147T 

      At Fsx Pmdg

    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      The KLM Jumbos looks nice too.

      And I flew with a KLM 747-400 with the New Paintjob from HKG (Hongkong) to AMS (Amsterdam)

      @konfig0 which version of the jumbo do you like?

      -100, -200/-300, -SP, -400 or -8i

      I like the 747-100 

    4. konfig0


      -400 works for me, I'm not a massive fan of the 747. T7 is the best for me.

  4. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Oh yeah.. true. I needed it for this haul, considering it was 55 tonnes of concrete pipes. Whoops.
  5. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    Glad to see this is still a thing, J-Spec is the best way to enjoy the game in my opinion. Most recent J-Spec truck:
  6. Very cloudy above Spain


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    2. konfig0


      Nope, only -600 to -900.

    3. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Ok, what is the name of the Simulator?

    4. konfig0



  7. Happy Halloween My Dude :P 

  8. MicroPayMents SCS

    I think ETS2 their financial plans are alright for now; yes the paintjobs are a waste of money for me but those are completely optional. The map DLCs are of high quality and are worth my bucks, people buying products (even paintjobs) is revenue which will be put back into our favor in ETS2 or ATS. And, if you buy the DLCs smartly - you can save tons of money (Steam sale, key sites..). Trucks, so far, have been completely free of charge. Keep that in mind. They could've charged €10+ per truck. Myself I'm more concerned about ATS;, low playerbase but they want to release a lot of states as a DLC.
  9. I've had a very satisfying night today, first the night lightning which has never been so good in my sim. And then to roll it up, with a proper landing:


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    2. konfig0
    3. Ashley


      Ah I remember my first night time landing. Looked absolutely beautiful, so did the ground whilst I was going around after a gear failure and then having to do a no-gear landing. Think I made everyone laugh that night...

    4. The Flying Dutchman 2

      The Flying Dutchman 2

      Look amazing man!

  10. Revisit the color for the project manager role

    Soon we will revise all the colors for the existing ranks, these, for now, are temporarily.
  11. Spot the difference ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. Fading
    3. Natedoggg457


      Oi, I just seen the member group has a new LOGO WHAT IS THIS 

    4. Fading


      @Rekoil_ I like it ;) 

  12. I really like how easy it is to apply a theme to your desktop these days:


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    2. Kravatie


      @Rekoil_ says teh guy with that useless  theme

    3. konfig0



    4. BigLarge


      guy with that useless  theme?=

  13. Anyone here flying FSX on IVAO?

    I've tried it once but I preferred VATSIM more. I'm sure there are some people on this forum who play IVAO, though.
  14. TruckersMP Real Operations

    @Shadowgaming(2) The majority of our playerbase is from Europe, and the evening is when the most people are at home. While we try to care for all our users, it's impossible to satisfy everyone.
  15. For the next event like real ops I think you should make it at 12:00 UTC so that people in other timezones can do it too.

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Not gonna happen, it's today and 12 utc was 16 mins ago