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  1. My brother and I have two truskesmp and two steam accounts And both of us have a computer And this ip makes the two accounts the same And my brother is in Bonn But my account did not fit And they think that both of me and this account is closed to me It's not that we do not have the money, we buy two computers and play a computer with two accounts If this is your mind, then we, who are not wealthy, should not play.

    I am really sorry )

    1. Smalley




      If you have an issue with your ban then make a ban appeal via here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      However, if you feel as though you was unfairly punished then please check here: 

      Please do not write on staff members status updates about your ban or message them. Please use the appropriate places to report your bans which are up above.



  2. Can you take a look at my suggestion

    1. Fading
    2. [AyYildiz]Suleyman{24}
    3. DrEGZo


      Suggestions aren't processed that fast. Firstly it takes some days or weeks until it's approved. Then it will be open for discussion for some months. At the end a PM will decide whether to accept/reject it.

  3. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    We've opened up a possibility of solving this whole argument, all we ask is that you consider the quote above. We aren't really open for any other path because we feel this is the most realistic one - so this is the way to proceed if you want to end this with a solution for both parties. We are open to speak, we really are. But that should not only come from us, lets get this settled forever so we can stop the endless discussions. We feel that we've been transparent enough by letting this post open, and let everyone share their views. However we do not think that by leaving this topic open we're going to make progress. Feel free to DM Scarface0359 or me, we're open to get this over with.
  4. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Seeing the support your post took, I know enough. I thought different about many others too; I suppose that changes when you do not receive what you want. I was hoping this could've been solved in a good way, but so far there has been 0 effort from anybody to actual go into that direction. Never too late to change, we'll still be here if you want to have a civilized conversation.
  5. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Too bad, but that's your decision. If it backfires, then you are the one who can take responsibility. I hope that you will comply to all TruckersMP rules with your event, good luck.
  6. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    If you want to officially close down the possibility of a conversation, then go ahead. But you can take full responsibility on you, we've offered to talk multiple times now so if you want to go ahead and deny that then that is your call.
  7. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    That is not an excuse to break rules, anyhow - We did try to listen, but that gets harder and harder if you refuse to come up with realistic suggestions and keep writing false claims. I've said this many, many times before and I also mentioned it in the conversation we had in Discord. The question is you, the people who protest, are willing to accept and face reality without denying what happened. Because as far as I can see, false claims are still being made and the 'protesters' aren't really working towards a solution. The choice is yours, we're here and will stay here to listen what you've got to tell us once you're ready.
  8. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Well, we're also open to speak to you but we can ask you the same question, how? If you will proceed to go down the path you are taking right now, you won't be taken very seriously I am afraid. Making offensive and vulgar memes, insulting (and threatening staff, such as 'we will find you') seems like you're a bunch of trolls willing to achieve nothing. I'm sure that that is not how you want to come across, so I suggest switching over to a better tactic such as peacefully talking - but we've said this before, the choice is up to you. Same as I've told before, this complete post is based on the truth and nothing else. You keep claiming we are not telling the truth, but we're completely honest here. The situation described in the topic is how it went, the question is if you are willing to accept and face reality.
  9. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    That was Bandero, BakerPK left completely voluntarily and has nothing to do with this.
  10. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    The initial break of the ISP was an unofficial discord used by Polish team members. Obviously after this was removed, and we unfortunately had to remove an upper-staff member for it, certain members of that Discord started a protest. We proceeded to create a seperate channel in our internal official staff Discord, to create clear communication with those that were angry and voiced their concerns. Quickly it came to our attention information was leaked from this channel, not personal information but messages which were send by upper-staff (Scarface0359, Humanewolf and me) were leaked to people outside the team. This obviously broke the ISP, and a few former team members have been kicked for that too. I can assure you that any personal information of accounts has not been in danger a single moment, but only messages from 1 single channel were leaked to non-staff.
  11. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Because we received proof, screenshots and so on.
  12. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Keyword: internal The ISP is internal, on a need to know basis. A regular member has no use with it, it's irrelevant to non-staff. Also, the riots by a certain group has nothing to do with the ISP either: the former team members who decided to violate it had something to do with it but that's about it.
  13. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    Pretty sure from day 1 that there was a no-leaking policy. It didn't work, else we wouldn't have to roll in an ISP you have to agree to upon joining the team.
  14. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    We have had an ISP for I believe about a year now.