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  1. On the road with @MousemanLV 😎



  2. Real Operations V8 Aftermovie, don't forget to watch the premiere starting in 1 hour ;)



  3. Soo, who's ready for the Real Operations V8 aftermovie? :P

  4. Welcome back mate🛠️

  5. Welcome back!

    1. Ashlyn


      welcome back

  6. What's going on here?


    1. Ashlyn


      Nothing much 

    2. JB2783


      hello LaxZ 😜

  7. Sad to see you leave the team. We will miss you and wish you all the best in the future. 
    Take care and happy trucking :) 

    1. LaxZ


      Thank you.

  8. Hello truckers! Today we have an exciting opportunity for you. The TruckersMP Media Team are proud to present a chance for you to be featured in an official video! Quite simply we need a short quote from you about how TruckersMP has impacted/changed your life over however long you've been playing! We will select a handful of messages and feature them in the video. Please comment your statement on the forum post which can be seen here. Thank you, TruckersMP Media Team
  9. Kehox


    Congrats mate ^ _ ^ 

  10. I thought making you the COO of Viva was good enough... I see how it is. Congrats BB

  11. MattR

    Congratulations Lax! You really are a good fit for the job!

  12. Congratulations on your new position in the team :wub:

  13. Congratulations with the promotion! You really god damn deserves it @LaxZ:love:

  14. congrats:love:

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