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  1. Congratulations @[WTLVTC-Manager] Pragaras, knew this day would come soon :D 

    Good luck with your new duties. Safe travels :P 

  2. Happy Birthday maye :D 
    Have a good one :) 

  3. Happy Birthday DJ London, have a good rest of your day.
    - Listener since day 1 :D 

  4. So what are the new random events?

    I quite like them in Singleplayer, however in MP they can cause collisions at last minute, especially on the C-D road. So I turned them off on my Multiplayer profile, until they are synced.
  5. TruckersMP Skins

    +1 Sounds like a nice idea. Looking forward to seeing the outcome if does get added. Maybe add a colour for TruckersMP Team Members. Good suggestion
  6. /preport [id]

    +1 from me. Like said above I would really like to see this added as would make it easier to report players, instead of having to click their name on tab then pressing report. Would be cool. Good suggestion
  7. Congratulations on your new role here at TruckersMP my friend. :D 

  8. What song are you currently listening to?

  9. Real Operations V4- Overview

    @RebeccaMurdock I'd recommend writing a feedback ticket regarding the event.
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. Simulation and /Fix

    I like it
  12. TruckersMP 4th Anniversary & 100th blogpost

    From being here back in the ets2mp days and watch the community grow is a great thing to watch. I feel blessed to be part of the team. I thank you all for so many good memories and so many good time to come in the future. Happy Birthday TruckersMP
  13. Released

    Thank you for the update
  14. Forum Rework

    Looks better than before. I like this new change. Good Job
  15. Congratulations mate

    1. Syntackz


      Thank you :)