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  1. Just got an Error 500 come up and ets2 went offline.

  2. Status Update Error

    Just found the reason why there wasn't a chat box available, sorry for any inconvenience caused. Resolved: (The Answer) Edit Profile, scroll down till you see 'enable status updates' enable this and the tick should appear on the sideways switch button.
  3. Congratulations on your role back as Game Moderator Bonnm, sorry if is a bit late. ;) 
    Happy Trucking. See you in the sky my friend.

  4. Status Update Error

    Hello, this is probably my 2nd time in my whole career on driving TMP that a I have had to write in the help section. The Problem: My Status Update (Public Message Box) is not appearing on my profile. That chat box which would usually appear on your own profile for people to message you or you to express your own opinion of something cool is not there for me which is very strange. I have checked and it's just not there for me, but is there for others. When did I check this issue: I checked yesterday, but thought it would be back today but it isn't. This is why I need your help if at all possible. I would greatly appreciate your help to get this issue solved as soon as possible. My profile should have a public message box just like everyone else's at the top of my profile, but for some reason it is not. Thank you for your help & Happy Trucking. Kind regards, Matt #CarLadMatt Atlas Logistics
  5. Krewlex, congratulations on becoming Trial Game Moderator Observer 

  6. Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Great modification. Looking forward to trying this out.
  7. Public Convoy 25th February 2018

    I can't make this event
  8. Simulation and /Fix

    Good Job on listening to the majority of the TruckersMP Community.
  9. Happy Birthday McGamer

    1. McGamer


      Thanks m8 <3

  10. TruckersMP Community Contributor program

    Great idea, good luck all!
  11. Public Convoy 28th January 2018

    I can't join, Enjoy yourselves.
  12. Staff Convoy 14.01.2018

    Thank you, I will try to attend
  13. Nearly The Weekend. YAY!

    1. -XCE-


      Don't wish the week away to quickly...

      Before you know, you will be wishing for a long week.

    2. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      na, my long weeks go quick too xD


  14. Wednesday tomorrow, then half way through the week :)