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  1. Took the police car out for a spin for the CRTZ monthly convoy today 🚨


  2. Roenz

    Ban appeals

    Hello Cozoco, Once you have appealed your ban the staff member who banned you is allowed up to 3 days to respond to your appeal. There is no way you can speed this up and you just have to wait patiently. Kind regards, Roenz TruckersMP Game Moderator & Community Moderator
  3. Thanks for the late night drive yesterday @Nelicopterr@Ascension32 and Enoble


  4. Another beautiful drive on promods finished, got to love the scenery there


    1. povgamer


      So do I! ProMods is great.

    2. adrianus_TMP_[NLD]
  5. Been a while since I have been on promods, and then today for 8 and a half hours straight :thisisfine:


    1. Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Admeen pls Photo! 🤣


    2. adrianus_TMP_[NLD]
  6. Thanks for the drive and congrats on reportmin @StanPHX


    1. .Stan


      My Scania is better tho! :troll:

    2. adrianus_TMP_[NLD]
  7. 😇 Happy Birthday :tmp:

  8. Happy birthday ❤️

  9. Happy birthday admeeen 💜

  10. Happy Birthday! 🎉 😍

  11. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  12. Happy birthday,dear Roenz!🥳

  13. Happy Birthday 🎂😜

  14. Happy Birtday 🥳❤️

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