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  1. Hey [LFT-LΘG] MarceloJunior06, Please try rejoining our discord server and then give the bot 5 minutes, it should automaticly assign you the user role. This is only of course if you have followed the steps in #connect-truckersmp. If this does not work check if you have connected the correct discord account to your TMP account. Kind regards, Roenz TruckersMP Game Moderator & Community Moderator
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  4. Congrats Sleepy boi!🎉

  5. Admeeeen,No Ban please but a Photo😜 Congrats buddy 

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  9. Congratulations my friend ❤️

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  12. What am I doing? Playing 1.38 of course, I will see what the new update brings when MP updates, that is how I always do it
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