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  1. Can't wait for the DLC. Hope it will be good because I'm having high hopes. I'm just hoping that they are adding more buildings along the roads, and some recognizable points out of real life.
  2. I have around 60 employees, so they can cover the costs of the new trucks for me
  3. Yeah, I'm mostly listening to the radio if i'm driving alone. If I'm driving with my friends I'll drive with the radio on, but at a quiet volume.
  4. Would be very nice if they could realise this. But I think it's just to hard, like loading in a lot of cars/trucks. And there are always some reckless drivers, who would create chaos. I think it's rather a task for ets2 to work togheter with TMP to realise this as this needs some in-game changes.
  5. As I'm Dutch, I like listening to Qmusic. If i'm in the old music mood, I listen to TruckersFM.
  6. Suggestion Name: Remit bans Suggestion Description: Maybe it would be if there was a system for people who have old bans (like 3 year old bans) that they can remit their bans. Maybe with a positive behavior system; or that they have to write a little text where they can show their regrets. Why should it be added?: To give people - who were bad in the past - still have a chance to remit their bans
  7. It would be nice if they add this, but the way of making it is difficult. You always can connect your profile with world of trucks and if you look in-game to extern contracts you both see the same job, the only disadvantage is that you can't drive faster than 90 KM/h .
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