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  1. Yeah, but what I've noticed is that ATS is getting more popular then before, but I think ets2 will stay on the first place. Everyone is used to ETS2, and although that the ATS map is expanding, people will stick to ETS2. If the servers on ATS get way bussier (but then I mean close to full) it would attract more people, but it's hard to get them full, I would even say almost impossible.
  2. All these things are great ideas and should really be implemented; next to that I would like to see some more features in-game. The first thing would be busses, I know this sounds ridiculous for a trucking game but we already have so many bus stops in-game. They only need to make a system for it (which should be quite easy as they alread have the job system in-game for trucks) and they need to model a bus, which would take some more work but that would certainly worth it. Next to that I would like to see a feature so we can for example pick up 20t flour in for example Amsterdam and t
  3. It all depends on your budget, from my own experience I would recommend the Logitech G920 or G29; although they have released a new one, the G23 so I would go for that one. Other then that I have also read good reviews about Thrustmaster wheels, so I think it all depends on your budget.
  4. Everything what Phoenix said and if you are driving automatic I would change to manual. In before when I drove automatic it was hard to get up hills, even in Iceland I was sometimes stuck on a hill (with a normal load) going up with 7 km/h. Changing to manual really helped as I can decide when to gear up or down.
  5. Congrats on the promotion!!

  6. Congrats on the new position!!

  7. Event server, very nice. Hope to see many people there and looking forward to help at the event!
  8. In standard map it will definitely be in the France and Italy DLC, like the Northern part of Italy and the Southern part of France, it's a bit hilly but also has nice scenery. In American Truck Simulator I really like travelling down to Oregon and Washington and with the release of Canada I like travelling down to that area just because of the beautiful forests they have. In ETS2 Promods I like travelling to areas that are not in the standard map, so Iceland and Spain (for now).
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