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  1. Awesome! Thank you very much for everything tmp
  2. Thanks for following me 😃

    1. RagtagBoss


      Thank you too ❤️


  3. Thank you for the follow 🙂

  4. Thank For Following Dudeeeee! ♥️

  5. This would be great, and very useful, and also can prevent some crashesh while searching for a players and looking at the tab menu
  6. Its not a bad idea to reinstall the truckersmp Launcher or the whole game, but if you are going to redownload the game please firstly check is your main game save in the steam cloud.
  7. I will recommend you the volvo FH 750, its really got for heavy haul
  8. I really hope the next DLC to be Russia, because i really want it the whole, not only the part that is it in the Baltic sea DLC
  9. Mighty Griffin, is the best for me, maybe because i like the scania
  10. I dont think this is needed for now, because the trailer damage do nothing, and its development work for nothing
  11. Its a really good idea, because in the bigger cities, the game is loading a little bit longer and will be nice if you know how many second of ghost mod you have +1
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