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  1. No, 90 per cent of the players who get reported are players who have only a few hours of playing time. That's a reality that's there for all to see. As far as moderation is concerned, many of them are interested in having their name redacted. And don't come here and say that they too have their own lives, because when you apply for a team, you have to realise that you're going to have to spend a lot of time; Pois nao 90 por cento dos jogadores que levam report sao jogadores que tem poucas horas de jogo. isso e uma realidade a vista de todos . em relaçao ha moderaçao muitos estao interesados a ter o nome a vermelho. e nao venham para ca dizer que tambem eles tem a sua vida propria , porque ao se canditar ha equipa tem ter a noçao que iram ter de despender muito tempo.
  2. After reading many of the responses posted here we can only come to one conclusion. TMP is currently defending the players who make a problem of MP. As I said before, TMP now favours quantity over quality in its players. It's sad how far TMP has come, for me it's the end and I'm sure it will be the end for many other players too; We can say that at the moment there is some kind of Mafia in the moderation team, moderators with 300 hours of game time, moderators with an account for 1 year.
  3. Hello, I hope your day is happy and peaceful

  4. Hi everyone, for me TMP is over I don't see myself the way I am now. Where the TMP preferred the number there is quality of players with the end of the permanent ban. It is in plain sight what brought about the end of this rule. The abandonment of the team here in the forum the interaction with the players I even doubt if they will see our comments. Regarding recruitment, as mentioned in the comments, a few simple words MAFIA, who join the team are friends and acquaintances, the rest is left out. By then belonging to a certain VTC. At this time, in order not to give too much attention, they put the profile in private. . TMP this is not the way to go, I don't see myself with today's TMP. In this way the end of TMP is near.
  5. Application rejected for not having game hours.
  6. Regarding my number of slots being reduced if I report on the Calais disburg road, does this road not belong in the game? Is it different because it has more traffic than the others? Yet another TMP rule that is simply silly, clueless and to protect players who spoil the game for others, rather than for the moderation team to do even less.
  7. Hello Responding to your answer, where is the team's interaction with the players in the threads? Team submissions are always well accepted and respected. The frustration as you say is perhaps partly right but not entirely speaking for me and some. Because there are things that don't add up, Example, a player with 1500 hours of play and account for 4 years not being accepted for not having hours of play, and then seeing a player join the team with 200 hours and account for a year. What do you think of it?
  8. Happy birthday 🥳

  9. There is no need to defend the team like you do, I think they know how to defend themselves. I'm not talking about this topic but overall the team's interaction with the players is practically nil. Do not you think? But if you publish something against the rules in a short time it will be removed ,
  10. Happy birthday 🎉

  11. Are most reports useless? Could it be that the TMP rules are more lenient and what was bannable is now no longer? Everyone here on the forum says what's wrong and what's good and we give our ideas , but we also have to be realistic and see the truth that at the moment in the moderation team. Something is not right due to the high number of reports for some time now. This topic has been discussed and everyone has given their openioes it's a pity that none of the team has anything to say , it happens with this topic and others
  12. Happy birthday 🥳

  13. Hello . So something is very wrong with the moderation team. I'll give you an example. If you have your reports report full and have more to do those reports are valid for 14 days the average time for the team to read your reports is 20 days. So these reports are no longer valid now multiply that by some players and get an idea of how many players will go unpunished for your infractions.
  14. Hello. Simply when you apply for the moderation team you know the workload is big and you're going to have to work. Those who do not work are expelled!!! We don't know that to be able to comment. Blame it on the players who don't follow the rules! I'm sorry but the players are doing their job to report those who don't follow the rules. The moderation team is not able to read all the reports.
  15. Hello truckers. Well this is a long story that no matter how hard we try to resolve it, there will be no solution. Someone said going 110 is considered racing! Yes, in a truck game it is considered but if you make a report it will be denied, for the TMP it is not an infraction. Another one on the same road has several types of speed signs and no-passing signs but no one cares, not even the moderation team. Because these reports will be denied soon. Many players were not happy with the 110kmh according to the survey that TMP did, another 150kmh server was opened but from what we have seen there are not many players.
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