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  1. Thanks for the follow Ricky! :HaulieLove:

  2. Thanks for the follow, have one back!

  3. Thanks for the follow🙏

  4. Welcome to the team. 

    1. Ajrisfree


      Thank you Ricky! ❤️

  5. Welcome back to the team. 👍

  6. Hello truckers. I have some funny stories about bans, but for me the one that stood out the most was on the odence bridges, an event at a Chinese VTC where 12 were going in the opposite direction on the road. When I saw it I even thought it was me who was wrong, it was soon looking for marks on the road to the signs to confirm. 45 seconds of video 12 reports
  7. obrigada por a sua informação, fora das zonas densamente povoadas o que podemos reportar!!!!! Se 90% dos jogadores só andam em zonas povoadas.
  8. well this is very variable, with the end of the permanent ban this number went up. and we also have to take into account the time. That we had at home because of the pandemic, and also the hours of play each one has . I must be reaching 4000.
  9. yes you will have more slots according to the quality of your reports. I give advice read the TMP rules in relation to reports. I currently have 20 slots but I have 467 accepted and 20 denied.
  10. happy birthday . a very happy happy day. 

  11. thank you for your time on the team, we hope to see you soon. Good luck in your future projects. 

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