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  1. Congrats on the promotion 🙌

    Good luck admeen!

  2. I fully agree with you, it's both annoying and dangerous. And as an official staff member said, it would be handled by Game moderators. Sadly, it won't stop it from happening, and the same happens in real life too. I don't know why they do it. I'm guessing it might be because they think being overtaken is the end of the world. Or they think it'll resolve the situation better. A lack of education, maybe. Hopefully this post can educate more people. As you said, it's fully illegal, yes. You're not allowed to make an overtaking harder or block an overtaking. In the future, if you see someone increasing the speed when being overtaken, then I would recommend cancelling the overtaking. Hit the brakes if safe to do so, and join in after the truck. Because even if you didn't do anything wrong and the other driver at fault. You are still responsible to make any attempt to avoid an accident. That is also in the rules. Also, it's generally good behaviour. . It saves you from getting damage and needing to f7 / reload save or do a "/fix".
  3. Oh, wow! Thank you for the information! Its super cool to have 1.40 work with WoT. I thought only the latest official version would work with it. Even if I don't use external contracts / market often, It's nice to have the option.
  4. That sounds super healthy
  5. Sim 1 and Sim 2 has changed roles as the most played server for a long time now. Like people above have pointed out, it started with the fire in the server building. The funny thing is it seems to change a bit. I know that for like a month ago, Sim 1 was the most popular one for a few days. Keep in mind, most players join the server with most people on it. So only a few players are needed to make a server the most used one. Either way, I'm happy we have 2 servers. And (correct me if I'm wrong) they're hosted on 2 different locations. So we always have one stable server.
  6. The real question is why your computer burned. But happy to hear you got a new one.
  7. We don't need more lag on CD, so we don't need @Lag-riderthere
  8. I have used both Sii_decrypt and TS.SE Tool to decrypt a save game. I don't know if they contained something bad like virus or malware, but I don't think so. I've used them for a while and I haven't noticed everything out from the normal. Furthermore, haven't any of the antivirus programs I use detected something.
  9. Thank you for the update! Looking forward to drive with the new Renault skin (which looks great) in Truckers MP
  10. I don't really like that one, it's a bit to messy for my taste. The winner was cleaner and more stylish.
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