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  1. Answer: Sleeping (& playing games) Question: Liquid cooled CPU or air cooled?
  2. Easy, E-sport Next question; Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  3. Spring 4 life. Winter is too cold, have to freeze every time you drive to work. Summer is too hot, have to sweat when playing games. Autumn is just boring
  4. Watch YouTube Question to next: Manual shift or auto?
  5. I based my answer on what I have on my main profile, and not the profile I use for events. As there I have every truck in the game. In ETS I have 9 trucks In ATS I have 2 trucks.
  6. As this update was mainly about mod support which I basically don't care about as I play TMP and not SCS multiplayer, I don't have much to say, And I have not yet tested the force feedback update. I'll be looking forward to testing that when it comes to TMP.
  7. Truckers MP for me is a community. A place where people can come together despite their background, status, or anything, uniting over 2 games. You can make friends from all parts of the world. It's just special in my opinion.
  8. I have not thought of a name for my truck, I might come up with it at one point but none right now.
  9. The perfect truck and trailer combo for me is: Scania S High Roof 730hp 6x2 long Taglift (for the wheelies) Combined an HCT of any kind.
  10. 💞Thanks for the follow Palle 😄

    1. PallePuh


      No worries 😄❤️

      I thought I already followed you 🤣

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