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  1. Nhympex


    Firstly Hello! Which one is easier to play with ETS2? Keyboard, Mouse, Steering Wheel... Best Regards, [TR] Mustafa
  2. Nhympex


    What are the settings that need to be made to play ETS2MP better?
  3. Hello Truckers! Can a truckersMP get a career system?
  4. Nhympex

    High Ping

    Hi Guys! My ping is high in game. How can I drop this?
  5. Nhympex

    C-D Route reports

    Firstly Hello! No trouble. The reporting system was made for people to use. Not prohibited.
  6. ->Follow these steps 1)Make sure e-mail and cipher are correct. 2)If you still get the same error, remove TruckersMP from your computer and reload. 3)The mistake needs to be fixed.
  7. Nhympex


    Hi Guys! My ping is high in game. How can I drop this?
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