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    My biggest interest is trucks - As in i would love to make a miniature world in 1:87 scale
    Playing games with my friends :)
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    Denmark: København
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    Danish, English, Hungarian, German

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  1. I have no plans in deleting my account, as i have no plans in leaving. Even tho if i didnt play on TMP, i would not delete the account in case i want to go back. But there is no way i will support TruckersMP with speed and server configuration change as the only thing i can think about , that i disagree on.
  2. Looks like community who likes to be NFS "kids" have won this time. And i am looking forward for chill-community have something to say, more than NFS "kids". Hopefully this will not continue in forever and changes will happen back as it was from 2019-2023
  3. There always people who do support and not support the changes. I am now one of them who do not support the idea of the changes with speedlimit and new servers. But about the moderation related, i do support it a bit more, as very minor accidents is more like a kick-related , while causing bigger accidents is more ban-related.
  4. That's its! I head out :troll:You too slow to be a staff :RIP::troll:


    Welcome nub, enjoy!


  5. I have heard this person is a nub:wesmart:I find that it true

    1. LillefixHD


      I heard from a bird, that you were the nub! ❤️

    2. ChristmarDK


      I beginning to think you lying :kappa:

    3. LillefixHD


      Hell no, i would never do such a naughty thing 🤣

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