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  1. Hello! I hope i no one have suggest this one yet. I have look the suggestions, but didnt find any suggestions like this.. And i hope you guys find it as good idea, though its useless right now (PS: I hope my english is good enough) Suggestion Name: AI server speed limit Suggestion Description: I know it useless right now, but i think it would be good idea to the furture xD My idea is, when there coming "AI Traffic" on your servers, would it be cool to add speedlimits like this.. 110 with trucks and 150 with cars. Maybe a new server for this? Or maybe speedlimits at 90 for trucks + 130 for cars? Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Some people (like me and my drive friend) like to drive realistic as possible. I think some other people there like to drive realistics also like this idea.
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