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  1. turkish kebab bro very nice

  2. (-) It's not as professionally-done as the original sounds done by SCS. The engine idling sound is too low, the really weird shut-off of all rev sounds when changing gear is terrible and the turbo whistle on some of them is extremely loud.
  3. Alright, if in this update French cities Metz, Reims, Strasbourg and Dijon have got refresh then other left cities Lyon, Lille and Calais should be recreated. Near Calais could be created crowds of refugees trying to get into UK. Also SCS could recreate Benelux countries before finishing Germany. All of it could be like minor updates. In version 1.38 I hope to see refreshed Germany's last parts (south and west), new brand trailer company Krone in new Weltre area and of course new Krone trailer, more ownable trailers- car transportation trailer, dumper trailer, low bed trailer or special transport trailer.
  4. Dolar’ın TL karşısındaki artışı bile yetişemiyor senin bu hızına. Helal olsun. 😛

  5. Lady is come back! 

  6. Thanks for the follow. 

  7. Thx Follow Mate:love:

  8. Agaaa beeeeeeee :love:

  9. Hello Community!

    I'm going away for military service training. See you guys soon. 


    1. SuperHoops


      Good luck. I hope it all goes well, all the best to you! :D 

    2. nιgнтмαяe
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