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    I came, I saw, I conquered.
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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday! ?

  2. Happy Birthday! ?

  3. Happy Birthday Hamit. Enjoy your day! ?

  4. Doğru hesapla girdiğinden emin ol. ? Kendi hesaplarını birbirine karıştırıyorsundur.
  5. No. i dont use something else ^ in the background.
  6. Guys, do not install ''Dbus Telemetry'' if you install, your game will crashed on profiles screen. ? I guess TMP and Dbus Telemetry are not sync. Have fun!
  7. TruckersMp doesn't work. I am starting my game but crashed on profiles screen.
  8. Helloooooooo! Where are you Turkish Trollssssssss????? ?? 

    RIP Turkish Trolls! 


  9. Again, again, again, it will never end! ???

  10. Popular lately, you join the team and then betray. ? ? ?

    1. CrackPrewier


      after the betray, delete the account ?

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