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  1. Hello! As well as always on the lookout for new drivers, Prime Logistics is also urgently looking for talented and aspiring backend & frontend developers to join it's numbers! We are seeking people with good knowledge in PHP(Laravel), JS, HTML, and CSS. You should have experience and know how to use the Laravel framework, Bootstrap 4 & Javascript (training can be provided in certain circumstances). If you think you have what it takes, then please join our Discord (primevtc.com/discord) and speak to Darkhej_Master#5816 Darkhej_Master Prime Logistics Director of Development
  2. Congratulations Matt

    1. Μatt


      Thanks very much Dark! Appreciated buddy :)

  3. My favorite music genre is country.
  4. Congratulations 

  5. My favorite OS for normal use is Windows, but when running web servers & alike I prefer Ubuntu or Debian (linux distros).
  6. Congratulations to the winners & thanks for the giveaway.
  7. - Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DarkhejMaster/ - I found out about TruckersMP when I looked into join a VTC 4-5 years ago. - My favorite aspect of TruckersMP is the community. - Partnership between SCS & TMP.
  8. Finally ETS2 & ATS 1.32 is supported on TruckersMP. Thanks for making this possible.
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