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  1. Good to be back :) 




    1. Reaper


      Loving the style of your truck :) 

  2. Thanks for the follow Eclipse! 😍

  3. First drive of 2020 :) 



  4. Happy Birthday! Thank you for making the game more enjoyable for everyone. :)

    1. ThiagoBR_


      Thanks for the Message!

  5. 🎁🍬

    Deliveries to Paris :) 




  6. 🎁🍬

    Deliveries :) 



  7. I usually drive by myself because that is just what I am used to. I do also enjoy convoys when I’m able to attend them
  8. Eclipse..

    Force Feedback

    I do have force feedback for my G29 bit it's a little low so I don't really experience it as much.
  9. Eclipse..

    New Car For TMP

    Like Callum said above, I don't think cars should necessarily be in TMP at all. The game is simply truck based and shouldn't be anything else. If I were to choose another car though, it would be a pick up truck.
  10. A friendly and active community is mainly what I would look for when joining a VTC, everything else is just added bonuses.
  11. It would be cool to see this, but it wouldn't be very ideal.
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