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Community Answers

  1. Returned to TruckersMP after a long break 🙂 



    1. Forceous


      Welcome back!

  2. I wish you all the best for your birthday🥳🥳. Have a nice day 😊

    Greetings, Mo1993

  3. @CJMAXiK, @Skazochniсk, @[BEARS] Respect
    Thanks for the trip :)




    Skazo wanted to sleep kapp


  4. Hey @SekanaSeZelim, It's known bug, since SCS started using new sound engine FMOD. For now here is no solution, but can be soon
  5. С возвращением :)

  6. Thought about much things last months. 

    And today I decided to write mini letter. 

    After I back to studying I almost don’t have time for games. Don’t know why, probably I am just lazy :troll:. But today I looked to the calendar and saw that my birthday in 4 days (for someone 5 days yet). If really don’t know why but I don’t have good mood for a bit more than month, that’s why I need to write something here (don’t know place where I can do it yet). 
    So, for last 6 months without Pries and any VTC (Yeah, I was in Bring but without any interesting because lost interest in ETS/ATS after I left from Pries). And yes, I still remember when I celebrated my birthday with Pries, it was so good, and I want to say special thanks to @•Nika•. He helped me a lot when I was in event team and for organizing this perfect convoy. As I can see now, in Pries not so much members who was with me. But anyway Pries will be in heart. Thanks @BL4CK$K1LL for gave me a chance, I got much experience and if not Pries my English still will be bad. 

    I wanted to write about another thing, but who said that I finished? Kapp


    I won’t ping much of people, who I remember, I think you can understand me. 

    I just want to ping @*Winged* and one more person, but about him later. Now about Wing. Wing also is one of them who still can help me. And one of them, who was with me in Pries. I hope he still remember my cat. Meow


    Almost forgot about one person. It’s @19049_Spy. I was with him in Pries for 4 or 5 months. And for this period he also made much things for Pries and me as well. Thanks Spy for you help :)

    Some months ago I started chat with @Smoky_TMP, don’t worry, not about “Smoky, I want to be a staff, I want, I want” kapp. I am still chatting with him and he keeps my mood better than can be, that’s why I want to say thanks for it. If not he, I probably will be like: for what I need it? For what I spent so much hours for this game? 

    Maybe I don’t have so much friends, but IRL I have some friends who keeping my mood a bit better. 


    If someone still didn’t understand, for a bit more than more I am very sad and too lazy for do something. Never was so sad :(   

    If someone want to drive with me, it will be good (my discord is always open for you). 

    I think I will end this mini letter. 


    Thanks everyone, who read this letter. 
    I hope when will be birthday, my mood will be a bit better than now. 


    DarkMoon ❤️ 


    1. *Winged*


      I do remember. Meow!

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