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  1. Hy, depending on how many tasks or things you need to do in the day, it can be from about 45 min to 3 hrs; but as things have been lately I can dedicate more time to this wonderful game.
  2. I have to admit, sometimes it happens to me, but it's not because I don't see or can't calculate my distance, it's because of the large number of players present in areas such as the Calais service, where, having many lights and rotaries, in addition to players leaving and entering at the same time the possibility of hooking on a railing or wall, is high just because the FPS go down terribly and by the lights apart sometimes blind spots are generated and that leads to get one hooked up with the trailer, and that's not counting the "fly out in the air" factor by going out in conjunction with another player and that leading to a BUG.
  3. In ETS2 there are a series of trailers available to use and configure according to each need or style that one likes..........some prefer the KRONE family of trailers and others for the schwarzmaller trailers and almost most of the players leave for the trailers of the game and its multiple types and configurations; and what's your favorite type of trailers... or what's your favorite company... or you use some other combination that's more true to your style... or another option/type?
  4. What happens is that it is due to a number of differences between: "light greeting"- "use and abuse of lights"- "signs of lights". The first are substitutes for few trucks' caps because they are weak and in areas with many players are not heard and replaced by short but intense light greetings. The second is what they have said before that is to put a ridiculous amount of lights or rotaters on the trucks, being that with a limited amount of these perform the same function as an over-the-number of these. And finally the third serves to be able to warn of some situation on the route as some accidents or other problems that can have serious consequences. Now it is true that in areas with many players it is an FPS sink for that reason, but you should also consider that each player is free to make the modifications you want to your truck and put as many lights as you want but a large majority of them understand that the lights are only for a few occasions and do not abuse lights [whether crossed or high] or rotating; but before if I remember correctly there was a rule that reotes the use of rotaries in areas with +25 players but over time it will be discontinued, but I don't know what the reasons for its discontinuation, and that criterion may be used with the abuses of lights.
  5. Hy, you should only follow the instructions if you give the GM, if you just keep driving and respect the rules, maybe the lights were to say hello or for some other FUNCTION of GM, you shouldn't get nervous as long as you follow the rules all the time.
  6. The best thing about the C-D is the excitement of not knowing it will happen on the next curve.... at the following route link.... or as will the other players in the same route, whether they will be respectful or if they will be trolls.... in itself the C-D is a pandora's box and that's the exciting thing.
  7. Hy, it's actually quite simple because, it's because many players want to be more in areas with fed-up players than in quiet, empty areas. Now that if you have to say that making a server of about 6000 players approx. is a bad idea because the lag and those who do not have a mid-range or high-end computer will suffer for the greater number of players and that may expose you to an increase in the number of accidents by lags or the like; and also that some convoys they are made in SIM2 or ARCADE either because of their characteristics or by their smaller number of players and thus you enjoy the experience more.
  8. Hy, more than a specific place itself, it is a particular route or area that would be all of northern Scandinavia,that is,, all Norwegian-Sweden-Denmark. I'm telling you because the finishes and landscapes there are very good and beautiful especially any route that leaves from Bergen [Norwegian] by land to either Oslo or any other city, in general the entire Scandinavian DLC is a great place to tour either by its narrow routes or for its good landscapes.
  9. My most used truck is the MB Actros for its sleek design and variety of configurations with the new DLC
  10. hy, I usually use it at 50 and 50 for any route in the MP, but when I enter the C-D route I place it at 100% because there are players who generate accidents or things like that and you need to stop as even as possible so as not to get stamped on the truck in front [ but the risk of the back truck is stamped on your trailer or truck increases in an amazing way]
  11. It depends on how I feel, if I am bored, I am looking for friends or convoys to join, since I do not belong to any VTC, but if I want to meet there I always go alone, so I do not worry about anything else but to discover and discover unknown parts .
  12. the worst time is when the player in front has committed an accident or infringement and I don't have time to slow down or do anything and it generates that it hits and create a big multiple accident and with tremendous damage to the truck and after it doesn't leave and it's getting a huge traffic and one there with all the pressure by moving, those are my worst moments, always or almost always are in the C-D
  13. drive peacefully all over Europe and if it's with friends MUCH BETTER...... but also beathing with 0% damage at the end of the road and having not accidents
  14. What I look at are on 5 key things to avoid accidents, which are: 1.-have a prudent and necessary speed to overtake. 2.-see my length so I don't 3.-impact the other player with my back and use my mirrors or other camera to avoid blind spots. 4.-see that no players come in the opposite way. 5.-to verify that by overtaking the other player does not make me a close call or worse and generate an accident. but I don't recommend overtaking on a 2-lane track as it's extremely dangerous, and NEVER overtake on the C-D as it's a crazy to do that action by the number of players and the speeds that are there in addition to not knowing how the players will react.
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