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Community Answers

  1. Good luck to your new position 🙂 

  2. Happy Birthday 🥳

  3. Congratulations 🥳 You really deserve it, I am happy.✌️

    1. Polyxena


      Thank you very much pofii 💙 ! I am sooo happy as well right now 😊

  4. Hello guys 👋 In the last two days, I can say that I have seen almost all the game mod and other team members on the Calais-Duisburg road. I think they're trying new vehicles. Can the staffs who saw this post tell the real reason for this? Trying out the new vehicles or is there any other reason? I'm waiting staffs answers. :kappa:

    1. Werzey*


      I have the same curiosity as you. image.png.6e85e30af6da2014083a10830914736b.png

    2. Shadel




      Honestly yes. The new cars have encouraged team members to play and the team members in-game activity has been high for a few days.

  5. Welcome back! 🙂 

  6. Stay care buddy ❤️

  7. Congratulations! 🥳

  8. Yaşadığın hata ile ilgili ekran görüntüsü paylaşabilir misin?
  9. I think no, only staff persons use this bus. I don't know if they will share it with the players in the future.
  10. Çeviri için teşekkürler @Next7
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