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  1. You guys always know what to do best for this community. Love to see the constant engagement that you give us players. Love this community so much!
  2. Hi, Sorry about the delayed reply. I found a fix and don't visit the forums that much. After all, it was a Navio bug that everyone was experiencing, a kind person from ModMail helped me disable it.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to drive in TruckersMP, I refill my truck with fuel, attempt to head out of the station, I press W to drive and everything closes down, I've restarted my computer and nothing has happened, still the same issue, it's always when I press W as well. Any ideas on what's causing this? Edit: Got this message: Pressing OK didn't do anything. Final edit: Was a software on my computer causing it.
  4. I am not saying the warning was unfair nor am I trying to argue about it, just a question. The warning has a valid reason behind it. Please note this before reading. Hey everyone, So, I was warned around six months ago. With my attempt to become apart of Support, I got to the final review with me failing because of one thing, a discord warning. Now, that was quite annoying because the warning is something that was very minor but has now prevented me from becoming apart of Support. So, I have two questions. How long is the "cooldown" period on the warnings before being eligible to apply. Is there a way to somehow removing warnings through an appeal. Thanks, Joe.
  5. Thank you for the follow ❤️

  6. Congrats! ?

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  7. Thanks for you follow ❤️

  8. Just on the Calais to Duisburg road, some maniac just decided to do a U-turn with ongoing traffic. I got flipped over and my F7 key was broken. TruckersMP at its prime... ?

  9. Your picture is amazing...

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