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  1. ^ That's totally fine if you want to keep your truck below 90km/h. Just sometimes you want to drive a little bit faster (ignore the simulation part) for a while, and then EU1 limits your truck to 110km/h. 110km/h is totally enough for me, especially with a trailer. But when you are carrying no trailer, that's not really necessary to keep your truck below 90 or 110km/h, at least in my opinion.
  2. ^ TL;DR: I am serious about this suggestion. --- I don't think they drive recklessly is asking for a ban. If there is such a server, driving recklessly won't get a ban is HUGE for them. For now, those kids have no choice but to stay in EU2 because there are more players there. I think there will be a number of players transferring from EU2 to this server. For me, the ideal server is COLLISION enabled, BAN for reckless driving but still able to drive faster than 110km/h if you wish. We are not reckless drivers, we know what we are doing. We know we can control the truck at 150km/h, and we accept the ban if we really hit somebody at this kind of speed. That's what EU2 is for. Driving at 150km/h without causing any accidents is totally fine with me. Making a harsh speed limitation and forcing someone else to do the same is actually LESS REALISTIC than letting them drive fast. Well, when you are trying to do the OneTruckFamily, EU1+EU4 is the best place to go. This is just my ideal configuration. EU1 remains the same, EU2 remains the same, EU4 becomes EU3, new EU4 for a ban-free server. And now almost everyone is happy because: For EU1 players, nothing changed. For EU2 players, fewer trolls and reckless drivers who are afraid to be banned. For the rest of EU2 drivers, they can enjoy a flexible speed driving experience. For EU3 players (which will be closed), most of them just want to avoid trolls but actually, they wanted to drive faster than 110km/h. Now they can go back to EU2. For EU3 players (formerly EU4), nothing changed. For EU4 players (new server), HEAVEN. Maybe you will think this is a very stupid idea from the OP. But I think this is a good idea which can fulfill all needs.
  3. So you mean a bumper car server or children play or area for kids? Great idea! So I can get rid of trolls on EU2. EU4 has no collision. So basically, no one goes there except ... when you want to do OneTruckFamily jobs. What OP wants is a server that could cause damages and collisions INTENTIONALLY without worrying about getting banned. A server which reckless drivings and rammings are LEGAL. So EU4 is DEFINITELY not the answer to it. With a server like that, those trolls and NFS players can go there and still enjoying a 150km/h no speed limit race on C-D and recklessly overtaking people. But even if you ram other players, you won't get banned (since joining that server which reckless driving and ramming is LEGAL. Join there at your own risk.) What a nice idea. I suggest the OP to make a suggestion on the forum. I will be the first one to upvote it.
  4. New truck.

    Dedicated for #ONETRUCKFAMILY.









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      It is "reduced pink".

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      Don't like full pink. At least keep a little bit of white.



  5. iEygSpv.jpg



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      It's a nice truck you have :)

  6. Miyu*

    Rate the truck above.

    Not so fancy and furry. I give 9.8 out of 10.
  7. I tell you what, those drivers will overtake no matter how many lanes are there. And they choose to overtake on C-D is because overtaking in such a crowded area give them a lot of excitement. By short, they will never stop overtaking, if you are slower than them, no matter where they are.
  8. Miyu*

    Server speed limit survey

    Collision >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 150km/h Speed Limit >>> 90km/h Speed Limit. Trucks with empty cargo are already struggling to reach 150km/h but able to, so keeping 150km/h is basically same as no speed limit. That's why most of us choose EU2 instead of EU1. Of course, we would like to get rid of trolls, but limiting to 90km/h to force everyone drive like AI and 0 overtaking is definitely not the best solution. If you are a serious guy, then EU1 is the best way to go. You can force yourself not to do reckless things and you can force the other do the same. The server is already there. Just don't blame the others choose EU2 instead of EU1, since the reason is already given.
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      Kid Fabi

      Hello Kitty Truck :P 

  10. Your name turned pink! :wow:


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      Thank you ^-^

  11. ykj0ZP2.png

    Bored in Class × Windows 8 Paint × Mini Bongo × Mouse Quality

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      As a graphic designer, I can freely say that you're a very talented artist :D 

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      Thanks to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Mouse and Microsoft Paint.