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  1. Hello, I am a player from China. A driver whose driving level needs to be improved.:lol:See you come to my forum today to pay attention to me many times, so I pay attention to you.

  2. Miyu*

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    Bergen - Oslo (South)
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    1. . GRUZINI .

      . GRUZINI .

      i miss it in 1.35 <_<:wacko:

  4. Suggestion Name: Left/Right-hand traffic notice when crossing from Europe to the UK Suggestion Description: Show text notice in red color to the player with something like "You are in the UK now. Please drive on the left." or "You are in France/Netherlands/Denmark now. Please drive on the right.". Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: Obviously, people can't adapt to the change in traffic direction at once when the majority of the people are driving on the right with their left-handed steering vehicles. When they took a train/ferry from Calais to Dover, they will arrive in the UK apparently. And the UK drives on the left. So they will keep driving on the right until they notice somebody is driving head-to-head towards them. Or after driving for a couple of minutes, they will notice that they can only see the back of the speed limit sign. Wrong way driving is bannable. I think mistaken the driving direction is not forgivable too. But that might be the reason that nobody wants to drive in the UK anymore because they are afraid of getting a ban. Then why can't we just send them a notice that "You are in the UK now, remember to drive on the left"? Ultimately, if the player spawns in the UK, the system can give him the notice right away. (Only for the UK) Let's make the UK great again.
  5. Traveling around Sweden and Norway! We just reached 20 drivers before 1 month anniversary! To make our VTC grow even faster, we need you! Website: http://PriesLogistics.eu | Apply: http://PriesLogistics.eu/apply | Discord:http://Discord.PriesLogistics.Eu
  6. Happy birthday.

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      China-Xiao Wei

      Happy Birthday Administrator, and you are also my frequent friends. Unfortunately, I just started to visit the forum these days. Excuse me for my late birthday wishes.:wub:

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  10. How to get on the "Police Car Transporter".



  11. Police car transporter? @Sabbi [GER]





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      It's hard to pull that stunt off.

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      Sabbi [GER]

      i wanted to be friendly and transporting you:D

  12. I didn't change my mind. Actually, I stated the exact same thing about the description of EU5 a month ago. While back in that time, no information has yet announced about EU5. Enjoying simulation driving is good, but sometimes you might want to be a kid for just a while. I have been there for 3 days. I really enjoyed the EU5 server. Even though some players are still yelling "rec ban" and "idiot" in EU5 (which they think they are a good driver but who didn't read the rules before joining that server). It is nothing wrong to have this server. If EU3 is replaced by EU5 rules that will make it even better.
  13. Watching too much Initial D recently...


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