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  1. Admin big fan ❤️

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      Admin big fan ❤️ 

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    This excuse is getting old.

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      @flibberdipper We will take care of their mental if they "feel sorry". I believe a ban should make them feel better.

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  3. Biggest news in 2021. Congrats.

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      Of course, the biggest pan joined the team @Pixel. :kappa:

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  4. Thanks for the follow!😄

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  8. Same question you might have too...





  9. eurotrucks2_2021-01-30_22-01-04.png


    Love this UI pack.

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      Nice template color :) 

  10. ets2_20210128_213503_00.png




    Maybe this is better? o.o

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    2. Crestune~


      Better in what aspect?

    3. pofii


      Nice pictures :) 

  11. ets2_20210125_210456_00.png




    Just trying some new paint job (fine tune is needed though).

  12. If I understand you correctly, you are not asking whether you can block the road or not. As far as I know, some players tended to use this "hidden path" as a shortcut to get around the entrance of the Kirkenes road. They tend to use that when the entrance is blocked by some selfish drivers. In fact, if they took this shortcut, they can save some journey time and "overtake" the traffic. So you are asking whether TruckersMP can do something to prevent people using this shortcut, right? If so, I suggest you to post a suggestion here.
  13. 1. Mercedes-Benz New Actros MP4 (Nice sound, big digital speedometer, powerful enough, high sitting height) 2. Scania S Series (Best exterior, nice analog/digital speedometer design, powerful, but bad FMOD sound) 3. MAN TGX Euro 6 (Best FMOD sound, with digital speedometer, extreme POV except the side mirrors) 4. Scania R Series 2016 (S Series - flat floor) 5. Renault Range-T 6. DAF XF106 Euro 6 7. Volvo FH16 2012
  14. "Free-roaming" on an Event Server means you are not driving on the designated convoy/event routes. You must obey to the temporary event server rules if you decided to join an event server. Therefore, you can't do your delivery there. You must either participate the event and follow the instructions by the event staff, or leave the server and do your job on our Simulation/Arcade servers. Therefore, the Game Moderator who kicked you was simply doing his/her duty. I hope you now understand the meaning of "free-roaming" on event servers.
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