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  1. Thanks for the follow! :love:

  2. Suggestion Name: Add Current VTC in post integrating with the new VTC system Suggestion Description: Just like the in-game status, add current working VTC above the in-game status using the information from the new VTC system. Any example images: Why should it be added?: 1. It could make the community more active (while it is already active). More VTC drivers being active in the forum, more chance of seeing their logos. 2. Sometimes you already left the community but forgot to update the status. While that'll be the VTC's own responsibility to update their driver list on the VTC system so the information is accurate enough. 3. I think TMP holds its own VTC system is part of the "Road to Simulation". Adding this in everyone's forum profile can encourage players to apply a VTC. 4. If it worked, it may indirectly improve the game experience if more drivers joined a VTC since they don't want to damage the image of the VTC by driving recklessly like before (well... probably). Something which is considerable but I don't really care much: - Let the VTC owner choose whether to show the status for their drivers in forum posts/profile. - Make that only verified VTCs will be shown. - Disable the option to edit the VTC part in forum profile once you are in a VTC (i.e. show your VTC details instead from the VTC system)
  3. Miyu*

    New VTC system is out

    Try placing an * in the front of each line.
  4. Miyu*

    Road to Simulation

    So you use SCS's game, make mods on it and get money for that? I hope you've read the EULA.
  5. We used up all the slots in a gas station as long as half of transinet. Thanks for the owners to free the space for us! Current Pries Drivers: 40+ Current Discord Members: 180+ Website: http://PriesLogistics.eu | Apply: http://PriesLogistics.eu/apply | Discord: http://Discord.PriesLogistics.Eu
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    When a gas station is too small for Pries Logistics' convoy...







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    Road to Simulation

    I can't agree with you more. Basically what you just write is exactly what I am thinking. Expanding Simulation 1 slot are those players who want to enforce people to play his rule and don't want to admit they are actually the minority. Since EU2 is always full on weekends, it shows that the majority want to have something that EU2 have but EU1 not. EU2 is a sweet balance of speed and realistic. You can't lose either one. What is the meaning of driving 300km/h in an empty server? They want to stick together and enjoy traffic (that's why they still drive on C-D). You might ask, how 150km/h is realistic? Then, what about Autobahn for cars? The speedometer scaled to at least 75mph or 120km/h, that means if the engine is powerful enough, the trucks in real life could accelerate to over 120km/h (forget about speeding). Driving at 120km/h or 150km/h is also part of the simulation (just like the manufacturer needs to perform some tests to make sure the truck is capable for some safety margin). And I don't know why only following the real-world traffic rule can be the simulation and any speed further than 110km/h needs to be at Arcade server tagged like only welcome for kids. If someone thinks collision is important than speed, like me and most of the drivers, will stick to Simulation 1 because they still want to drive together. Driving at 110km/h or more doesn't mean they are not going to ram somebody. Most of them get banned aren't due to crashing into someone intentionally for fun, they just don't know how to brake or overtake. A no collision server isn't the proper way to teach them to learn how to drive. If penetrating each other on C-D is fun, half of the players should've sticked to EU4. Forcing them to play in Simulation 1 only turn the minority into the majority. Trolls are still there because they need a collision server to ram you. EU1 is kinda empty, but at least you can drive there peacefully. But now, they have no choice but to go to Simulation 1. So they are now coming for you if you can't drive 90km/h+ (especially most of the EU1 players drive slower than 80km/h). Reckless (more precisely, novice) drivers will take the risk of getting a ban but still stick to a server which most of us are there. They aren't accepting the Simulation servers, but they simply have no choice. And finally, what I think the funniest part of this change is, TMP made two RACING CHAMPIONSHIP CAMPAIGNS this year. It is completely contradicted to chasing realistic.
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  10. Pries Logistics Convoy!







    1. EHHVTC | dangreXF

      EHHVTC | dangreXF

      Beautiful Photos :wub:

    2. Neba


      凄いね :lol:

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    C-D road

    With this tutorial plus luck, you shall survive.
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    Amazing "Circuit". Glad to see they give way to each other at those tight corners.

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  14. Happy birthday!