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  1. Maybe your game is still downgrading as the launcher still recognizing the 1.37 version. It is basically a full download for an older version of the game so it will take a while even if just downgrading. You can check if the game is still downloading in Steam. Or, simply uninstall the whole game and reinstall it so it will only contain the files for 1.36.
  2. Ocean Cleanup 2020





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  3. 🎂 Happy birthday to Pries Logistics.

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  4. Permission for driving on C-D road granted. Thanks!



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      Actually, what is the meaning of driving an empty C-D alone?

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  5. High RPM shift will give you the better acceleration. I don't like how they say "this is not a racing game" as you didn't mention what are you going to do after you got the answer. I simply hate those arrogant people with prejudice someone and I am not going to argue with them so I will the answer here.


    Your truck might need to climb hill or something. In order to maintain a positive acceleration you should keep your revolution as high as possible before changing gears. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for solving my issue

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      You're welcome.

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    Happy birthday 😊

  7. Meme of the day: People started using "corona virus" to replace "rec ban" or "enjoy ban" on C-D road.

  8. I didn't mention about that part. You have a point. But, I think you can do a little trick on the reporting system to NOT allow the users to pick that reason or give them a tips like: Ramming, Blocking and Reckless Driving are allowed on this server. Possible solutions: 1. Disable "Ramming", "Blocking", "Reckless Driving" and "Wrong Way" from the option list on both in-game reporting system and web reporting system. 2. When "Connection Established", you add such tips: Ramming, Blocking and Reckless Driving are allowed on this server. And I think you can already implement this now. Because, even though we don't have collision on the Arcade server, the players can actually able to file a report using these reasons. And you said the number of useless reports will increase. That's true but maybe you forgot 2 things: 1. The number of reports from the Simulation servers will decrease because most of the majority went to the Arcade servers now 2. The total number of reports will at most, remains the same if everyone will report people when they rammed you I think it will only take a short period for the players to get used to the Arcade server, and then the total number of reports will drop quite a lot. Is your problem solved? If so, would you support to give the collision back to the Arcade server? --- Simply because TruckersMP categorized the servers into "Simulation" and "Arcade" in the first place. Therefore, on Simulation servers, you shouldn't give them the ability. But why not on the Arcade servers? It was EU1 to EU4. No one categorized the server is a Simulation server or not. Since TruckersMP introduced the "Road to Simulation", the best possible solution for this is to make the Arcade server be just like EU5. It doesn't matter if you allow them to do the opposite or not, what they actually want is a "Collision + No Speed Limit" server. It's fine if you don't allow them to do the opposite, but if you come up with a 3-win solution to the Simmers, Arcade Players and Game Moderators, allowing them to do all of that is the best option I could think of.
  9. That's because what the word "Simulation" is for. A player should act as much as a real trucker will do (i.e. Make sure the speed is below 90km/h). A player have such responsibility to follow this 90km/h speed limit. And the word "Arcade" doesn't mean you can't have collision enabled. The word doesn't have such meanings. I don't see the point why you can't have collision enabled on the Arcade servers. If you are willing to bring a realistic simulation experience to the players, then you already did. That's why Simulation 1, Simulation 2, [US] Simulation and the latest [SGP] Simulation is there. If TruckersMP really want to bring a realistic simulation experience, then why did TruckersMP held a "Racing Championship"? That doesn't make any sense to me. Or, TruckersMP simply don't welcome those kind of players anymore. Well, then close the only Arcade server. I don't see why the server should be there. Don't want to get rammed when doing WOT jobs? Single-player mode can do it or you should risk it. So why leave it there? I look forward to your answers.
  10. What do they really want? Speed? Then go to arcade server. End of topic. Well... this is not quite what they want for. Collision? Why do you need collision? To ram people? No way! That's what people who support the Simulation server think. Because no one could ever clearly explain why you need both at the same time. Why collision is important? Because, if there is a truck ahead of you driving slow, you want to pass him but not hit him. Therefore, you need to overtake him. That's what collision is for. It's the realistic one and exists in the real world. Not penetrate the truck ahead. "Penetrate overtaking" doesn't exist. Remember why they need to overtake? Because the truck ahead is too slow. If you disabled the collision, the speed of the truck ahead isn't a factor anymore. Thus, you don't need to overtake. You penetrate the truck. End of story. But that's what arcade is for, right? No. Arcade doesn't mean you can't have collision enabled. The word doesn't have such meaning to "no collision" or "penetrating". If you play Need For Speed or Grand Theft Auto which is NOT a simulator game, if all vehicles are penetrable, will you play that game? While I don't think so... You are increasing the number of reports on the system! Yeah, that's true. More speed means more accidents. Which means more reports and bans. But remember the EU5 server last year? You can have collisions, no speed limits, you can block the road, ram people, driving on the wrong way BUT NO NEED TO WORRY OF BEING BANNED. Because the rules simply won't apply there. Simply enable the collision feature, and don't allow the use of police car, it is now a EU5 server. Simulation vs Simulator Someone said real life truckers won't drive their truck faster than 90km/h. So the simulation server should further its speed limit to 90km/h. Then why did SCS actually let the truck go past 90km/h? Because it can simulate the physics of the truck at that speed. Therefore, the truck in real life could actually go past 150km/h and the game is simply simulating what would happen if a truck is driving at 150km/h. That's what a simulator is for. Limiting the speed limit is a meaningless act for me and it actually ruinied the effort made by SCS. People forgot why you should allow simulators exist. To test something but no need to risk your life. If you would crash in the simulator, then you will crash in real life. But the difference is, your life is still there and you know you should never pull this off in real life. But, that doesn't mean I don't agree to keep the speed limit on the Simulation servers, I actually do. That's because what the word "Simulation" is for. A player should act as much as a real trucker will do (i.e. Make sure the speed is below 90km/h). A player have such responsibility to follow this 90km/h speed limit. So we are back to the argument of whether to have collision on the Arcade server or not. Conclusion Remove the speed limit on Simulation server: NO Enable the collision on Arcade server: YES Allow blocking, ramming, reckless driving on Arcade server: YES Instead of increasing the speed limit on the Simulation servers, I will purpose to bring back the collision feature to the Arcade servers. So I guess everybody is happy now? Simmers, you don't have to drive with those potential reckless drivers anymore. Admins, you don't need to deal with those tonnes of reports anymore. For someone who might ask: Because Simulation 1 is crowded so even a reckless driver go to Simulation 1. No, not exactly. If you enable the collision on the Arcade server, Simulation 1 will be quite empty. For someone who might say: The reason of making this EU5 server is to celebrate the 5th anniversary. But that doesn't explain why you can't apply the settings on the Arcade server. I understand that allowing people to block, to ram could be removed also. But in my opinion, you need to use something to trade off. Because it will definitely increase the load of the Game Moderators to deal with this increase number of reports. If you really want to go past 110km/h while even in real life, I think we should take the risk. I said "we" because I might actually stay in that server myself. I am just looking for an easy way to solve the problem. From what I can see here, this is the best option we have now. Or, how about this? Disable the collision feature on the Simulation servers to exchange the collision feature on the Arcade server. For those who consider yourself a good driver, you keep your truck under the speed limit. You will keep distance to the truck ahead. So I guess the collision feature doesn't matter you, right? Would you agree to exchange the collision for the Arcade server? (I am just asking, not really mean to remove this feature.) No? Why? Since you won't hit anything so I thought you should be OK with that. Or, try to read this article from the top and know what they really need. And you will notice "Actually I really want the collision myself".
  11. Thank you for following me!

  12. Omedetou nya~

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      Arigatou gozaimasu ~Nya

  13. Sometimes I just want to slow down a little bit if the guy behind me keep honking at me because he thinks me I am driving too slow on C-D but he can't overtake me. While I am already 20km/h over the speed limit...



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    Or... grape juice...

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