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    [SUPPORT MANAGER] @GGF MD has been promoted to Senior Support Manager. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Moh_ has been promoted to Senior Community Moderation Manager.
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    [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Chev transfers to the Game Moderation Team as Trainee.
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    Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean by Titanic: Honor & Glory - VDR is just fantastic, really is just amazing, the Britannic looks both amazing as the hospital ship she was and what she was mean to be, it's just beautiful Exploring her decks at night is my most fave part of the game, the beautiful sky and the lights of Britannic all lit up, just amazing The sinking sequence too is really well done
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    I hope everyone is having a nice day!
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    Imagine being so upset about a TMP ban - you have to go to twitter to insult the Game Moderator who banned you + admit to ban evading.
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    My colleague said that there is a person who has exceeded the speed, I decided to check... Have a nice and peaceful evening Truckers! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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    Harmony Convoys - PRIDE EVENT 2020 It was a true honor to be part of this amazing Event that took place just under 8 hours ago, and to see so many VTC's unite together in solid colors took me, and many others by surprise. I have to give Viva (and Viva Nederland) a huge shout out for having a really high attendance Thank you @davidd. for making the amazing looking (and colourful) trucks and @G4M3P1X3L, @sanamaria & @Savage. for the organization and managing of the convoy (you too @davidd.). It's amazing to work with you, among all other staff in Harmony Convoys. Have a great Summer everyone!
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    Just finished Operation Genoa Bridge Looooving the FH Tuning pack
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    List of changes from 18th June 2020: Fixed the bug where taking a cargo from the Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heavy Cargo Pack DLC caused being incorrectly kicked from the server.
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    Back on the road with @Samito_BG Oh, and also - back with the edits.
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    Wolves VTC... | I missed the convoy, but, i have some pics to upload here Special thanks to my friend from the Translation Team for the invitation to the convoy @Next7, i love you boi! #L-LATAM #Wolves
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    My first drive after I updated the game yesterday. Flowing like a wind
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    Late night drive with @Ali.
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    Here... have a cute birb for no reason other than to brighten up your day a little:
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    Good Night, TruckersMP!
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    Have a beautiful morning/afternoon/evening King Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator & Translator
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    One of my favourite time to drive, Just when the natural lights begins to dim and city lights lit up. #BlendingWithShadowAndSpeed
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    Pries private convoy
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    Now live with an admeen stream over @
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    My Vovo in the future. How is your's look like ?
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    Night with friends! w/ @aluizio' @Jasper1' @Ivanzito @Barba' @Black Wolf Harmful ... Mui ban photo by: ~ @[BRZ-LOG] MARCELAO BR
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    ETS2 MCG June Convoy @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang Load More Pictures : - https://imgur.com/a/AJ9PCei
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    scot gang welcome to the scot gang w/ @Chillpadde @issam0707 @Smiddy1050 Didnt feel right photoshopping iveco so you know xD
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    I hope you all have a nice day... #MercedesBenz
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    Howdy! I am now LIVE on Twitch with Admin Work! https://www.twitch.tv/john_rlc
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    @[GökBörü] - Berk -
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    Monday again? Well, fret not! For you have just been visited by the kitten of joy and happiness. You have now been blessed with a good week.
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    Good morning, TruckersMP Last days I started working on archievements on World Of Trucks and need help with few of them: 1) I need 100 likes over my pictures (4/100) 2) Pictures needs to be viewed 1001 times in total (15/1001) 3) 7 of your profile image sreceive at least 1 like (have 4/7) It is weird to ask about help, but I hope it will be fine Thanks in advance https://worldoftrucks.com/en/profile/2564561
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    It's Friday! Have an amazing weekend!
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    Today on June 13, 2020 was a great day with @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel. Image credits to @ALLIANCE Ryan Gabriel. Note: For those who think I'm back, maybe I came back partially since I'm still with the same machine and it isn't good to run Euro Truck Simulator 2 with performance.

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