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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @_Russian rejoins the team as Game Moderator.
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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @wpx_ rejoins the team as Report Moderator.
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    [Report Moderator] @EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Bitte_mit_Sahne has been suspended due to violating the official set of rules.
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    Pries Logistics is celebrating its 1st Anniversary on 13th April, 2020! You can find information about the event by following this link - https://truckersmp.com/event-request/335
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    Good Police Officers ft. @NeonLeon @Smoky_TMP
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    It's Sunday, so it's time for a little rest... Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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    Last Saturday, 21/03/2020, the TruckersMP Translation Team completed a year since it was relaunched and to celebrate this special date, some members of this team grouped on a convoy along the Europe roads! Congratulations Translation Team
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    that colour that is one nice looking Peugeot
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    Good morning all, here's to a new morning, a new week and renewed motivation. If you need to go out for whatever reason, please stay safe..
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    Did media and CC for Tango 4 year today! Here is a few pics i got
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    Hope everyone had a great weekend slightly small staff meeting
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    Happy St Patrick's Day! Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!
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    Some photos of my truck of my yesterday evening trip And when I got spotted by an other baddmeenn
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    It was nice parking with you and chatting until the convoy passed us. @ChrisThePowerTaylor @James (Unable to tag you) and @pro_876rhys @Noxii As always it's a pleasure driving with you in ProMods. There were the two pics I was able to snap.
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    I hope everyone is staying safe and well!
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    I have been low on activity for a couple of days, but am happy to share that I am fully back to business! How has everyone been?
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    Heres a few photos i took during the Epilepsy 24hr Convoy
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    Thanks for this great convoy, RLC Cargo - - @Krewlex, @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Big fann xD also, Your trucks looking very good! -
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    w/ @issam0707
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    w/ @Koneko - Big fan
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    I have the one and only suggestion you'll ever need to never get banned, 100% working 2020, guaranteed: Obey the rules.
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    Thanks once again for the drive on ProMods! @Noxii
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    Nice to have met @TeamAudi_3601_S in Duisburg this morning
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    Mid way through some polishing, and notice the beautiful Scandinavian sunset, so I had to grab a quick photo
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    Suggestion name: 90km/h speed limit Why should it be added: I just rage quitted after being rammed for probably 5 or 6th time this week (twice today), by a truck without a trailer on a motorway, while i was minding my own business driving 90km/h, this guy comes at 110km/h and clearly rammes me on purpose. Literally every single day of the week the exactly the same scenario and i'm sick of it. Now some will say, record and report. Dude, i find it enough if they ruin my gaming experience, i dont need them to make me wait all week for them to get banned, then it ruins my experince overall, not just gameplay. Speed limit 90km/h would reduce overtaking, reports, toxicity etc. to minimum, we would probably get rid of some of those racers too, make them buy actual racing game and bring back some people who left because of them. I don't remember ever doing anything bad to anyone who drives fast, what i do remember is the ones who drive fast ruining experince for the simulation players for literally, years. Suggestion description: not needed really, it's clear what i mean, in fact NFS guys probably started to rage when they saw the title. All in all, stop racing and start driving trucks. Example: well real life trucking and guys who already do that in game. This will probably get rejected but i hope it will be a small contribution in helping to start moving things in this direction. My english is what it is and it gets a bit woiorse after rage quitting, so yea... EDITED Also i realize this suggestion doesnt strickly follow the format, but i think that it does contain all the needed info. EDITED The fast guys, before you comment, what have we, simulation players, done to you that allows you to crash us as often as it happens? What law in this world allows you to use two lanes to drive "normally"? Two lanes, not one, i cant even drive in my lane because most of you cant keep it between the lines, some of you dont even know what mirrors are used for.
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    Good Night Admeens! W/ @Smoky_TMP, @Zirox
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    Good Night TruckersMP!
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