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  1. I have 2 Questions 3ventic, Could you add "Current Game Time" option to Server Status section please? (If it possible please 24 hours time format) https://stats.truckersmp.com/ And the second thing is, -novid is not working anymore for new Launcher, the old one was working perfectly ("C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Launcher\Launcher.exe" -nointro) Thanks.
  2. Hello, I really don't like driving long nose trucks. That's why i dont play ATS too much.
  3. Adding Mercedes MP5 would be nice. I really love trucks with cameras instead of mirrors
  4. Hız sınırının değişeceğini sanmıyorum. Değişse bile çok bir şey değişmeyecek. İnsanlar bu oyunu Need for Speed gibi oynuyor maalesef.
  5. This picture is from Iberia DLC (Barcelona) also Scandinavia is great place for take a picture
  6. I prefer sunny weather too Also g_set_skybox 4 is best for me
  7. Suggestion Name: Better GPS Icons Suggestion Description: Hello truckers! Most of us use navigation to check if someone is coming from the opposite way while overtaking and see them. But there is a small confusion about that situation. Player in the navigation is shown as round/circle so we cant be sure if he's going in our way or coming from the opposite way. With a small change, I think we can solve it. Current appearance: Appearance in the new version: Why should it be added?: Because of the way it looks in new version, we'll be able to see which way player is heading. Wherever truck's front looks, it means they're heading that way. (Point symbol shows the truck's front) Thanks for reading. Best Regards, KacaKTV
  8. Driving in Singleplayer with AI Traffic is really boring for me. Playing on TruckersMP servers with friends better imo.
  9. Daha önceden de söylemiştim. Halka açık ( İnternet Kafe vb.) yerlerden girmenizi tavsiye etmem diye. Aktif banı olan varsa o internet kafede eğer sende giriş yaparsan Ban Evading'ten banlanma riskin var sende bu sebeple ban yemişsin anlattığına göre. Bu konuyla ilgili bir şey yapılabilir mi bilmiyorum. Singleplayer veya Convoy modunu oynamaya devam edebilirsin.
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