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  1. Cancel the in-game TAG System In-game TAG system can be cancelled and VTC System in TruckersMP Website can be used as an automatic in-game TAG. VTC's visible tag that we create on TruckersMP can be appear in the game at the same time. TAG section from in-game TAB can be cancelled and the VTCs that we joined from TruckersMP Website's VTC section could be visible in-game. And we should be able to choose the tag that we want to have from the list. Just like CS:GO's Steam Group Tag system. It already asks us in-game tag while creating a company on (https://truckersmp.com/vtc).
  2. iş alım açılım abi @Fezz98

    1. kubilay gülçebi

      kubilay gülçebi

      @Fezz98ne zaman açılır 

  3. ne zaman acılır işe alım

    1. [GökBörü] Snap Dragon'TR

      [GökBörü] Snap Dragon'TR

      Forumdan ve discord üzerinden duyurusu yapılır, duyuruları takip edin.

    2. kubilay gülçebi

      kubilay gülçebi

      işe açılmasın çok istiyorum ben iyi biliyorum oyun mod olamayın

  4. vtc nasıl basvurabiliyimi

  5. benim admin olamı kimle ister

  6. Thank you for the follow

    1. kubilay gülçebi

      kubilay gülçebi

      bir şey değil sende beni ettim mi

  7. I want to be an ETS 2 admin so much. I am seventeen years old and I want to make this situation. I love ETS 2 SO MUCH.

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. kubilay gülçebi

      kubilay gülçebi

      bana halk veriyorsun dimi 

    3. PinkFoxes


      @kubilay gülçebi

      I don’t know if you can listen. About you want to join the ranks of admin, only you apply through the recruitment website, and the game manager will judge whether you meet the requirements. Find other staff in the admin ranks to tell him your admin application!

    4. Nody


      Heya! I understand you all are excited about being Game Mod/Admin, and I really respect your feelings. However, please refrain from making such comments or posting such comments on anyone's forum profile wall unless they've approved it or are directly involved in the conversation. If you wish to share your feelings, please do it on your own profile and not here or with anyone who has nothing to do with such conversation. 

      That being said, this status will be locked!

  8. sa admin neden bilerek herkesi banlıyorsun arkdaş ben 1 şanz verin


  9. Thank you for the follow!

    1. kubilay gülçebi

      kubilay gülçebi

      bir şey değil

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