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  1. Pringles ofc. Scania or DAF?
  2. Alles gute zum Geburtstag!🎂🎉:HaulieLove:

  3. My first photo on Ultra Resolution 😍

    7680x4320px | 26.6MB


  4. Damn,so sad seeing you leave,I hope all good,take care mate! :HaulieLove:

  5. I'm not limiting anyone, you can also go elsewhere if you want to transport heavy cargo, but not on the c-d since most of them who think are ""smart"" do it on purpose to go there and create mess,slowing th traffic and making accidents just because they find it funny... you have the 99% of the map to explore with you're heavy cargo or triple trailer,go there! and let everyone having fun.
  6. Hello, I'm here to discuss about CD and the ""smart"" players who go on the CD with locomotives, heavy loads and small trucks with more than 20t and slow down traffic by creating queues and unnecessary accidents that can be avoided avoiding using that type of cargo... Why do I say this? because It seem to see that with the new release of DAF XD,but also in general it seems that they do it on purpose to use trucks with little power and heavy loads just to block the CD or slow down the traffic and create long traffic jams or accidents bc if you're overtaking them who's coming in the opposite directions don't give you space or time to overtake safely... And another episode I saw ""the smart"" players who use double or triple trailers don't pay attention that them are long and they need space to return in lane,so they overtake you and cut your lane making you in a crash or letting you out to give them the way...or badly they overtate series of trucks with the truck incoming in front and make a big crash on purpose and they don't press f7 instantly but they stay there for few minutes... I would like to ask these "smart" people a question... what do you find funny doing this? because I still have a hard time understanding it... Do they think they're funny? I think they are just little idiots who don't know how to have fun and create mess for everyone, maybe even those who want to take this game seriously... I hope this go for a positive outcome. Best Regards, Rossoo770s. Aurora Driver | Veteran Driver | TruckersMP Member since 2015.
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