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  1. Good afternoon TruckersMP


  2. TimeTimes

    I am new

    Hello there, Good to hear that is has been solved! Thanks to everyone for participating in this thread. Have a nice day! //locked and moved to solved
  3. Thanks for the follow.

  4. TimeTimes

    I am new

    Hello there @Volks63 Some amazing answers have been given. Did these answer your question? Please let us know
  5. TimeTimes

    Cannot create game process

    Hello there @ContainerKakkerlak Some great answers have been given. Please let us know if they have solved your issue
  6. TimeTimes

    Experiment game mode observer be

    Hello there, Good to hear your problem is solved. Thanks to everyone for participating in this thread. Have a great day. //locked and moved to solved
  7. TimeTimes

    GPS radar problem

    Hello there @roadshow2001 This is a known bug on the TruckerMP servers and we are aware of this as of now. A fix should be out soon although we don't know when so we're sorry for any inconvenience and we just ask if you can be patient! I hope this has answered your question
  8. Picture after our little roadtrip ended.


  9. TimeTimes

    Best cargo to haul on MP

    I love cargo that uses the LKW trailer.
  10. I added a couple of effects to the picture from my previous status update, and i think it looks pretty neat


  11. TimeTimes

    DLC KRONE not working for me

    Hello there, Because this post has been inactive for over 2 days it will be moved to unsolved. Have a nice day! //Moved to unsolved