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  1. Volvo FH 750 in Action! byNizar ︱CARGOLink


  2. Volvo FH 750 by Nizar ︱CARGOLink driver
  3. mr. Game Developer, wish you all the best! 🎂
    thank you for all your work for us! 🥂

  4. Happy Bday!! Alles gute! 🎉💝🎂

  5. MAN TGX by Nizar ︱CARGOLink driver
  6. CARGOLink MAN in Switzerland Alps 🇨🇭 by Nizar


  7. Thank you for following 👀👍

  8. Thank you for your feedback!
  9. Thank you for your feedback! Your strong red colored VTCs is a lill bit nonsense... all VTC that fullfill the criteria for Verificated/Validated should have access to it. Everyone had taken the same effort to get there. Some companies are international and can hire countless (international) drivers, have more opportunities and staff to be "strong red colored" others are regional/national and have fewer drivers, limited possibilities and act in their space as best possible...here we should be fair #2 TMP has an add-on team, they can add what they want, doesn't have to be an ingame model...the main thing is that Ver/Val VTCs have something different as a random player and non-Ver/Val VTCs (Skoda) #5 If someone has inappropriate sayings/pictures/symbols built into the skin
  10. Appreciate the follow 🫶

  11. Scania R730 V8 by Zula︱CARGOLink driver
  12. Thank you for the Follow!:HaulieLove:

    1. Λries


      aww np ✌️ same 🫦

  13. DAF XF105 SuperSpacecab Limited Edition in CARGOLink livery
  14. ....bjuuutiiiiful 😍


  15. Ford F-Max If SCS takes forever to come up with new models, we can improvise....... ...or custom skins for VTCs...hmm
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