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  1. SOFTUF's One Year Anniversary!

    Congrats on 1 year Hope to be there
  2. New Police design

    I think this is a good suggestion but only if its added as an extra rather then replacing the current one so admins can choose which one they want to use I personally prefer the current one as I feel the blue and silver just stands out a bit more and I prefer those colours but this one is very nice too
  3. Killua's Photos :)

    4 trucks based on trucks I saw on Ice Road Rescue
  4. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

  5. Been a good while since I've done any drawing :mellow: Decided to get back to it again with this car :)


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DeyDoNN


      Nice, good job ^^

    3. Hz3rd


      10 times better than i what i would be able to draw lol, mine would look like a milk bottle with wheels

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  6. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    Update - Added PIAC Livestock, Trailers and Willig Tankers
  7. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    I'm not sure how to make that one Sorry
  8. Killua's Photos :)

  9. Happy Birthday :) Have a great day :)

    1. HerrSwizz


      thanks, i will :) 

  10. Killua's Photos :)

  11. Highest speed in a truck

    I know poll is closed but anyway, with the 730hp Scania engine you can reach around 100mph (160km/h) and with the 750hp Volvo around 106mph with 1t, 3t or 5t trailers I reached 110mph (177kmh) once ( it was in a Volvo or a truck with a Volvo engine and was when going downhill) the 730 and 750 engines with the right transmission will easily reach 100mph (160km/h) with very light trailers but with the Volvo 750hp engine being the bit faster then the Scania. Used to be just the Volvo FH16 Classic but since a few SCS updates ago the Volvo FH can now reach high speed too as its no longer limited (as far as I know)
  12. Tandem Truck

    There are double trailers in Scandinavia which you can take in multiplayer but unfortunately you cannot take any tandems in multiplayer (they are only singleplayer mods) The only way to use tandems in multiplayer would be if SCS added tandems to the game (hopefully someday they will)
  13. Ask a Game Moderator Anything (apart from ban stuff)

    Has anyone ever rammed or crashed into you when you where logged in as admin or in your police car?
  14. Where Are you playing the TRUCKERSMP (Ets2MP/ATSMP)?

    Ireland (not on list but not many players from Ireland here )