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  1. Going on holidays with family 2moro for 9 days (just to other parts of Ireland) :D^_^ Depending on the wifi in the hotels I should have access to the internet so should still be on for a little while each evening, maybe :P


  2. Videos from Multiplayer

    Compilation 42 + France DLC Giveaway Enjoy Clips from February and April 2018 Sound Warning - Loud shouting over cb after approx 4 mins Giveaway link in video description
  3. Compilation 42 + France DLC Giveaway :D Enjoy :)

    Clips from February and April 2018 :) Sound Warning - Loud shouting over cb after approx 4 mins :excl:

    Giveaway link in video description :)



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    2. Can_T.
    3. [Viva] Ryannm

      [Viva] Ryannm

      yeeeeeees, lol Coz my surgery im still struggling to drive with the pedals and I don't wanna use keyboard xD @Killua // Ireland ^_^



    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I guess I could, not sure when i can send you some tho, if not during the week maybe next week ;)

  4. OMG :o Its the Renault Paint :o Literally the exact one thats in ETS2 :o:D:wub::wub::love::love:



    This is the nicest DAF I've ever seen :D:wub::wub::love::love:


    Also before I saw that DAF I saw a really really really niuce fully customized v8 Scania (even had pipes/stacks) but I looked behind me just as it was passing me so couldn't get a photo of it :(:unsure:

    Some other trucks I saw today :) Friday a good day to see lots of trucks on that road :P





    that Merc did a U-turn there to avoid the traffic jam :troll::lol::thisisfine:





    Some  nice cars :D:wub::love:









  5. do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    I do find that Rec is used an awful lot, overused really, People use Rec all the time, if you go C-D half the comments are rec 1290, rec, rec 12 etc Some just say it, others use it to scare someone whos driving badly or trolling but some people who say it do actually mean it but it is used waaaay too much Also for some strange reason some of the worst drivers in MP are those with Rec in their tag Doesn't bother me tho better for people to be going saying rec instead of insulting and using bad language
  6. I have added a 1 ton trailer mod for my trailer mods and 2 more companies to my mods topic - Huilant + Comoto (CMT) :)

    You can find them and many other MP mods here :)


  7. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    Update: Added Huilant Livestock, Trailers and Willig Tankers Added Comoto (CMT) Livestock, Trailers and Willig Tankers
  8. Killua's Photos :)

  9. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    I actually think its trucks that troll more then cars now that cars and trucks are all limited to 150km/h you no longer have cars flying around at crazy high speeds way faster then trucks I usually go C-D road at least once most days and I find its trucks more so then cars that cause problems and drive recklessly, its the people who just cannot slow down to the speed limit when there is alot of traffic and will go to overtake when it is not safe often resulting in a crash or someone being rammed off the road
  10. @K0rnholio o/ :)





    Did a 1000 mile trip in Italy DLC with some friends ^_^ Italy DLC really is so beautiful :wub: Just a shame its so empty in MP :unsure:








    C-D was so different of course to Italy :P There was a guy on C-D a while ago causing a big traffic jam cause he was doing around 25 mph in a 50 mph area (the whole start of C-D) he didn't even have a heavy cargo just a normal trailer :wacko: people going waaaay below the speed limit like that for no reason can be very annoying, they even annoy people with WOT jobs :unsure: people should try to stick close to the speed limits rather then going way below it on C-D road :) Going way below the limit on C-D just causes chaos, its like irl when a slow moving tractor is on the roads :P

    Also saw a guy with a speed hack, I was on the motorway doing 93mph and a guy with a truck and trailer flew past me (I was not rec at the time) didn't think people could get around the 150km/h server limit :o


    I love going to Italy when driving with people :) Much more fun :)

    1. LordBenji


      I'll explain something David :) I tried some hacks in single player a long time ago, and one of them just makes the game faster. So for example if you put 2x faster, your game will say you're driving 100, it will look like you're driving 200.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      :o I see, I guess maybe some people are doing that in mp to get around the 150km/h limit :unsure:

    3. Can_T.
  11. What truck do you own and use every day on ETS2?

    I've got hundreds of trucks and have almost every type of truck so I use different trucks all the time
  12. Atlas Bi-Weekly Convoys Are Back! :D


    Sign up:

    Convoy Details:
    ★ START: Milano, Cesare Supermercato
    ★ FINISH: Mannheim, Car Park
    ★ DATE: 16th July
    ★ TIME: 18:30 BST
    ★ SERVER: EU3

    ★ Full Route:
    ★Follow the TMP Rules! Found at
    ★We allow Heavy Haul trailers, we do ask you keep others in mind when picking the trailer.
    ★There will be NO Fuel stops or Breaks. So, fill up, Repair and Sleep before the convoy.
    ★Please keep a minimum distance at 60Metres from the truck in front!
    ★Please don't overtake!! It's a convoy, not a race...

    ★ Atlas Gaming Website:
    ★ VTC Website:
    ★ Discord:
    ★ Twitter:
    ★ Twitch:

    1. Driver-Ramon


      WOAH nice one good luck with the convoy :wub:

    2. [VIVA] Savage

      [VIVA] Savage

      Will try be there :)