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  1. @nurettinozturk0 @[???????] Fallen [BY] Was looking through some of my screenshots (ones taken with my recording software and not f12/screenshot, I just press - and it takes a screenshot - can even do it while moving) from the last few days and found this one taken while stopped at the railway crossing on C-D waiting for the train :P 



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    2. Mr Yop
    3. [???????] Fallen [BY]
    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx all :) I prob took the screenshot cause of the colour ;) Nice pink colour truck ^_^ I often take screenshots like this or from my truck when driving when I see nice trucks and brightly coloured ones :) It was only when I looked at it last night that I realized 2 people from the forums are in the pic :P

  2. :D MP version of a real life truck+ trailer,  even down to the numberplate ;)^_^



    Quality not as good as the png image for some reason :unsure: Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



  3. Unfortunately I missed the Heavy Haul Convoy today :unsure: Went to the fair instead :P Its last day here :( but a 2nd one comes in a months time :D

    Here some pics from the Ferris Wheel ^_^











    This DAF :wub:




    Photos of some of the fair rides :D








    Nice rainbow :wub:








  4. Big Thanks for everything you've done for :tmp: We will miss you :( Best of luck for the future and whatever you do next :)

  5. Anyone know what Jigglypuff (from pokemon) is called in Turkish? Is it just Jigglypuff?

    this is Jigglypuff


    My tag has Ex Assassin in it all the time (sometimes ExAssassin so I can fit in another word) Jigglypuff is too long to put in my tag :( Wondering if its called something else in Turkish that might be shorter?


    (I think some of the Turkish writing looks quite nice - some of the letters especially :) )

  6. Its a Ford Focus



    How/Where did you find it? :o Anything else there? image.png.24894f06176b489d7328b56fcc001c2d.png

  7. This is what Killua Zoldyck is in Russian

    Киллуа Золдик :) Looks pretty nice :) Nice writing :P (sometimes put Золдик in my tag ;) )

    Was easy to find, just looked up Hunter x Hunter in Russian and found a wiki page thingy in Russian :P



    Now I'm wondering what Killua Zoldyck would look like in Turkish (can't find any info) Anyone know or is it just the same as in English (in German Killua Zoldyck is the same as english - looked it up)



    1. MousemanLV


      I hope you won't be one of those who uses Cyrillic and directly translates from English to Russian. :D 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nah I just looked up Hunter x Hunter in Russian and a hunter x hunter Russian site came up so was easy to find Киллуа ЗолдикКиллуа_Золдик


      No look finding a Turkish one tho :unsure:

  8. New Trailers

    Its nice but no need for any other trailers for the cars, the caravan is enough Also TMP will not add third party mods (something that is) the car was made especially for TMP and the caravan is the same one as the AI one is SP.
  9. NOOOOOOOO :(:(:(:(:( Hard to believe Avicii is gone  :(:( RIP :unsure: The world and music industry have lost one of the best DJ's in the world - an icon is gone and way too soon, way too young :(:(  So sad


  10. Decided to set up a Truck Photography facebook page and Instagram profile :)

    Real life truck photos that is :P

    Follow if you want ^_^

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    2. Reaper


      If I had facebook or instagram mate, I'd follow in a heartbeat :P Unfortunately I have neither :(

    3. OCEAN MAN


      Liked,subbed facebook,subbed instagram!! Keep up the work! I see a start of a good page!

      Take pride in it! 

      Good luck <3

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  11. Killua's Photos :)

  12. Killua's Photos :)

  13. I've got a huge issue with one of my profiles :( Every time I go from MP to SP  I get game change detected and lose my trailer :unsure::(

    There are plenty of these errors in the game log


    00:03:49.366 : <ERROR> [unit] The unit '_nameless.17.143d.cab0' of type 'job_offer_data' has dangling pointer (to '') in the attribute named 'cargo'.


    It only happens on this one profile tested out 2 of my other profiles and went into MP and then to SP no problem

    The profile I keep getting the game change detected has a few different trucks + trailers on different saves and even when I load those saves in SP I get game change detected  but I can load them in MP fine :)


    I need to be able to get into SP with the trailers sometimes


    Anyone got any ideas on how I can sort this?

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    2. stilldre1976


      I stopped playing sp ages as everytime I went back on there it messed my profiles up like lsot cash and trucks did my head in even with 2 profiles for sp and mp :( tbf don't miss the ai traffic just some of the mods I used

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Just tested out the other 4 saves on the profile and one that I have not used since the new rule update (as its no longer allowed) worked fine and so did another one that I have not used in MP yet but the other 2 that I have used in MP got game change detected - one I drove the other night and resaved and the other I bought in MP this morning

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Loaded an autosave from a few days ago (when I just bought the Merc but its before I had changed the trailers - its an owned/jobless one) so now I will re change the trailer and then resave it and then buy the DAF again

      maybe the way to sort it is to just not resave anymore (I'd save over each save after driving the truck) just never resave it and when I want to use that truck again load the save and teleport to the city I want to goto


      It looks like its because of the caravans