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  1. Killua's Photos :)

  2. Sooooo happy :D Once updated trailer mods do work :D:wub: Extracted all the 1.28 def files and updated my mod that replaces all trailers with the yacht trailer (those are the only trailers that I can make) and I also replaced the mass of them all so they are also 0t :D When I first went into SP with the mod active got game change detected :unsure: picked up a trailer went into MP and it worked so went back into MP picked up one to Calais from Duisburg and it worked :D:wub: Also LOOOOOOOVE the DAF DLC :wub:

    here it is -

    Also C-D road has not changed or quietened one bit :D:lol: 69 in Duisburg, 71 in Calais, bit of a traffic jam at the junction and railway crossing :D + crashes and the usual C-D road stuff :rolleyes: Doubles have not made C-D quieter at all :P

    Faceplant LOL XD :lol:

    ZOHoAHh.pngMIJJ2ok.pngLOL XD :lol: I think he got sent flying to there cause someone was saying sorry in chat as I drove up to this :rolleyes: he got kicked a few seconds after this (saw in chat) :P


    Saw a few painted trailers going around 2 :D more photos here ;)

    Sorry about all the posts last night - I jumped to conclusions and worst case scenario too soon and overreacted :wacko::unsure:

  3. Went from MP to SP and then SP to MP after updating MP 3 times in the launcher and no more game change detected like last night so all the DAF error/problems are gone by the looks of it :D  Didn't bother trying any trailer mods :unsure: Decided to goto a convoy later but not one bit happy about having to go in a 21t trailer :( (only one of those I could find :unsure:) the truck is 750hp so will do for now :rolleyes: Gonna take a breather and hopefully the 0t trailers aswell as all the other trailer mods like floating cows, cement mixers, livestock trialers, painted trailers, trailers to get certain trailers or companys etc will hopefully be back working again an a few days or weeks once the mods get updated with 1.28



    1. Kravatie


      how can the game not have light weight trailers


      i doubt it was all full of heavy ones

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      That was the only San Builders trailer 

  4. Can someone tell me what the actual truth is pls? Last night everyone was saying settings changed by SCS means all trailer weight mods and trailers will not work anymore and won't work ever again so no more modded trailers except if you save edit your game file :(

    but today I've heard from @Forerunner that the mods all just need updating?

    So which is it?

    Sooooo confused :unsure:

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      I have been driving around in my car all alone. Maybe because I speed or wait oh I dont have another answer LOL

    3. LordBenji


      SCS made changes with trailers, to accommodate the new articulated trailers, which implies changing/adding values. That's why the trailer mods need to be updated for 1.28 in order to not trigger a game change detected. If there's any special mods you'd particularly want, just send me a PM in here. :) 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx :) I guess I should have waited for people who know about modding to react -_-

  5. Well its been fun :wub: but sadly thx to SCS looks like my time in MP and ETS2 will be coming to an end :( No more modded or 0t trailers then its dead and ruined for me :(HATE SCS so much :angry: Really don't know how I'm going to fill the void MP will leave, daily convoys and trips on C-D road or jobs in other places :( Why u have to do this SCS why :(


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    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      It is still possible, just not using mods and using good old fashioned save editing. Although personally I don't recommend it, it is still an option.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      save editing my game file is not and never will be an option for me :(

    4. Traipse


      play the game without the trl mods their only purpose is  for showing off anyways

  6. Mods question - Someone has sent me a message on facebook saying the trailer mods and weight mods no longer work and won't work again that they will load in SP but you will always get game change detected in MP?????? WTF???? Is this true? :(:(:(:(:(

    I'm getting game change detected atm whenever I go from MP to SP or MP to SP but as you can see on my game log all the errors have to do with the DAF as far as I can see -

    but apparently none of those errors matter??

    Please please tell me this guy is speaking rubbish and its not true? If this is true that trailer + weight mods no longer work I'm actually gonna be so upset and pissed off about it and ETS2 and M Pare ruined forever :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( 

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    2. Forerunner


      The weight mods dont work because scs changed a few things in order to make the doubles work. No need to panic i just need to update them. The same goes for the trailer mods.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      thats not whtas being said, everyone has been saying SCS settings prevent trailer mods from ever working in MP and you can only do it with save editing your game file now :(:(:(

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I really hope you are right @Forerunner but I'm just going on what everyone has being saying :unsure:

  7. Is anyone getting game change detected when going from MP to SP and SP to MP :( I first got it when I went into SP after being in MP and then again when going into MP from SP (with a trailer the 2nd time) from a mod that has worked with every update (can't be the mod tho cause I got it going from SP to MP first?) :( 

    Really annoying that is cause I can't use trailer mods if that keeps happening :(

    DAF DLC is great :D Just a shame the lighting is rubbish :( Would look much better with old lighting :(


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Looked at game log and all the errors have got to do with DAF and the DLC? :(

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      game log -

      Just submitted support ticket anyway

    3. antrax 737

      antrax 737

      I bet this trucks on your dashboard make more money then your actual truck xD little truck fleet

  8. DAF and Scania missing parts, no texture in certain trailers

    That is because you don't have the Mighty Griffen DLC (Scania) and the DAF tuning DLC, those missing textures are part of those DLC's and that is what those trucks look like to those without the DLC's
  9. Really really really really hate the new lighting :( Actually despise it I hate it soooooo much :unsure:

    Really really wish there was a way to get the old lighting back :unsure:

    Before :wub:


    After :(


    Before :wub:  (took while moving with FRAPS)


    After :(


    Before :wub:


    After :(


    Worst thing SCS has ever done :( Want the old lighting back even more then I want the new Scanias :unsure:

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      I was just on American Truck Simulator and I have noticed the lighting is different. Yes I have to say it looks more realistic. Not all smeared and all. Looks nice. Also the double trailers are nice. 

    3. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Well, I'm happy about what SCS did with the lights because before, the lights were extremely bright and really irritating as you can see lights from a truck behind you in your cabin.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I loved the bright lights :wub: Wish there was a setting or option to get the old lights

  10. Killua's Photos :)
  11. Fun drive before the game updated :D:P



    LOL XD :lol:oZyTrmd.png

    1. stilldre1976


      Lmao :lol: just about to try a double in scandi now

  12. Killua's Photos :)

  13. Killua's Photos :)

    Very nice
  14. Love the current lighting in ETS2 and MP :wub: Really not looking forward to the new lighting in 1.28 :unsure:  Hate it way too dull especially at night and indicators and leds so dull you'd barely see them :(2NZDV9P.png


    1. Chinezen


      Oh, it's really dark

    2. antrax 737

      antrax 737

      I agree, scs did a step back with new lights

  15. Killua's Photos :)