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  1. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    Thx everyone
  2. Killua's Photos :)

    TFM Two Plenty more photos here
  3. TFM Two Truckfest :D All photos I took are here :P

  4. Hobbits Photo Reel

    Great Photos I see me
  5. Killua's Photos :)

  6. Released

    Nice update thx Ghost mode will be great (hopefully no more slamming into people who suddenly appear in the road) but the ncz thing is that for the doubles? that the 2nd trailer doesn't glitch anymore?
  7. I'm new to the Forum! How long have you been here?

    Hell and welcome to the forums Hope you enjoy your time here I've been here for nearly 2 years Even tho I joined in October I didn't really start being active here on the forums and in MP until March
  8. I can't really see that new dlc being mp supported (I could be completely wrong) guess we will just have to wait and see
  9. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    np and thx all
  10. Finally created a topic for my MP trailer Mods :D

    Is there any way this topic could be pinned and possible even added to allowed mods section so it will be easy for people to find? (if not np)

    I pan on updating the topic regular as I make more

    ( I won't be creating a website for them)


    1. ThatCrazyPillow




      I don't know if the topic will be pinned, but I would have to ask if it could be moved to the Allowed Mods section.

      Very nice topic, kinda looks like a guide aswell. :lol:

    2. Mirrland


      Might wanna fix the title ;)




      Excellent topic btw :D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      fixed thx Mirrland :)


      The main reason I'm asking about getting it pinned is so it won't get trashed due to inactivity :P

  11. Killua's MP Trailer Mods

    How to use these mods: 1 - Go into MP and hit f7 + enter and exit game (If you want to get SP and MP time the same) 2 - Go into SP and collect the trailer 3 - Go back into MP All these mods replace all trailers that have company's on them. All have been tested and work in MP I plan on making more and probably have every company made eventually, as I make them they will be added here (Company's are in alphabetical order ) Livestock Trailers: Trailers: With these mods all company's in the game have one company's trailer (including double trailers) If you don't have the Scandinavia DLC you will still be able to use the companys from the base game (you just won't have any double trailers) Willig Tankers: (I have some other trailer types for some of the company's and some painted trailers which I will post tomorrow)
  12. Killua's Photos :)

  13. Killua's Photos :)

  14. Happy Birthday :) Have a great day :)

  15. Killua's Photos :)