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  1. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in 750 HP Volvo Engine on other trucks was marked as the answer   
    You can use this Its a great mod and really easy to use
  2. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in Trailer problem was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately the Renault trailers no longer work because SCS removed the Renault trailer files from the ETS2 def files
  3. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in Speed engine was marked as the answer   
    People often put a 730hp Scania engine or  750hp Volvo engine in the other trucks which is done by using mods or by save editing (it is allowed) Also with that they might have a light trailer (1t, 3t or 5t) so can speed up quickly and go faster then you if you have a heavier trailer.
  4. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in Translation Team Recruitment was marked as the answer   
    You can find all the info about Translation Team Recruitment here https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/32-translation-team-recruitment/
  5. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in How do you get a white trailer on ETS2MP was marked as the answer   
    The mod might be outdated, old mods won't work due to changes when they added doubles so if the mod was made before then it will not work, also if the mod you are trying to use has any files from the ETS1 trailers then it will not work anymore as the ETS1 trailers got removed in the recent update.
    The only way to use trailer mods in MP is to get them in singleplayer first, there is no other way except save editing
  6. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in DAF and Scania missing parts, no texture in certain trailers was marked as the answer   
    That is because you don't have the Mighty Griffen DLC (Scania) and the DAF tuning DLC, those missing textures are part of those DLC's and that is what those trucks look like to those without the DLC's
  7. Killua // Ireland ^_^'s post in Cargo too late. no missions was marked as the answer   
    Quick jobs don't work in MP and due to the time difference between SP and MP (MP time never stops) quick jobs you take in SP and then go onto MP will always be late. To play MP you really need to buy a truck. You could either spend time playing offline until you can earn enough money for a truck, take a loan or just cheat to get more money (I'm not sure how to do that tho) There was a beginner profile for MP on here at one stage but not sure if it still is (someone else might be able to help with that)
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