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Cargo too late. no missions



Hello i just bought the game today and wanted to play online now. I played my two hours of offline to download the mod, so far so good. 

I am logging into online and everythings fine. I create a character and play the tutorial, at the end of the tutorial I do not get any money neither exp. I get told I am a couple of thousands hours late. If I want to play another mission after the tutorial there aren´t any available for me. Offline everythings working fine. 

Thanks for help 

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Quick jobs don't work in MP and due to the time difference between SP and MP (MP time never stops) quick jobs you take in SP and then go onto MP will always be late. To play MP you really need to buy a truck. You could either spend time playing offline until you can earn enough money for a truck, take a loan or just cheat to get more money (I'm not sure how to do that tho) There was a beginner profile for MP on here at one stage but not sure if it still is (someone else might be able to help with that)


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