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  1. After a nice drive... @Special Editionspacer.png

    1. Special Edition

      Special Edition

      the truth is hidden in me 😄

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. L-DR@GO
  2. Thanks for the follow:HaulieLove:

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      You're welcome 

  3. /search-tag [text] displays a list of players who use the tag you searched for, and this command will work in a similar way. Only your friends who are on the same server will be listed.
  4. But not everyone uses Steam chat, and some people have set their status to 'Do Not Disturb' (I also use 'Do Not Disturb' mode), which means we can't get a quick response from them. However, when you use the /friends command in-game, it will list your friend's username and in-game ID, making it easier and faster to contact them via /pm. This can be especially useful because some players have various character names in the game.
  5. I think this command can be useful, and it can be frustrating when the load is unnecessarily canceled due to the truck overturning or encountering a bug after an accident. I believe it's a great idea. I support you.
  6. Actually, when I was making this suggestion, the /admins command came to my mindThank you for your support as well.
  7. Suggestion Name: /friends command Suggestion Description: Using the /friends command to easily locate and communicate with your in-game friends can be a more convenient feature. With this command, you can swiftly view your in-game friends and engage in communication with them. The addition of the /friends command will serve as a practical feature for many players, ultimately enhancing the enjoyment and efficiency of your gaming experience. Any example images: No example images. Why it should be added: Previously, finding friends with usernames containing various characters was nearly impossible through /search-name [name], but with the /friends command, all our active in-game friends will be displayed in a list, making it much simpler to locate their in-game numbers. Additionally, being able to see all active friends can be highly beneficial for everyone, so I believe it's a necessary addition.
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    Hello good sir thanks for the follow

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      You're welcome buddy, thank you too. 

  9. noob XD <33🤣

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      It's you xD <33 🐵

  10. Take Care!

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      You're welcome buddy, thank you too. :truestory:

  12. Thnks for your follow buddy ❤️

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      You're welcome buddy, Thank you too. :HaulieLove:

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