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  1. Come sign up to our event on 4th Feb! 


    Discord: https://discord.plasmagc.com/

    1. DieseL.


      It looks like a beautiful convoy ^_^

      Good convoys already :tmp:

  2. Happy birthday 🥳 

  3. Happy Birthday bro! 🎂🎂 M.J 🎂🎂

  4. Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎂

  5. Happy birthday!Thank you for your dedication to TMP,happy every day!😝🥳

  6. Happy Birthday mate! 👒🍀🥂

  7. Good morning,MJ.Have a good time!😄

  8. Thanks for the follow! 

  9. Today is the day of the Plasma Promods convoy!! Check my previous status for details if you're interested :D


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hope it went well :) wasn't around for it unfortunately 😕

  10. July 18th - Plasma Promods Convoy 


    our next public convoy! We're going to drum roll .... KIRKENES QUARRY! :D

    From the Scania Race Track in Stockholm, to Kirkenes Quarry, this will be a convoy of skill and determination as we drive (quite carefully!) to the finish!


    Date: July 18th

    Private Server Please sign up at the link below! https://plasmagc.com/event/promods-journey-to-kirkenes-quarry


    Event Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/YrFBAxU

    1. saadzinho


      Good Luck with your event ❤️ 

  11. New profile picture and cover photo. :D


    While I've got your attention, why not join me and loads of other lovely people over at https://discord.plasmagc.com/

    1. Yusuf.K


      Good Picture :) 

  12. ProMods: Journey to Kirkenes Quarry


    Hey all,


    Just got back from doing exams so I've got around to advertising this event we're doing over at Plasma! :D

    If you can make it, mark your attendence on one of the below sites. Our own site only requires login via discord so is really easy to do! 


    Details can be found on either link!



    18/07/2020 at 19:00




    Discord: https://discord.plasmagc.com/



    Thanks all! :D :D





  13. If you're feeling bored during this "lockdown" or just need a place to chat then come have a chat with us at plasma :D 



    1. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      thank you anything like this can be helpfull specialy in this moment. 

    2. -Cary-
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