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    Such a great night! 

  2. Problem with radio

    Moved to solved. Thank you all for helping!
  3. Off to college I go :wacko:

    1. BaldemarDeutsch [EN\TR]
    2. [Tian-Yu]"114"<M x>

      [Tian-Yu]"114"<M x>

      I am in vocational school:troll:

    3. M.J.


      Well, atleast that's over now. 

      wasn't too bad but it was still effort :P

  4. TruckersMP Has stopped working

    Problem fixed Moved to solved! Thank you all for helping.
  5. Why so few players playing ATS MP?

    Moved to inactive since no reply from OP Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Keyboard activated in chat

    Moved to inactive due to lack of replies. Thank you!
  7. ATS

    Best answer marked, Moved to solved Thank you!
  8. ATS

    Dear @Be_Afraid_326, Are you happy with the answers given? If so please mark a best answer by clicking on the tick, or telling us that you question has been answered. Thanks and Drive on, -MJ
  9. truckersMP getting back online

    Moved to solved as the answers were "just what I needed to know" Thank you all for your answers!
  10. Scania V8

    Dear @MixxLV, Just to add to what NerdDeat said; If you do use any mods, make sure they are allowed on Multiplayer: If we have answered your questions then you can mark the best answer so that we know that you no longer require assistance. Drive on, -MJ
  11. Scania V8

    Dear @MixxLV, These are most likely things from the Mighty Griffin DLC which you can buy on steam as an add on to the base game. These should also work in multiplayer. http://store.steampowered.com/app/461244/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Mighty_Griffin_Tuning_Pack/ Drive on, -MJ
  12. Cannot change Tag Color

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  13. An application fatal error

    Due to inactivity and problem not being solved. This will be moved to "Unsolved" If you still require help after this then you can make a support ticket here: https://support.truckersmp.com Thank you all for trying to help!
  14. Dear @ClumsyZombie, As you can see there have been many answers to your question. Did this clarify a few things? It would be helpful if you marked a best answer or told us that you have resolved your issue? If we haven't answered your question then please ask for more assistance and we will try to help! Thanks and Drive on, -MJ