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  1. Constant Disconnect/Reconnect

    Hello @wwesn, Are you satisfied with the answers as it has seemed to have stopped? If so you can mark a best answer and we can move this to solved. Drive on, -MJ
  2. Reshade,SweetFX

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  3. Not launching properly?

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  4. If you have a VTC and you are looking to join a Truckfest then please message me! :D:D


    1. Kravatie


      but i dont have one

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Convoy will start at 11:00 pm in my country. So I'm not sure how many people in my team participate in this convoy hahaha :) But I will tell with my team join it :P

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  6. Game Crashing

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  7. Winter Event

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  8. Cresh

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    1. InvasiveSpark


      But drivers have to have break anyway so you just need to make a truck that lasts the distance between breaks, then there wouldnt be an issue

    2. M.J.
    3. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      Taking into consideration that not only will these trucks will cost more to purchase than a standard diesel, if one is wrecked then it must be taken to a special waste disposal facility because of the batteries that will cost even more money. Even more costs go into the replacement of the batteries once there life cycle is over. Seems like you just can't beat a traditional diesel burner for overall costs & performance. Imagine when you have to recharge every load, instead of just pulling up to the pump you may as well plug it in & hit the bunk. But technology may overcome those obstacles. Thanks for the info M.J.   :<)

  10. What can YOU do in ONE YEAR??? Well over at SOFTUF, we've spent it building up a gaming community. What's better than a truckfest and convoy to celebrate the achievements we've obtained throughout this time.


    You can find out about SOFTUF's one year anniversary convoy below:






    What's the harm in taking a few hours out of YOUR year and spending it with us for a enjoyable event. 

    Thank you and see you there!!

    1. derpatrick9


      I'll be there : ) 

    2. Hustler #1

      Hustler #1

      That's right, that will be THE place to be!! Can't wait.  :<)


  11. Special Transport DLC:





    1. BaldemaR95


      where were your escorts :)did they escape

    2. M.J.


      IDK, I found out that when you go into photo studio they disappear which is strange.
      I did notice them going tho XD.


      They were there :lol:

  12. Register account

    Best answer marked, Moved to solved. Thank you everyone for your answers!