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  1. Hi, The API contains the Ips of the servers - https://api.truckersmp.com/v2/servers. Sim1 - Sim2 - Us Sim - and so on.... Hope this helps, Bean
  2. Hiya, If you have a video of them hitting you, then surely that video will have their name in it? If you have a name, you can use https://truckersmp.com/user/search?search= to find their id. Hope this helps, Bean
  3. Implemented well, It'd be great. Give trolls a way to abuse it in anyway, it'll be hellish. Overall, if enough time and consideration is given to it, I think it'd drastically improve the playing experience in the less-populated areas (most of the map).
  4. Am I the only one who had a hard time understanding this?
  5. Ah. Maybe making other objects "cops" would be easier - lampposts, for example, as you've hinted too.
  6. In my mind, it'd work by checking for "wrong way" traffic offence events, and then resolving the player's current position relative to known roads. The game already knows if you're in a city, as it adjusts the speed limit - so setting it for cites won't be a problem.
  7. Suggestion Name: Automatically issue punishments for people who are detected to be driving the incorrect way. Suggestion Description: This has been suggested previously, but my suggestion is slightly different. For an offense to have been committed, multiple factors must be determinable. Key among these factors is whether a player is merely overtaking or driving on the incorrect side of the road. To achieve this, I'd suggest limiting this system to cities (like Dover) and to motorways with and without a central reservation. This could also apply to dual carriageways or any road with a central reservation. Possible punishments include, but are not limited to: TPR, TPRK, kick. continuation of suggestion description Additionally, a key factor is whether the player has traffic offenses enabled or not. To combat this, there would have to be a way to ensure that the "wrong way" traffic event is permanently enabled. This falls in line with numerous suggestions to enforce all traffic offenses. Any example images: No. Why it should be added: If the system can detect a wrong-way driver before they hit someone, it'll reduce the number of people being rammed. Most incidents of this, from my experience, result in a kick unless a collision occurs. So, issuing a TPRK or kick wouldn't be any different from an admin doing it.
  8. One) I can see myself in that image: sus. Two) Good idea, but not really necessary. Admins review game reports from all angels. They'll ensure the correct player gets banned. A nice to have, but in no way a need.
  9. From my experience, high ping constitutes to very little collisions. Most players know to keep distance, and those who don't should expect to collide. Keep distance. Remain safe. A NCZ covering the entire road network would kill the mod off. Killing the entire mod isn't something I'd think TruckersMP want right now.
  10. Name: Add player achievements to API Description: If a player has their achievements public, show them on the API. Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: Some VTCs may wish to reward their drivers for gaining achievements etc...
  11. I think @blabberbeak's questions are related to TruckersMP, and should be asked. "What types of cargo or missions would you like to see added to the game?" TruckersMP has added a number of custom cargoes and job-based "missions" to the game in the past. Examples include Operation HQ, Fruity Fiesta, and the TruckersMP Logos. Asking people what they might like to see in-game may enable TruckersMP to add more custom cargoes and create additional job-based "missions" in the future. "Do you use mods or user-created content to enhance your game experience? If so, which types of mods are your favorite?" Currently, only a limited number of mods are supported. Asking a question like this may pave the way for the inclusion of more mods. Contrary to the assertion that TruckersMP has no influence over the base game mod support, this is inaccurate. TruckersMP has the autonomy to support whichever mods it chooses, thanks to its own mod manager. Furthermore, if you categorise "smart signs" as a mod, TruckersMP has the capability to develop its own mods as well. This question is clearly aimed at TruckersMP although, the same question could be asked to non-TruckersMP players. "Would you like to see more official support for modding and user-created content within the game?" What I said above applies here too. "How important is the ability to customize and personalize your vehicles in the game?" Not 100% on this question, but I'd assume it has something to do with implementing fixed profiles so everyone has the same set of trucks with the ability to do very little modification. Probably to make everyone's experiences more realistic, as you don't tend to see fully blacked-out trucks with more lights than a Christmas tree in real life. "Would you like to see realistic trucking challenges or regulations (e.g., rest periods, weight limits) incorporated into the game?" If a strictly realistic approach were developed, players might wish for rest periods to be enforced. They may also desire the ability to not carry more weight than laws allow, alongside adherence to other real-life regulations, such as working hours. "How important is it for you that the game accurately reflects real-world trucking regulations?" This ties in with the question above; some players may wish for a more realistic experience. The other two questions also link into what I've already said, so I won't mention them again. Everything asked, as far as I know, can be added. Therefore, why shouldn't these questions be asked? It's been suggested time and again that the game should be more realistic. These questions seem to be aimed at gathering an idea of how many people support such a suggestion. TruckersMP most likely has control over how realistic they wish to make their modified version of the game. SCS has a near-zero impact on that.
  12. I can't see any arguments here. And, nobody is forcing you to read anything
  13. Bеаn

    Just Wondering

    Not yet. Would you like to see it public?
  14. Bеаn

    Just Wondering

    Doesn't say you're. I forgot to update your role, my apologies. Hard to keep on top of team changes.
  15. Bеаn

    Just Wondering

    At weekends, its increasing. Which is probably down the new blood being brought in, and that people don't tend to work all weekend; whereas, some may in the week.
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