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  1. Another great drive with my boys ❤️ @enoble_yt @HeysMedia @forzapixel qsr and gingerlee ❤️



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    2. RequieB


      yeni boya paketini sevdim + puan

    3. Courtz49
    4. Replay__


      Looks good CRTZ crew keep up the awesome work 


  2. congrats ❤️

    1. AdaBey


      Thanks! (': ❤️

  3. Been loving the drives during stream lately. This community is amazing ❤️

  4. still think it would be "nice" if he would apologise for that comment.
  5. Not you that should be apologising aeky
  6. nice one... labeling us then deleting your comment.. shame theres a thing called screenshot..
  7. Honestly I think labeling is the complete wrong thing to do and I feel quite insulted by that. Also you'd be labeling many of your colleagues too. Half of the people are NOT the same. Some of us wish to drive down roads without ramming others thanks.
  8. As i said.. I UNDERSTAND why you guys have done it BUT it is not going to rid the reports at all because people are already abusing the ghost mode (as seen in videos commented on this post and multiple streams) to send other trucks flying. I know (from past experience) how hard it is to keep up with reports especially in duis.. we all have our opinions.. im just saying this wasnt a good idea and as clearly shown im not the only one who thinks it.
  9. Have had lots of fun and laughs on the road lately. Thanks to those who have been tagging along ❤️ 







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    2. Emirhan kurt 29
    3. RequieB


      ben neredeyim kız, beni neden çağırmadın, küstüm :(

    4. Courtz49


      @RequieBShouldve been on stream :P


  10. Hiya boss hows you?

    1. Courtz49




      I am good how are you

    2. Jagman


      I'm good :YEP: Thanks ❤️ 

    3. Courtz49


      gooood :D


  11. In my opinion it does not work. Its a simulation server so why make a city NCZ, you might aswell make it arcade.. theres no simulation about it. I understand WHY you guys have done it however trucks are STILL fighting to get out the NCZ zone and causing damage to those driving nicely. Its not Duisburg that is the issue. Its the players. Making a city NCZ is not going to magically make players drive nicely. They need to be punished and not the entire server / good drivers too be punished for it. People can not follow road rules such as traffic lights and give ways. Thats on
  12. PDEEIid.png




    Had a lovely time celebrating @EireAgriCEO's 2nd birthday! Its so good to be back with my family ❤️ 

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    2. AzBrazilSP


      Good see you happy and back again on roads 

    3. El Reja

      El Reja

      Great photos girl ❤️ 

    4. Dylan.C


      Opps only seen it now 


      Thankyou for attending our event we will see you at your upcoming event 👀

  13. :( sending hugs ❤️ 

  14. This is the sad outcomes of multiplayer. Some players purposely destroy the enjoyment for others. Every time someone overtakes me / I go to overtake im always cautious of the other player purely down to the amount of trolls around. Its a shame that their are people like that. Id record situations like that just incase it happens again.
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