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  1. I recommand you Geforce Experience if you have an Nvidia video card or ReLive for AMD video card.
  2. Well i had a friend of mine who was a GM now he retired and i told him are you allowed to have Police in your nametag and make the skoda look like police? (pilot skin blue stripes and the rest white) and he said no next time make screenshots and make reports on the website. And yes you can roleplay but not police roleplay where you break all the rules like you have mentioned (blocking-ramming)
  3. you could have used screenshots on the guy with the skoda impersonating Police because that's against the rules
  4. Hello Durham, As many staff members are constantly trying to solve as many game reports and web reports as they possibly can so we as normal players need to be patient and let them do their job because it's never easy to ban someone. In the past years many new members join the community which most of them are rule breakers but as said above TruckersMP Game Moderators are constantly doing their jobs to ensure the player base a good gaming opportunity. And i also know that it might be a bit boring to keep recording all the time but it helps the GM's to get this rule breakers in their place and make the community greater. Hopefully you got an idea of what is happening behind the scenes(there might be more but that's what i currently know) If you need to know anything else feel free to ask on the forums have a great day/night Best Regards, MightyPower
  5. Hello Dumbsville Step 1: First open your Steam if you haven't already did so and log in to your account which you have your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. Step 2: Press on Library in your steam after you successfully log in to your account and find your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game once found right click on the game and press on Properties. Step 3: After you press on Properties you should be greeted with a small pop-up like the one show in ATTACHMENTS after you have done that navigate to Updates like shown below : Step 4: You should then see an option on the bottom of the pop-up menu something called " Steam Cloud " press on the tick and dezactivate your steam cloud after you have done that press on Close. Step 5: Now boot up the game and see if your missing profile appeared If this steps we're helpful please let me know, if not TAG me or message me in Private on the forums. Best Regards, MightyPower
  6. Hello oCPR, The first thing you will have to do is that you will have to edit some basic files so you can see the jobs, Windows 7: Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type into "Search" Documents and press enter or click on the first option it will appear to you on your screen. Step 2: After you have successfully navigated to Documents you will have to enter the game folder which is called Euro Truck Simulator 2, once you have entered the game folder navigate to Profiles and double click on your profile (it should have a weird number with capital letters etc...) Step 3: Once you are in your profile you should find a text document called "config.cfg" or "config" after you find that file double click on it and it should open a notepad with a bunch of in-game settings. Step 4: At this point press inside the notepad and press CTRL+F and a little menu should pop up and you will need to type this : uset g_force_economy_reset "0" after you have successfully found this line all you have to do is change the 0 inside the commas into a 1 and press CTRL+S to save the file or to be more safe in the notepad on the far left there is an option called "file" press on that and then press on Save. Step 5: After you have saved the notepad you can close the folder/notepad and boot up into TruckersMP on your folder. When you log into your account and enter the profile it should say to you that some files got changed, press OK and then press on the Freight Market and all available jobs should pop up. Windows 10: Step 1: If you look closely on the far down left of your screen you should find a place saying " Type here to search " you click there and type Documents and press Enter or if that doesn't work click on the first thing that pops up. From here on go to the steps above starting from step 2 because it's the same procedure. Hopefully I've helped you with your problem Best Regards, MightyPower
  7. Good Morning lads, happy trucking :wub:

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