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  1. Happy birthday?

    1. Tximx


      Oh, vielen Dank! Entschuldigung für die späte Antwort ?

  2. Happy Birthday ?

    1. Tximx


      Oh, vielen Dank! Entschuldigung für die späte Antwort ?

  3. I have all the cards DLC's, but it is also quite possible that electricity will be more expensive and who have to finance it somehow and I am also willing to support SCS just like TruckersMP with increased prices.
  4. Hey, I think your answer is good, but you should know that you are not discriminating with your opinion. You have your favorites just like everyone else. Discrimination for a trailer mark of 3 in a game isn't really there now. Nevertheless, a positive attitude from you!
  5. I don't pay much attention to it, I'll have to see how many I have when I'm back on the PC. But I guess I have 30-40
  6. I think as a new player you should take a close look at the trucks. Every truck behaves differently. First see which ones are best for you and then you can start with normal loads. Afterwards you can also make long-distance trips and important deliveries. I earned everything in the game myself. If you are good, you can quickly reduce loans from the bank and thus expand your company. Have fun driving!
  7. Apple juice and from time to time small snacks like Haribo or something
  8. Definitely the community. Despite the fact that there will always be trolls, you can usually help each other in the community and I appreciate that very much.
  9. My first truck was the Scania S High Roof in silver livery with a standard 2 axle trailer. I still have the truck and my trailers have been upgraded to Krone or Schwarzmüller
  10. Skandinavia: Bergen France: Paris Italia: Rom Baltic: St. Petersburg Spain: Madrid Going East : x Turkey etc: x
  11. Thynk you for the follow!

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