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  1. So... Every server on TruckersMP is free. You don't have to pay anything to play in multiplayer. You can also go to the Simulation 1 server instead of the Arcade Server. On these you have switched on collisions and can other rams. However, you need to be aware that you can be punished for doing so. Unlike the SCS multiplayer mode. Simply create a server in single player and you are the owner of the server. Think again about whether your plan makes sense ^^ Kind regards Tximx
  2. It is a truck simulation and not a racing game.
  3. Danke fürs folgen ✌️

    1. Tximx


      Danke dir auch ✌✌

  4. The route from Bergen to Oslo in Norway is beautiful
  5. A huge thank you to TruckersMP and all TruckersMP members !!!
  6. I find it more comfortable at night. You can greet other players with flasher lights and you can drive relaxed.
  7. They are not removed, just replaced by something better
  8. Hey, thanks for your topic! I would try to evade it. But always swerve to the right so as not to endanger oncoming traffic. If it doesn't work, just apply the brake and handbrake. If you then drive on it, always make sure you have a video evidence so that in case of doubt you have something in your hand that proves your innocence Stay healthy Kind regards Tximx
  9. Thank you for your Answer Thank you for your answer Thank You! True, Thank you!
  10. Hey people, TruckersMP is a world-famous game accessory for Euro Truck Simulator 2. My question to you is, How do you like the structure of the TruckersMP forum and that of the multiplayer? As users, we have a lot of options for creating our profile in the forum and on the website. Whether we want to show our punishments or the history of our username. We can customize so much. In multiplayer we get to know new people with whom we can drive together for a long time and make friends and we can communicate with each other via text as well as language. In my opinion, TruckersMP has achieved a lot and they should be allowed to do that. TruckersMP deserves so much more exposure and does a lot for their players. The TruckersMP forum is very well structured and easy to understand. You can translate the forum as well as the website into almost all or even all languages and thus go to your goal. The multiplayer is simple and lovingly upgraded. TruckersMP is doing hard work to ensure that we can use it the way we currently do! A team that is there for us 24 hours a day when we have something not everyone has. And that's all voluntary, which is why I think it's right to support TruckersMP financially! What is your opinion? Every answer is appreciated! My opinion should not discriminate against anyone! Stay healthy! Kind regards Tximx
  11. Thank you for your explanation. Then I was wrong, I'm sorry. I used to do it this way and it worked on 2 of my 3 bans. I'm sorry that I explained this wrong. I hope you stay healthy and thank you for the explanation Kind regards Tximx
  12. Hey, thanks for your contribution If you accidentally have an accident and then apologize to the other person, I recommend that you always record the last 30 seconds. For me it works with Win / Alt / G If you are then banned and the admin may not see that it was not intentional then you can file an appeal with your evidence video. Many admins then unblock you and explain to the reporter who reported you that it was not on purpose. Nevertheless, I would always think carefully beforehand whether it is really a good time for what I am planning to do. I can only recommend not to overtake. No matter how slow the one in front of you drives, you are on the safe side. That's just my opinion and shouldn't discriminate against anyone! Stay healthy! Kind regards Tximx
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