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  2. Going through the smaller roads! Live at!

  3. Used to be in LKW for quite some time, and those who would apply wouldn't make a mistake. The company is well organized, you'll be warmly welcomed and its community is more or less like a family. Been saying it for some time now, will keep on saying it in the future - LKW is one of the best companies out there, if not the greatest one!
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  5. What is two factor authentication?

    Quoted from Google: Or said in a simpler language: helps to improve your security by having to authenticate with a code that changes every 30 seconds or so. Kind Regards, Martin.
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  8. // Promotion

    if(ShawnCZek = Developer

        ,setrank ShawnCZek Developer






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  10. Going live with the 1.32 Beta @ !

  11. Rolling through Germany...



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      [VIVA] Fabio Jr

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  12. [17 September 2018] Public Memorial Convoy

    It wouldn't be a bad idea as people to tend to show off especially at public events. The topic that's been featured on the Community Events board will help you out as in relation of requesting a server for the occasion. Kind Regards, Martin.