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  1. o// It's Time to Great day :)


  2. I haven't streamed recently, therefore it's time to do so! Why don't you drop by and say hi?



  3. Congratulations! :kappa:

  4. Had a fun time driving around in a coach. Oh, and I managed to meet up with @[AHL] Aek177!



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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @ForerunnerI know that, it doesn't matter if they aren't perfect////hell the car is far from perfect but people still drive it! Point is it would be something new to drive ( half the ets & ats mods are far from perfect! Point is many people would happily drive them 

    3. Forerunner


      @ScaniaFan89 you are taking my point the wrong way. By imperfect i do not mean that they can sometime behave oddly or such (they can but thats not the point) but its more the fact that, as can be seen in the official livestream, the interior is from a truck - as are the sounds. They are not complete vehicles and that does matter.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. Come and watch me making my way through traffic at Real Operations 8!



  6. Here's another edit - this time around, in Germany.



  7. Went for a nice trip in Ireland.




    1. [BAR] Drexyy

      [BAR] Drexyy

      nice photo :wub:

  8. Companion, congratulations  ^_^

  9. Congrats Bro ❤️ 

  10. congratulations 👮‍♂️

  11. congratulations

  12. Congrats on becoming Game Moderator Leader! :)

  13. congratulations! :) :wub:

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