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  1. Martin.

    CargoFM | An Upcoming Simulation Radio Station

    Good luck with that. It's more than heartwarming to see people standing up to their ground and creating what they aspire the most!
  2. I am feeling honoured! Thank you, sir! :troll:

  3. Thank you for the follow!

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  5. Thank you for the follow!

    1. szykaro23


      No problem! 

  6. Thank you for the follow!

  7. Here's the current booking image: Time is running out, so you better book a slot while there are still available ones!
  8. We've got a few VTCs booking slots, make sure to get one for your VTC before it's too late! Kind Regards, Event Hoster Martin.
  9. The date mentioned above is nearing... If you still haven't signed up at ETS2C, head over and do so! Really looking forward onto seeing YOU there!
  10. So I am still here, lul. If you haven't heard, I am organizing a New Year's convoy + a truckfest. So if you want that to become a reality, sign up here: https://ets2c.com/view/78293/fc-t-martin-stavanger-sea-port

  11. Thank you for the follow! 

  12. Martin.

    Game Connection Lost

    Greetings. It appears that the issue being is whether from your side or steam, not from TruckersMP. What I'd recommend doing in the case being is to check if there are any background applications that could be possibly limiting your internet connection to a certain point. Check if your firewall bypasses it and perhaps using a VPN to see if that would sort the issue out and try to get a solid ground to start off working the issue. Kind Regards, Martin.
  13. Martin.

    MP FoV

    Greetings. I have seen quite a few people using triple screens, yet they all had the same issues. As far as I am concerned from the situation being, you can barely even see the tag or the player name overall from a further distance, as it appears to be lower. Sorry to disappoint you, but using three screens has it pros and cons, and that's one of the downsides. There is nothing that could be done about it, afaik. Kind Regards, Martin.