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  1. When will be 1.32 playeble on TruckersMP

    Actually 1.32 is just a beta version, so TruckersMP will not support that for now. When the full final version is released as an update though, the devs will make TruckersMP compatible with that as soon as possible.
  2. Is it possible to control the time?

    The time in multiplayer is set by the server, so whatever your single player time is, it won’t affect the time in multiplayer. It does mean that the time command in the console will not work, so whatever time it is on the server will stay for as long as you’re in multiplayer. In single player though, it will work just as normal.
  3. A new member in the Upper-Staff

    Ohai (waves)
  4. Sticky Throttle/keyboard

    When steam overlay is opened, it pauses the game but you can’t see that for some reason. So it could just be a case of after you close Steam overlay, press F1 to unpause the game and it should work fine after that.
  5. Don’t crash the police car :kappa:


    I mean congrats ;)

  6. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    EU #2 because it’s so busy and populated pretty much all the time And occasionally EU #4 when I want to just drive however I want
  7. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  8. Word Starting With The Last Letter

  9. Aww it's sad to see you leave so suddenly :( Thanks for all the good chats and hope to see you around again soon <3 Take care

    1. Noxii


      Yeah that's life I suppose. :P But yeah Coco thanks for always being awesome as well and hopefully I'll be back in the future if they let me that is. ;) 

  10. About the ban issuing

    Once a ban is over 12 months since it ended, it does not count towards your history and the dot next to it will change from green to yellow. It means if you get history bans (Such as 1 month for history due to 4 bans in the past year) these bans will not count towards history ban lengths. So if you have a ban that ended on 12th July 2018, it no longer counts towards your history after 12th July 2019. However, history bans themselves do not come under this rule if you have 2 of the same length. For example, if you have 2 x 1 month for history bans that are older than 12 months, your next ban will be 3 months for history regardless of how old the 1 month long bans are.
  11. video editing for report

    Removing audio for report videos is fine, so long as it doesn't hide insulting or any CB related offences. I personally would advise removing audio from report videos actually, as it means the video is much less likely to be taken down for copyright infringement for issues such as having a copyrighted song playing in the background.
  12. ATS/ETS US Server

    The US servers were suffering from performance and lag issues after a patch was implemented for the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities, since then the performance degradation was so bad it was deemed the best option to close that server until further notice, there’s no exact ETA for it to come back up.
  13. hmmmm



    heyococopops ;)

  14. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    ^^ (Arctic Wolf) It's open for a reason so queries can be answered without people making things up and causing even more trouble.
  15. I finally got around to fixing some of the map images today, so I've added: Map of C>D road, Alt route between Brussels and Duisburg via Amsterdam and Brussels to Calais via UK. I will soon be making some better images including an entire alternative route rather than just short sections, when I get the opportunity to add it