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  1. Thanks for all your hard work in the team :wub:We will miss you :( Best of luck for the future ^_^ Hopefully someday you might return :)

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      +1 Good luck in the future! I hope you rejoin the team soon. :)

  2. heyhococo

    Road to Simulation

    Due to the nature of some of the discussion and replies sent here, this thread has now been locked to further replies. Any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions about the simulation changes can be directed in a feedback ticket, at https://truckersmp.com/feedback and a member from the upper staff can address your query.
  3. Hi ayrancoia and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately we have decided not to accept this suggestion. There generally isn't a reasonable relationship between players without trailers and those trolling. For players looking for a more realistic approach to their jobs (In that they drive between each city to start their next job), 15 minutes may not be enough time and as such, they would end up being kicked when they were actually on their way to pick up another job in another city that wasn't within a 15 minute drive. Furthermore, an auto kick would not really be useful even if there was a relationship between players without trailers and trolls, as they could easily just restart and reconnect to the game for another 15 minutes, it wouldn't act as a proper deterrent for the real trolls. Of course, if you do come across any people trolling and breaking the rules at all in our game servers, feel free to create a report in game through the tab menu or through our website at https://truckersmp.com/reports. For the reasons detailed above, I will be rejecting this. However, thanks again for your suggestion. Moved to Rejected.
  4. Hey ZackGamingHD and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, a screenshot causes a very momentary lag while the screenshot is taken and stored. Therefore as you could imagine, it could be very easily abused by trolls who only want to lag and cause an incident behind. As for report evidence, screenshots can only really be used for an insulting chat report, or for excessive save editing. Almost all these cases you should be able to pull over and stop to take screenshots if needs be. Any other driving offences (Blocking, ramming, reckless driving, etc.) would require video evidence. For the reasons detailed above, I will be rejecting this, but once again thank you for your time creating this suggestion. Moved to Rejected.
  5. Moved from Game Suggestions to Other Suggestions
  6. Moved to Website Suggestions>New Suggestions
  7. Hey Hecki_Stafman and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it is not possible to prevent these false copyright claims from happening, and sadly there isn't anything we can do as TruckersMP to stop the false claims going through. The only advice I could give was if you were victim to a false claim, try to make use of the video provider's appeals system or contact them for more advice. As far as we are concerned however, we cannot prevent or control issues such as false copyright claims with third party video providers. As for blocking appeals, again this is often outside our control. Some claims could be made using fake names, fake accounts, fake details, etc. Therefore there often isn't any way we can tell if the banned user made the claim, or if it was someone else posing as the banned user, or if it was someone else altogether. In serious cases where it is very obvious that it was the banned player claiming the videos however, our Game Managers look into these cases and can revoke a player's right to appeal if it is deemed necessary for that situation. If you believe this to be the case, you can contact the game moderation management through the feedback system at https://truckersmp.com/feedback and provide good evidence that this is the case, and they will gladly look into the situation and take any relevant action. For the reasons detailed above, I will therefore be moving this to rejected. However once again, many thanks for your time making your suggestion. Moved to Website Suggestions>Rejected.
  8. Hi xmf5445 and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately we cannot control aspects within the game such as this, this is more to do with the game directly than we can implement as part of the multiplayer mod. However you could propose this suggestion to SCS software (The developers of ETS2 and ATS themselves) over on their forums, and see what they say: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5. However as this is a game suggestion more suited for SCS, I will be rejecting this. However once again, many thanks for your suggestion and good luck if you propose it to SCS. Moved to Game Suggestions>Rejected>For SCS Software.
  9. Hey Tuna_ and thanks for your suggestion, Unfortunately website translation support was ended by our developers some time ago. More information about the reasoning for this can be found within the following blog post: https://truckersmp.com/blog/53. Therefore I will be moving this to rejected, however many thanks for your suggestion once again. Moved to Rejected.
  10. Hey ScobraBR and thanks for your suggestion. In any case of a user breaking rules, a game mod has 4 options (When they are in game and watching users or watching an in game report): verbal warning through the in game chat, teleport to service, kick (and teleport to service) and a ban. In cases where a game mod decides a warning is more suitable for a player, they may choose one of the first 3 options, rather than a ban. Therefore I don't believe there would be much use for a "warning" in the form of a short ban as you mention. As I don't believe there is much need for such a warning system as there are already various "warning" methods in place, I will be moving this to rejected. However once again, thank you for your suggestion. Moved to Rejected.
  11. Hey ElectroHouse20, The public Discord server now has a new bot, called ModMail. It can be found at the top of the member list in the server, and you can make use of it simply by sending a DM to it and a member of our Discord Mod or Support team will be able to answer any questions within that DM. Since this has now been implemented, I will move this to Accepted and Done. Thanks for your suggestion! Moved to Accepted>Done
  12. Changing your money and XP in game will not cause you to be banned, since it is only a local change (Meaning that the change only applies to you, it would not affect any other players in the server).
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