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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂😛

  2. Thanks for all your hardwork! Come back soon ❤️


  3. Thanks for your hard work! Hope you come back again. We will miss you so much.. ❣️

  4. Just an extra note, you can reset your economy to temporarily fix your quick jobs, but I’d like to add that quick jobs will never work correctly in multiplayer and you’ll have to reset your economy every time you restart your game. The cause of this is due to multiplayer server time continuing to advance while you’re not logged in, whereas your local game is expecting time to stop once you exit. Resetting your economy can be done by following a guide already posted above: But ideally you should do your quick jobs in single player before you buy your own truck to use in multiplayer, at which point resetting your economy will be more simple by using F7 + Enter in your own truck to teleport to service and reset your game time to match server time. This also resolves the issue of very late jobs, as your job list will have reset and job timings will also have reset.
  5. Sometimes it can be caused by the photo site restricting access for some IPs, such as Hizliresim sometimes blocks IPs from those accessing the site outside of Turkey for example. Sites like Imgur or Lightshot are accessible to many users, but it’s not guaranteed to be accessible to every user.
  6. heyhococo


    You may also want to refer to page 10 of the official ETS2 manual, which has general game controls laid out: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/227300/manuals/ETS2_manual_en.pdf?t=1590770960 In terms of the TruckersMP controls, there’s a full list of keys and commands for players found within our Knowledge Base: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/85
  7. I much prefer being alone and always have done mainly because there’s no time restrictions, no activity requirements, no speed restrictions and no damage restrictions. Much prefer having the freedom to do what loads I like when I like and how I like, personally.
  8. Unfortunately we don't believe the update for 1.37 will be released before the end of May. Our project management had given us confirmation of this in the public discord server previously: This is due to the overall complexity of the 1.37 updates including the entirely new sound engine, as well as developers personal lives being affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, so it may take some time before the update is released. In the meantime, you can downgrade your game and continue to play TruckersMP by using the following guide: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26 For the ProMods server you can use v2.45 to play on TruckersMP on ETS2 1.36, which can be found for download here: https://www.promods.net/compat.php.
  9. Just on another note, since there isn’t a way you can change the sounds yourself locally, you could suggest some changes to them through the add on suggestions section: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/544-add-on-suggestions/ and making a new suggestion, make sure to search for any similar or previous suggestions before making a new one however, and if you do go ahead with a suggestion make sure to follow the format given within the section.
  10. Bans that are a year old become “inactive”, meaning they don’t count towards any history ban lengths (like 1 month and permanent). Inactive bans aren’t removed from your history, all bans stay on your history forever. However, these bans will not count towards you getting a “1 month or permanent ban for history”. The only exception here is if you have 2 bans of the same history length (For example, if you have 2 1 month bans due to history), these do count towards your history bans and your next ban will be the next history length. So for example if you have 2 1 month bans on your history, your next ban will be permanent. This is regardless of how old your history bans are, these always count if you have 2 of them.
  11. The previous name you had does not meet our rules for requiring alphanumerical characters in your name, which is why it was changed. From https://truckersmp.com/rules. In this case, you should either wait for the time period to change your name, or you could try contacting the support team at https://truckersmp.com/support and they may be able to help you change your name to one that meets our rules.
  12. heyhococo


    One thing I could think of is if your game is auto saving, I’ve always found that when my game goes to auto save every so often it can cause a moment of lag. My solution to that was to fire all my in game drivers and restart the game, that fixed my lag during auto saving. Also a standard troubleshooting check would be to verify your game files, go into your Steam library, right click ETS2, click properties, click the “Local files” tab then click “Verify integrity of game files”, it’ll check that all your game files are there and correct.
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