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  1. So I’ve been told around that there’s a new version of Plays.tv (The game recorder app) has been released, and I’ve heard various different opinions on it. As standard for myself my computer decided to not update it and I’m stuck with the previous version of the app for now. So before I go to force update it, does anyone else here use the new Plays.tv app? And if they do, does it work properly and what new features does it bring? And most of all, should I update from the old version? Any replies will be much appreciated.
  2. Ping! Happy birthday ;)

  3. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    ^ If you thought my report decision was wrong, feel free to submit a feedback ticket at https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  4. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    What Novice is saying is that traditional methods of detecting ban evasion by IP won’t work properly anymore, as they have to delete those records after a certain number of days- unfortunately this can’t be helped, the IP records must be deleted by law now so ban evasion would become easier, I think that’s what he was trying to say.
  5. Hi, It’s fine to escort your friend, even if it is just one. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable to just use the pilot car just by yourself, just as long as you aren’t doing anything to suggest you’re a game moderator or someone higher up than that of regular players. However you cannot block roads for convoys, this comes under “Inappropriate convoy management” and you can be kicked/banned as appropriate:
  6. How can cause many accident on C-D road?

    Often you’ll find that it’s people doing bad overtakes on C-D road. There’ll be a queue or a blind bend (The double white lines in the road) and some people won’t look ahead of themselves and end up causing a collision either head on with oncoming traffic or ramming their way back in front of another person. Most likely they’ll be in a Scout as well.
  7. Adding ETS2- Make sure all your Steam privacy settings are all set to public (Friends Only is not sufficient), and make sure that “Total game time” is also public (The tickbox in your Steam settings should be unticked) at https://steamcommunity.com/id/JJFSX/edit/settings (This link is specific to your Steam profile). After you verify your games while your steam account is public, you can change your settings back to private if you wish. As I can’t see your games on your steam account, this is most likely your problem. ”Not activated” account- This is where when you registered originally you will have got an email from TruckersMP asking to verify your account. It does not make any difference to playing games, you can still access all TruckersMP services as normal.
  8. Help

    Restart your installer, restart it as administrator (Right click the installer and click “Run as Administrator”) and make sure to unselect “American Truck Simulator MP” when it prompts you to.
  9. how to PLAY ONLINE

    Make sure you have your own truck, quick jobs are bugged due to the time difference. Try doing something to advance your time- such as using F7 + Enter to teleport to service, teleporting to a garage, or resetting your economy in the console. The problem is to do with your local game time being far behind the server time, and the game does not handle this properly.
  10. [WEBSITE] DLC Verification

    Great guide Mirrland Hopefully less of the same help threads and this will get noticed by people who have that issue
  11. Unplayable Songs & E-mail Change

    Are they protected mp3s? Or do they have DRM at all? For example if you’ve taken them from iTunes or similar, they won’t work as they’ll have DRM (Thank you very much Apple... )
  12. The Truckers MP is ''saturated''

    That's world of trucks, select the middle option "Continue in Offline Mode" and you can continue as normal. Currently world of trucks is under maintenance and will come back soon- as it's a non-TruckersMP add on though, we can't say when.
  13. Which dlc is your favorite map?

    Definitely Scandinavia for the really quite amazing views- I’ve yet to get France and Italy expansions but I’ve heard they’re quite good also
  14. Unplayable Songs & E-mail Change

    To change your email use this link: https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings and click on “Account Settings”, and enter your email in the boxes. As for the music, what kind of files are you trying to use? I’ve never had any problems with mp3s myself personally, but I would’ve thought wavs would also work fine- I’d try using mp3s if you weren’t using them originally.