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  1. @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang OP said he already looked there but is struggling to find one that’s right for him, so those links aren’t exactly useful for this case. As for OP, I’d recommend you just driving around and finding others VTCs drivers in game and seeing if you think they’re right for you, and if they are, great! You can message them in game chat or on Steam messages, etc. and I’d imagine they’ll be more than happy to advise you on how you can go about joining them. For other requirements, I’d advise you to check each VTC website and checking you meet them. Good luck!
  2. Install Mod

    Nope, you can’t use other mods with MP, but there’s a handy list right here that explains more about mods and which mods you can use:
  3. Hey, 

    I'm a bit late, but  Happy Birthday Homer ;)


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      You're just in time, still 10pm where I am xD


      Thank you very much! :)

  4. VR Version Support

    Well, supporting 2 versions of each game takes up more time, so when ETS2 updates next you might not have MP support straight away because the devs would have to update for 2 different versions (Normal version and VR version) Plus I doubt the player base for the VR version would actually suffice having to make another MP version as it’d be much lower than the regular version
  5. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! <3 :) I would give them all rep but I keep running out xD

  6. Happy Birthday mate. I wish you have more luck and happy in your life :) 

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    I'm calling you to say Happy Birthday!:)

  8. Happy birthday :) 

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      Thank you very much! <3

  9. Happy Birthday, Heyhococo! :D

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      Thank you very much! :)

  10. Happy birthday man;)

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      Thank you Carrera! :)