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  1. website

    @DrEGZo No, if the strings contains “active”:true then it just means they didn’t appeal and they left their ban to expire- it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re currently banned If what you said was the case, then we’d have a lot of banned people
  2. Remember, admins often give short bans to trollers, but if the same troller gets 3 short bans and gets banned again then they’re given a 1 month- so don’t think that short bans are useless, it’s so they get their history bans quicker and are off the game sooner
  3. Moving the game documents

    I know that for the save files, you can use -homedir within the steam command line options to specify a different save folder, but I’m not sure if the same works for the game files themselves- I’d imagine you’d have to reinstall ETS2/MP
  4. Congrats on the promotion! <3

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      Many thanks! :)

  5. And a happy birthday to you! :D

  6. Looks like it's your birthday


    Have a good one! :P

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      What he said :P Happy birthday

  7. How can i download EST2MP for Mac ? :c

    @Positivetrucking168 No, Wine only supports 32 bit, but TMP mod is 64 bit only. You could try boot camp assistant instead to install windows as a dual boot setup. (Only know as a Mac user myself )
  8. Truckers MP Signature Generator

    Links dead, page just shows "welcome to nginx" message. Fix possible anytime soon?
  9. Hi


    And happy birthday btw <3

  10. Suggestion name: Add a "this thread is old" notice to old threads Suggestion description: I've seen on a few forums that there's a notice on old threads near the reply box saying something along the lines of "This thread is quite old", and with the fact that some threads in say the news section stay unlocked for a long time, people might not know how old the thread or last reply is, especially in times of recruitment with the famous "news section and suggestion spam" Any example images: (Couldnt integrate a picture because my usual forum picture link maker thingy was acting up...) Why this should be added?: If a notice is there after say 7 days of inactivity, I think it could discourage people from replying to threads that are very old or irrelevant now, such as this one from 2015 which people are still replying to..!
  11. Phew, nearly done moving :P

  12. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to no name, happy birthday to you! :P

  13. Yay liking posts is back! :D

  14. Happy birthday to you! Or something like that :)

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