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  1. It starts to sound weird by the end, as if he is screaming

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    2. Mr_Pingu


      at 0:11 i hear him say "F noot noot" :o 

    3. Ajith18592


      All i hear is Noot Noot so funny. Imagine penguin gives reply to all posts as Noot Noot:D

    4. Penguin
  2. qV1CxOx.png

    The slight change in the colour triggers me xD

    1. DerAmpelmann


      One of them is slightly less closed :truestory: 

  3. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    Then how would said user play the game anyways? Will you not be able to play between the 13th and the 24th? It's quite a long time to have, if you log on to go for a drive you can do it then. So not inconvenient really...
  4. Anyone good with websites? And wants to help me out with setting one up... please pm. I seem to have no idea what I am doing

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    2. Fading


      Rather not...

    3. TrademarkGamer


      Yeah but it's like £30 to link a domain to wix

    4. JackLad
  5. Hey guys, made a video on the new /fix command. 



    1. DerAmpelmann


      That should clarify things for some users. Nice one! ;)

  6. Guys can u help me

    Hey there, Your computer should automatically be using your GPU. Have you got the proper drivers installed?
  7. Share Your Desktop

    I got Wallpaper engine, so they are animated except the gifs dont want to upload... ugh so here is a screenshot of the coolest one until i can get a gif.. Drop box link to the full animation ; https://www.dropbox.com/s/wn2zyao12irwub9/2018-01-09_21-30-54.mp4?dl=0
  8. Game Moderator Public Recruitment

    Good luck to everybody
  9. Anyone want a steam code for F1 Race Stars?

  10. New or old news?




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    2. Mr_Pingu


      so that means it is going to be released on December the 1st but it will take 5 days longer for it to be in MP 

    3. Kravatie
    4. DerAmpelmann


      Have some faith, Krav! :troll:

  11. Happy Birthday Fading :troll:

  12. Oi, Happy Birthday! ;)


    P.S. Don't you dare to answer me with copypasta "Thanks" 

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    2. Fading


      Jks I don’t even know who you are.. 

    3. DerAmpelmann


      Hold up... You deleted me from your Steam friends? :mellow: 

    4. Fading


      I deleted everyone.