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  1. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use Trackhat, however it hardly use it as it's buggy with my window being behind me. So I just have it straight, no F2 mirrors, and no buttons to look left or right. Over time I have just got used to the length of trailers and take turns without looking in mirrors, probably shouldn't do that.
    1. Azyer


      Why would you want to buy a free game? Buffoon. 

    2. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Well, there are some paid stuff on Fortnite with more features :smart: oh wait it's not Discord :troll: 

  2. why is this a thread and not just an announcement. i dont think people should be allowed to post replies, like 3 years later nearly they are still content farming off it... smh 


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    2. Fading


      Wouldn't it be nice if you responded to my pms?
      If the forums mods are active enough, I shouldn't need to report this to them.

    3. TSRVTC  Smalley

      TSRVTC Smalley

      Thats because it's better to use the report system then pms 

    4. Fading


      Sorry what? You haven't even read my pms have you?

  3. Twitter giveaway

    I can't click the link...
  4. why tf does omsi 2 work for every youtuber ever, and then it just doesnt want to work at all for me... :(

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    2. Fading


      @Irishleprechaun Play the game..

    3. Irishleprechaun


      lool its quite complicated to do especially when trying to set up a steering wheel.

    4. Fading


      That's not the problem lmao. I can do that, if the game actually starts up. I am constantly having errors..

  5. psssst. it says "to BOTH Game Managers". but there are three. missing out marco D: 




  6. Public Convoy 25th February 2018

    There is no Volvo in ATS...
  7. Sunrise goals! :wub:



  8. [ETS2/ATS] TruckFest 2018 Event

    Probably will not attend due to my slight dislike of truckfests, but I love your graphic.
  9. Picture of the Month: January [Winners]

    @El1teZombiezHD Alright then, and will 2nd and 3rd place ever come back?
  10. Picture of the Month: January [Winners]

    And this guy didn't win..because?
  11. Master's Studio

    Yes, those reverse lights are very beautiful.
  12. I don't think promoting Forum Moderators to Trial Game Moderators is the best idea you guys have had. TruckersMP claim to have a 2 million player base. It is probably around the 1 million mark of people that have signed up to the forum, and then around the 3 thousand actually active on the forum. So what staff have you got for this? Forum Moderators, how many? 15.... Not the best idea... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



    1. xBestBBx


      IIRC, some previous mods that have been promoted might have moderation privs in certain areas. They won't show up in that list I think.

    2. Fading


      Yes, I know that, but I am on about the Forum Moderator role. Not CMs+

    3. Unknown111111
  13. I swear I already put a message on your profile, before your rank updated... weird... Congrats anyways

  14. Wow you have gone up in the ranks very quickly! I remember like it was yesterday you were in TFM Discord crying that you weren't on the team :P Congrats ma dued

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    2. Prototype


      You actually cried?

    3. Fading


      Nooo, he didn't cry. I meant it like he was annoyed/upset.

    4. KhaosHammer


      Nobody cried, at least not from what I can remember. :lol:

      But some of us were "mad" at something but I can't remember what/who it was. xD