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  1. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use Trackhat, however it hardly use it as it's buggy with my window being behind me. So I just have it straight, no F2 mirrors, and no buttons to look left or right. Over time I have just got used to the length of trailers and take turns without looking in mirrors, probably shouldn't do that.
    1. Azyer


      Why would you want to buy a free game? Buffoon. 

    2. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      Well, there are some paid stuff on Fortnite with more features :smart: oh wait it's not Discord :troll: 

  2. why is this a thread and not just an announcement. i dont think people should be allowed to post replies, like 3 years later nearly they are still content farming off it... smh 


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    2. Fading


      Wouldn't it be nice if you responded to my pms?
      If the forums mods are active enough, I shouldn't need to report this to them.

    3. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      Thats because it's better to use the report system then pms 

    4. Fading


      Sorry what? You haven't even read my pms have you?

  3. Twitter giveaway

    I can't click the link...
  4. why tf does omsi 2 work for every youtuber ever, and then it just doesnt want to work at all for me... :(

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    2. Fading


      @Irishleprechaun Play the game..

    3. Irishleprechaun


      lool its quite complicated to do especially when trying to set up a steering wheel.

    4. Fading


      That's not the problem lmao. I can do that, if the game actually starts up. I am constantly having errors..

  5. psssst. it says "to BOTH Game Managers". but there are three. missing out marco D: 




  6. Public Convoy 25th February 2018

    There is no Volvo in ATS...
  7. Sunrise goals! :wub:



  8. [ETS2/ATS] TruckFest 2018 Event

    Probably will not attend due to my slight dislike of truckfests, but I love your graphic.
  9. Picture of the Month: January [Winners]

    @El1teZombiezHD Alright then, and will 2nd and 3rd place ever come back?
  10. Picture of the Month: January [Winners]

    And this guy didn't win..because?
  11. Master's Studio

    Yes, those reverse lights are very beautiful.
  12. I don't think promoting Forum Moderators to Trial Game Moderators is the best idea you guys have had. TruckersMP claim to have a 2 million player base. It is probably around the 1 million mark of people that have signed up to the forum, and then around the 3 thousand actually active on the forum. So what staff have you got for this? Forum Moderators, how many? 15.... Not the best idea... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



    1. xBestBBx


      IIRC, some previous mods that have been promoted might have moderation privs in certain areas. They won't show up in that list I think.

    2. Fading


      Yes, I know that, but I am on about the Forum Moderator role. Not CMs+

  13. I swear I already put a message on your profile, before your rank updated... weird... Congrats anyways

  14. Wow you have gone up in the ranks very quickly! I remember like it was yesterday you were in TFM Discord crying that you weren't on the team :P Congrats ma dued

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    2. Prototype


      You actually cried?

    3. Fading


      Nooo, he didn't cry. I meant it like he was annoyed/upset.

    4. KhaosHammer


      Nobody cried, at least not from what I can remember. :lol:

      But some of us were "mad" at something but I can't remember what/who it was. xD