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  1. For anyone’s wanting to buy ETS2, ATS or the main DLCs, there’s currently a sale on HumbleBundle.


    1. Kiina // Chinezen ^_^


      HumbleBundle is basically the same as instantgaming or similar platforms as G2A. This page offers the possibility to buy cheap games, which cost twice as much for Steam and more. An account is needed to purchase purchased games from this site via Paypal or other payment methods and activate it via Steam. After payment you will be sent the game code. HumbleBundle also gives away many games you can rob for limited time (usually two days) forever. Most games are up to 80% cheaper than with Steam. I can recommend this site because from there I bought a part of my games, dusted for free and until now there were never problems

  2. Talking about your country

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  3. TruckersMP Giveaways

    ^ The giveaways themselves are done via a useful website of which allows you to enter via different methods. For the given month's giveaway, check the forum topic as it is regularly updated.
  4. The end of Teamspeak 3

    The advantages of Discord outweigh the advantages of TeamSpeak. Not gonna lie - I was wondering when the links were gonna be removed and thus it doesn't at all surprise me that it's happening.
  5. Since it was somewhat of a pain to view replies on the last one, a new version of the game has been created. The main difference being, you need to place songs in a Spoiler. V1: As the title implies, you rate the song that the person above you posts, then you post a new song for another person to rate. You can give a short explanation as to why you gave a certain rating, but this isn't necessary. Just a few rules, listed below: [NEW] You need to post songs in a Spoiler by using the forum's Spoiler function. You rate the song by giving a rating out of 10. For example, 8 out of 10 would be pretty good. Don't post troll songs, non-songs or songs longer than 10 minutes. Don't discriminate against people's taste in music / ratings. Do not post songs of which are deemed as 'explicit' according to Spotify. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's begin,
  6. Banned for quoting the above post (reported )
  7. Banned because you can ban anyway
  8. Anyone know good recording programs?

    If you’ve got a relatively recent Nvidia card, I’d use Shadowplay, it’s free and causes literally no lag for most people
  9. DLC

    Head to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game on steam. Scroll down on the page to the DLCs tab. Once there, you can untick the Vive La France DLC.
  10. Banned for living very close to me
  11. Problem chat [SYSTEM]

    I don't know what you're asking... If you want to disable the chat function, press F9. From what I believe, there is no way to disable the automated system messages.
  12. Banned because, hey bored, my name is Mirrland
  13. Creating a VTC

    Of course it is possible to create your own company as it is a VTC management system. Go to your name at the top right hand corner, click on 'My Companies', then there should be a button on there which is entitled 'Create a company' For further information regarding Virtual Trucking Manager, check out their forum topic:
  14. Banned because it was to stop that given person from complaining
  15. Banned because you need to learn how to disable them