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  1. Happy Bithday! ? 

  2. Happy Birthday!! ?

  3. Happy Birthday!!!??

  4. Happy Birthday Mirland! Enjoy your day! ❤️ 

  5. I had to jump on to make a comment. Since being away from the community and living my life, I realised how pedantic some of the rules really were with regards to this mod. Especially given the fact that someone could very easily be banned for a mistake that they’ve made, and it’s not an official mod. Someone may have unintentionally made 5 mistakes in a row and bam, permanent ban. It was an overly pedantic system, and I’ll leave it at that. During my time in the team, I always had people who regretted what they did leading up to a permanent ban. There wasn’t much that they could do other than beg for remorse via the feedback systems, which wasn’t a healthy option for such a large community, and did lead to significant ban evasion. Trolling is an issue however, and will always remain an issue with this mod. It’s the same on other role playing games. Just look at FiveM for instance, there are frequent rule breakers and that’s the reason we have our GMs. A lot of people are acting like the entire punishment system is disappearing and it’s simply untrue, the GMs are in place to do their job, and anyone caught rule breaking will still be punished. I disagree with the insinuation that people would just return with the intention of trolling. If I had the intention of trolling, I wouldn’t break the rules to then get banned for 90 days, leave the ban to then get another 90 day ban. It’s completely irrational and just a waste of time. I have to question anyone’s mental capacity if they just want to waste their own time like that just to get banned again.
  6. Happy birthday ??

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