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  1. hope that you're okay mate.

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    2. KGT l FOXY1515 l COO

      KGT l FOXY1515 l COO

      screw this, just try to be nice and this is what i get, harassed by 2 people of whom lack the brain capacity to follow forum rules.

    3. SlavaH


      hahahahahahahahahaha XD

    4. DerAmpelmann


      This argument isn't leading anywhere as it's far from constructive.



  2. I shall be going inactive on the forums for a little while, bye guys!

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    2. KGT l FOXY1515 l COO
    3. TruckerStefan
    4. UK Truck3r

      UK Truck3r

      thank god should be quiet with no trouble for a while then :D:D jk love ya really mate cant wait to see you back !!!!!

  3. If you ever see this, happy birthday :D.

  4. Calais - Duisburg was chaos (as usual) :P. I got a lot of video clips of bad drivers on C-D, should I make a compilation? 

  5. -1. It's not a bad idea, but it shouldn't be a bannable offense in my opinion. This is because of the fact that trolls could abuse this by hogging the lane and thus preventing the flow of traffic. Regards,
  6. Happy birthday, my friend :D 

    1. ArKoNNN


      Thanks my BRO :D 

  7. TruckersMP will also need licencing from Ford in order to use the Crown Victoria. Also, please use the search function:
  8. I've been harassed before now via steam, I wasn't intending for my response to be interpreted in that way. It was more to the point of the fact that a persons' ban history should be treated like a criminal record whereby bans should not get removed.
  9. Welcome back, bud :D 



  10. Happy birthday! 

    1. Fallen


      Thank you!

    2. UK Truck3r
    3. Fallen


      Too late, but thank you)))

  11. Convoy Controllers are people of whom load saves in order to give instructions to convoy participants. If this suggestion becomes a reality, Convoy Control will not be possible as all points won't be in NCZs.
  12. This has been suggested many times, use the search function. People have broke the rules and thus they will be punished and shamed for breaking them. -1. Also, people in-game have 6 chances per year before getting permanently banned - As shown in the rules: Regards,
  13. What about convoy controllers? It's not an entirely bad suggestion, I just don't see it working... -1