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  1. Hey there, I'm going to see about placing the the information for the first error in the Launcher Errors Knowledgebase. Regarding a potential glitch, please create a bug report in the appropriate section.
  2. Mirrland

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    As of now, I have submitted 658 reports in total. (For reference, I used to report a lot back in the day ).
  3. Mirrland

    CS:GO Favorite Weapon

    AWP <3 https://plays.tv/video/59f4a87ba8f954351f/aceeee-d?from=user
  4. Mirrland

    Steam Virus - Warning

    ^ It’s only recently been rapidly spreading. Hence why I made the topic.
  5. Mirrland

    Christmas Convoy 2018

    Looking forward to it!
  6. Some information regarding the recent influx of people infected by viruses on Steam and how you can do your best to keep yourself safe:


  7. Mirrland

    Steam Virus - Warning

    Hey, everyone. This is a small warning due to a recent influx people getting infected by viruses and losing access to their Steam accounts. How does it work? Someone (usually a friend) will send you a link on Steam, you click said link and from there, something is downloaded onto your PC. From what I believe, this will lock you out of your Steam account and it will be further spread to your friends list. Who could send a link? This could be anyone. Your best friend, TruckersMP Staff member, etc - Virtually anyone. What are the links like? An example can be found here. They won't look too suspicious given that Steam will automatically block suspicious websites. I've found that they are commonly spread through URL shorterners (t.co - Twitter's URL shorterners is commonly used). What if I am infected? The best thing is to contact Steam Support. There is a chance that injected within the link that you clicked could have been an additional Trojan (such as a key-logger, etc). This, as you know, is a massive risk to your online security. I'd advice downloading CCleaner & Malwarebytes and seeing if anything comes up. Stay safe, everyone!
  8. Mirrland

    CargoFM | An Upcoming Simulation Radio Station

    Best of luck with your radio station
  9. Waiting for the staff convoy to start w/ @DarkOwl, Grindelward (can't tag him) & @Racyen.




  10. Mirrland

    ATS Circuit

    Thank you for letting me know. Further discussion is not needed as OP's topic is solved. Therefore, this topic will be Locked and Moved to Solved.
  11. Mirrland


    Moved to the Polish Help Section (Pamoc)
  12. Mirrland


    Hey there, @Matixxl69 Excellent answers have been given. Is your query solved?
  13. Mirrland

    ATS Circuit

    Hey there, @LE GAMER 64. As well as the answers already given, please refer to the TruckersMP Rules. A clause within §2.5 specifically mentions this. Furthermore, I believe that some excellent responses have been given. Is your query solved?
  14. Thanks a lot for the follow :D