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  1. Mirrland

    A ncz hack question

    It's entirely possible that he might have a bug whereby he cannot see any other player. Hence, he might not have even known that you were there!
  2. Mirrland

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    ^ I don't understand the counting of which you speak... 0.
  3. Mirrland

    Why is ETS2MP still in alpha?

    There are numerous reasons for this: 1 - The amount of bugs and how unpolished that it is. 2 - The amount of content or rather a lack of. There are or have been numerous things planned for the mod which just haven't seen the light, yet™. 3 - The constant influx of updates from SCS Software, taking up the developers' time, meaning they can't dedicate their time to developing new content.
  4. Mirrland

    what is the purpose of this function?

    Good to hear - Thanks for everyone's contributions! Locked + Moved to Solved.
  5. Mirrland

    How to play with friends?

    Follow this topic - Bare in mind that it isn't compatible with custom trailers yet™.
  6. Mirrland

    Creating Custom Jobs - Virtual Speditor

    Updated the topic + added @Nody's video. Cheers!
  7. Mirrland

    Why have an appeal system when no1 answers

    Hey there, @dankbobxd. Just to point out a few things: 1) The ban isn’t a ‘stupid’ reason and I’d advise you to read the rules for what other potentially ‘stupid’ reasons could exist within the game. 2) ‘9/10 times you won’t get a reply’, how extensive is your research? Unless you’ve got a specific database of user’s bans and appeals, your statement is statistically and factually wrong. Regarding your appeal specifically, due to the influx of other players’ appeals, it’s possible that the GM in question might miss it. If this is the case and you still disagree with your ban, I’d advice you to contact feedback. A guide for which is available below: Additionally, I request that for anymore complaining, please use the feedback system as the help section’s purpose isn’t to house complaints. Ultimately, further discussion is not required as this is a complaint that shouldn’t be here. Hence, this topic will be Locked and Moved to Trash.
  8. Mirrland

    [SCS Blog] Event: Trade Connections - Germany

    Damn.. I love the look of that menu
  9. Mirrland

    Verison problem again

    Hey there, @Lazox3. We are aware of TruckersMP's incompatibility with recently released version of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Our developers are currently working on a patch to rectify this incompatibility. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your patience and hopefully the mod will be updated soon.
  10. Mirrland

    Kicked from game with - You are not owner of some DLC you use.

    No worries, thanks for using the help section! Locked + Moved to Solved.
  11. Mirrland

    Kicked from game with - You are not owner of some DLC you use.

    Head to your TruckersMP Profile Settings. From there, head to the ‘Linked Games / DLC’ tab. Then, scroll down and click ‘Check DLC’. Wait about 10 minutes for our system to verify that you own the given DLC.
  12. Trade Connections - Germany soon™

  13. Mirrland

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    3.. Oh wait..