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  11. Has been three years since I joined TMP Community. First of all, I would like to thank the staff of TMP, especially the GM team, for everything they have done for the safety of our game. As the article said, the load of the game reporting system is indeed too great, especially on weekends, the server is as high as 3000+, and the Promod server is not yet open [now], but as soon as the holidays come, they will queue up to enter the server, and the CD road is basically Congestion on both roads, yes I believe the TruckersMP community team has been improving this issue, but it's still a popular route, most of the race coverage is on the CD road, and most of it is due to improper overtaking, reckless driving, Yes, game masters spend most of their time on the CD road, but there are still plenty of players who break the rules. Why is the load on the website always so high, and your report has not been processed for a long time, I often drive on the CD road, and the driving speed will not exceed 90km/h each time, and I often use the game reporting system to feedback some players who violate the rules, But most of the reports in the game will prompt a timeout, which is the real reason for the high load. I remember it was a few years ago. I used the website to submit the report, but the review time is only 3 days at most, and now it has far exceeded this number, and there are still some reports that have not been reviewed. It has been submitted for half a month or so, and some players may report violations Players are just minor issues, so these are the reasons for the high load, these are just some of my personal thoughts I also do see that TMP has been recruiting game moderators, but once the number of servers exceeds 3000 people, I think there are only four or five moderators in the game to deal with these incidents including reporting. This is a very large project work, and Game moderators come from various countries. Due to time zone problems, most game moderators may not be able to solve the problems in the game at any time, so it may be necessary to accept more moderators, but I can see that the current application threshold is really very high , Finally, I would like to thank every Moderator who has contributed to TruckersMP and hope that you can lead TruckersMP to do better and better.
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