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  1. Hello Developers i want to know will 32 bit will ever be supported i am asking this because my friends keeps asking me these questions
  2. Sorry to see you go i hope to see you back again

  3. DeniPEKSEN

    New Merch!

    The Merch looks pretty good
  4. Thanks For The Follow 🤗

    1. DeniPEKSEN


      No problem 😉

  5. Welcome back 🎉

  6. Happy birthday! 🎉

  7. Sorry to see you go i hope you will be back 😞

  8. I am happy about Windows 10 and I would prefer Windows 10 more than Windows 11
  9. Thank you for your follow! ♥️

  10. Congratulations buddy good luck on your training ❤️

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