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  1. Thanks for the follow

  2. thanks for the follow

    1. shamam213


      no stress mate always good to have fellow scots 

  3. Hello guys, thanks for the answers, This question has now been solved by the answers above, happy trucking, Kind regards Scottish Lad
  4. Hello guys, i was having issues logging in, (when we were forced to change password a few weeks / months ago) anyway i clicked on reset password and typed my email but never received an Email from TMP i checked the spam folder etc, anyway i created a ticket following the steps the guide tells you to follow, then realised that the support system was in high demand so it could be a while. so i've been guessing my password and turns out i also changed my Email address when we changed password. so i did the password reset again and received the email. so i Do Not need the support ticket lol, so how do i remove it? because i don't want to waste their time, when they are already overworked lol
  5. these trailer's are custom made, by save editing, you might find one if you search for Truckers MP mods, these can be used / made on single player then once you have selected your trailer the way you want it, load into Truckers MP and you can use it, most people however have learned to save edit their Trucks and trailer's so you should YouTube how to save edit ETS2 and watch some tutorials, as once you get used to it it is very easy, just make a copy of your full profile, that way if anything goes wrong you can just delete it and put the copy back in so you don't lose anything. Their is also tutorials on the Truckers MP forum which you may find helpful here is a link to a good one. Good luck and have fun.
  6. thanks for the follow

  7. My first Truck was a Voltiac, aka Volvo before SCS got the license from truck brands lol
  8. thanks for the follow 

  9. Thanks for the follow

    1. Black Alcoa

      Black Alcoa

      You're Welcome. ?

  10. Thanks for the follow!

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