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  1. unfortunately it is not up to SCS or TMP for the tuning, as DAF themselves would have to give permission, but i reckon that will come soon, as long as they do not add another DAF truck lol, Manufactures like to display there trucks as "Stock" for a period of time (like the way they leave the real Factory ) But i agree we desperately need a tuning pack update as the trucks look so basic, they also need to make a tuning back for Iveco and MAN, but that is also up to the Manufacturers unfortunately, and from what I've heard and read SCS are Struggling to get Iveco on board for the New Iveco
  2. I 100% agree with you That is exactly why TMP only support a couple of single player mods, Pro mods and Grimmes weather mods, everyone would need to install the same mods, when SCS convoy mode first came out it was a nightmare when using mods, because not only did everyone have to have the exact same mods, they also had to have them in the exact same order on the mod loader too, don't no what SCS convoy mode is like now, because i personally dislike it and prefer TMP
  3. nothing stopping them from renaming the trucks just like when i started playing Ets2, Scania = Swift, Volvo = Voltiac, Mercedes = Majestic etc.
  4. Thanks for the follow

  5. I would remove cars and buses, i bought ets2 to drive trucks and deliver cargo from A to B. If i wanted to drive a bus i would play it on an actual bus simulator, for example Omsi 2, if i want to drive a car i would play a car simulator game, with better physics. what really annoys me is TMP have the power to add anything, why not add old trucks like Scania 143 or Volvo F10 or add rigid trucks or even Vans like ford transit or Mercedes sprinter, which actually can take loads in real-life, Taking a load in a caravan is extremely unrealistic and illegal in the real world. Caravans are not designed to take cargo in real life as they are built to be as light as possible so people can tow them with a small car. As TMP said There servers are for Simulation, and they want to make the experience as real as possible, yet they themselves add unrealistic vehicles, one example is the Ai vehicles they add with the scout interior (skoda) that is very realistic, and lets make them heavier than a fully loaded truck so when the trolls (scout cars) hit you you go flying. Don't even get me started on the buses which are actually city buses which are not meant to travel Europe, they should have added coaches. Anyway apologies for the rant, i just needed to vent my opinion.
  6. Hello Arda Enes, your password to go online (In game) is the same password you have used to login to your Forum / Truckers MP account, if your still having issues, i recommend changing your password for a new one, you can do this by clicking forgotten password and you will receive an email from Truckers MP with instructions on how to change it. Kind Regards Lewis
  7. "Removed the ban length from public ban messages" Why?
  8. Samsung M31, good and cheap ish, had it since 2020 no issues does everything i need, Samsung is definitely the best out their, except the old Nokia's that could last 2 weeks without charge, and fall from a great height without damage lol
  9. What annoys me is TMP has the power to add any vehicle in game for example, Vans like Mercedes Sprinter or ford transit that could take a 1 ton delivery, rigid trucks or old trucks like Scania 143 or Volvo f10 etc, lets be honest the only reason cars were added back in 2017 is so the Admins could drive around in police cars. Euro TRUCK Simulator, TRUCKERS MP, if i want to drive a crappy car i would play a car Simulator with better physics. i really love that the AI vehicles all use the same Skoda interior, that really Simulates real life lmao
  10. Thanks so much for the follow ❤️


  11. Thanks for the follow!

  12. If you make a save then load the save, the speed limiter will come off, letting you go any speed
  13. This is why Trolls should be banned not kicked, but if a troll was kicked and then reconnected instantly and trolled again then they should be banned, i'm personally sick of people blocking a road for 5-10 mins then an admin comes along and just kicks them. and before anyone comments you should record and report them, i am personally not taking time out of my life to upload and report them so they can get a 3 day ban then do the same again, ever since they removed the perm ban after 5-6 bans in a row. That's when i stopped reporting people, the admins have been perm banning bad players since 2014 then all of a sudden all these bad players get unbanned and come back to troll again, i got rammed 3 times by the same person and decided to report after looking at their profile they were perm banned in 2018 for having 6 bans in a row all for ramming and trolling, that person was banned for 4-5 years and still didn't learn their lesson. i'm just going to let TMP destroy itself, so many good people have stopped using TMP due to these issues.
  14. The new C-D road was a test, I noticed that they added traffic lights on the C-D road at a Fuel station and then later on The traffic Lights were removed and the entrance to the fuel station was blocked off so you could not use it, i think they were using players to test the map edits, to try and fix the huge traffic jams at the fuel stations, once TMP work out what the best solutions are, i think that map edit (New C-D road) will be back for permanent in the near future That Map edit was a lot of work just for an April fools joke
  15. Thanks TMP for making the new C-D road a trolls paradise, i would have thought since you guys have been around since 2014 you would realise this after dealing with millions of Trolls over the Years - https://imgur.com/a/YYtTKtQ Kind regards
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