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  1. Good Luck on the Event Team :tmp:

  2. Good luck on the Event team mate , Dıgıtal is one of the best managers, you will never force and I think the Event team is more fun then other teams :D 

  3. CreatorInDeep Released

    <3 mwl4
  4. CreatorInDeep

    TruckersMP stream calendar

    Thank you for the information, Prime
  5. CreatorInDeep

    cb radio

    Hello blue wolf, Unfortunately right now there is no way to change CB Radio button. I don't like button "X" either but we really can't do anything about it. Kind Regards CreatorInDeep
  6. CreatorInDeep


    Hello Alina*, Tags such as Admin, Mod or police are forbidden due to rule §1.5 (I will quote it below). If you see people with these tags or tags that impersonate staff members or political figures is forbidden and feel free to report them in our website. Now i will quote you the rule. §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind -Using insults of any sort to put another user down. This can include but is not limited to racism, discrimination and or discussing/expressing (extreme) political, illegal or inappropriate situations/views. -Linking or providing access to unsafe websites or content. -Light insults such as "idiot" and "noob" are normally not punished, however, if abused they can be. -Profanity without any insult is punishable. Bans or kicks are issued at our staff's discretion. -Impersonating other users, political figures, Moderators or acting like someone who is more superior. This can be through the way you speak, sounds, your avatar, your license/interior plates, username and/or your game tag. -Sharing personal details, including links to social media accounts, about other users is not allowed. -Avatars, usernames and in-game tags need to be appropriate and cannot contain offensive content in any way. Your name must consist of at least four alphanumeric characters or else it will be changed by staff. -No pornographic content or content of nude or sexual nature. This applies to any links posted, avatars and signatures, images uploaded, or content written. -Behaviour that is considered to be threatening towards any user of our service is not allowed. -Depending on the situation, this can also apply to other services that we use to aid us within TruckersMP. Kind Regards CreatorInDeep
  7. CreatorInDeep

    double trailers

    Hello Kust1k__, You can buy double trailers and place them in any garage in Scandinavia. Then you have to go to the garage you already placed the trailer and take it. Then you can travel across the europe but i recommend you to check thread above for further information were you can take double trailers and were you can't, because if you enter restricted zone with double trailer such as Duisburg,Amsterdam and so on, you will be kicked from the server. Also if i remember correctly you can't take cargoes from europe except Scandiavia were they are allowed IRL. Kind Regards
  8. Congrats on the promo Creator!

  9. Congratulations to your promotion m8 :)

  10. CreatorInDeep

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Thank you sir Anri ,