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    Game "Cities"

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    Spark Logistics

    OUR HISTORY: Spark Logistics is brand new VTC established on 10th of February, this year. We are still new but experienced. It took us time before launching the VTC and setting up different things, such as Website and the Tracker. We will continue to improve everything until we reach perfection. Why should you join us? Currently we offer to our drivers: - Custom Tracker. - Website/Forum. - Weekly/Monthly ETS2/ATS convoys. - *Special Convoys. - Good environment and friendly people. - Seven Different Driver roles Our requirements: - Your age to be at least 13 years old. - To be able to communicate in English - Genuine interest to join. You can find us and apply for the VTC on our website: https://sparkvtc.com Please firstly join our discord server and then apply for our VTC. Thanks in an advance!
  12. Thank you to all of you for your wishes :) <3

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