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  5. Happy Birthday, dude 🥳:HaulieLove: 

  6. That's not a human being and that's not a cat! This person is a legend! We can be happy that he is a game moderator.

  7. Proposal Name: VTC Post Unlisted Suggestion Description: I was thinking about sharing my suggestion and idea with you guys. Every VTC leader has the possibility to publish a VTC post. How about in the future you guys could post but not publicly. So that anyone who has the link can access that post. Any example pictures: / Why should it be added? VTC Leaders could publish rules and posts on TruckersMP. So we leaders would have everything together on our VTC.
  8. Suggestion name: Event server rights | Ban/Kick/Tpr rights for players Suggestion Description: Hello dear trucking community! I thought of sharing my suggestion and idea with you. Every VTC leader has the possibility to get an event server as soon as the requirements fit. How about giving certain people of choice kick/TPR/ban rights to the server? That is, as soon as a player does not follow the rules, he will be kicked or banned. Note that the player is only banned for the event server. Any example pictures: / Why should it be added? Convoys are always in the evening, there is also a lot of activity on simulation 1 or other servers. This would allow the game moderator team to concentrate on the most important things in the evening. Kind Regards, CorniTv0100 | Dream Logistics
  9. Thanks for all your help on TruckersMP

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      Appreciate that, thank you!

  10. Thanks for all your help on TruckersMP

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