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  1. Of course we try to go by obeying the speed limits. Otherwise an accident will be inevitable. However most people choose not to obeying and have an accident and then traffic occurs . it has to return to the service constantly and it is a waste of time .
  2. I usually drive with my friends C-D. I also finish some WoT deliveries or normal cargos.
  3. Thank you for sharing this good information and updates with us.
  4. Thanks for informations! Sometimes take too long to explain "how" so guides like this are a great tool.
  5. Congrats!!

    1. Kaby70


      thanks :3

  6. I'm sure the new update will be very nice, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for information.
  7. Congrats!

    1. Gianlu_A350


      Thank you!!! 😍

  8. I listen to many types of songs in the game, but most of all I like to drive while listening to chill songs.
  9. Congrats! :mlg_doge:

  10. Hello @Antevsky, You can reach many communities through the TruckersMP VTC Page. Of course, not all VTCs available here may be suitable for you (time, DLC and changes) so by doing some research you can find a VTC that provides the most suitable conditions for you.
  11. Since everyone is busy with their friends, work or hobbies in the morning it usually starts in the afternoon until midnight but like everyone else, I prefer to spend time on the road with my friends in the evenings. Turkey (UTC+3) 20:00 - 01:00
  12. You should use 12 if you want realistic gameplay but if you want to get up and go quickly you should use 6.
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