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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, ETS2 ATS Rust ARK: Survival Evolved Cities: Skylines GTA5 Planet Zoo Rainbow Six Siege I like a lot of games, but these are games that I can take time to do right now.
  2. Only my friends go there and I go there to drive with them, so I am being taken away by force ..
  3. I don't think these are needed. Yes, Calais can be busy, but it's not that bad, most people even enjoy it.
  4. I'm a part of Prime Logistics.
  5. I have started to use Mercedes trucks a lot recently, it is a truck that I can recommend to my other friends.
  6. Nice guide! thanks for your information. It's a good guide for everyone.
  7. Merhaba, Yeni başlamış kişiler bunun çevirisi ve yararları zararları konusunda fazla bilgi sahibi değildi bu sayede insanlar daha net bilgilere ulaşabilirler. Teşekkürler!
  8. Happy Birtday 🥳

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  9. Happy birthday Speedy 🎉

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