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  3. Happy Birthday !!!

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  4. Hey there! I'm always using the 6-speeds gearbox. The major part of the time i play with automatic transmission (high performance mode) , but when i've got to haul heavy trailers i prefer using my Logitech shifter. Have a nice day and happy trucking! Kind regards, Ulog
  5. Hey there ! For ETS2, my first wish is the Mercedes Benz MP5, second the Scania S770 and third, the S-Way from Iveco. For ATS, i'd like to see the Kenworth T680 Next Gen and the Tesla semi truck. Have a nice day and happy trucking! Ulog
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  12. Happy Birthday! ❤️

  13. Hey there ! Everyday i use Scania and Volvo trucks. In my opinion, they're the best trucks of the game. They're powerful and they have a good torque. You can haul what you want with them, from the cut flowers (1t) to the locomotive (61t). Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Ulog
  14. Hey there ! I'm in game everyday. Each marning i make my daily C-D trip. Sometimes i make more trips on C-D, like during the week-end. Else i attend to convoys each evening with my VTC. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Ulog
  15. Hey there ! I'm not following speed limits on the GPS. I'm always driving at 95 kph / 56mph with the cruise control. Have a nice day and Happy Trucking ! Ulog
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