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  1. Hey there ! I prefer Scania trucks for the design and the interior. I use only Volvo trucks for heavy loads. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Kind Regards Ulog
  2. Hey there ! I think it depends of your timezone. Indeed, european players will play more from 02.00 PM UTC to 10.00 PM UTC. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Kind Regards. Ulog
  3. Hey there ! I've got a bit more than 2.500 hours in ETS2 and 50 hours on ATS. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Ulog
  4. Hey there ! I play also to F1 2020, CS-GO, FH4 and The Crew 2. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Regards. Ulog
  5. Thanks for follow ❤️

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  6. Thanks for your follow my friend ❤️ 

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      No problem 😄

  7. Hey there ! I play on TruckersMP since 2017. It will be 5 years on December 2021. I'm always happy to have the possibility to play multiplayer. Have a nice day and happy trucking ! Ulog
  8. Hey there ! Maybe because we are recognized as a community in war. Moreover we're known as people who doesn't make any effort to speak english and not really open to the world. Fortunately, we're some french players on this game with a different vision. For example, i'm the official streamer of a community named "OCSC Event", created by french players 2 years ago. Today, we're hosting convoys and have partners from different countries (Italy, Germany, France, Korea, Greece,...). By hosting convoys, we're now recognized by some big VTCs like Forza Logistics, Bruijn and Pries. We're
  9. Hey there ! I bought Iberia DLC 10 seconds after the release, i followed the SCS Software livestream on Twitch . After discovering the entire map, i think he's cool but some small roads are missing.
  10. Hey there ! I drive each day on C-D Road. This is a funny road because you meet a lot of people and sometimes reckless drivers. Since i've started to drive on this road, i made over 700 reports, i think i'll ask to become Game Moderator at the next recruitment .
  11. Hey there ! When i drive on ETS2 ,i listen to Spotify. But on C-D Road or when i'm streaming on Twitch, i prefer listening to TruckersFM : i'm french but i stream in english so if i set french music the viewers aren't able to understand what the singer means .
  12. Hey there ! My favorite truck in ATS is my VTC truck, the Freightliner Cascadia. I like also the Volvo VNL.
  13. Hey there ! I make the C-D road everyday, and i made this conclusion. When you follow speed limits on the GPS, other players ask you to speed up. When you're at 90 the same. Finally, they want to drive as fast as possible on this road. I think set a speed limit at 90 kph on Simulation servers could be a great idea : first as the name of the server, it's a simulation server and in ETS2 you have the word "Simulator". Second, it could be better for driving experience, and maybe a majority of experienced players could come and drive there. Finally, it could be better for moderators (i
  14. Ulog

    C-D traffic jam

    Hey there ! To avoid crashes and traffic jams at this intersection, maybe it could be better if the players from the highway have a stop or a give way. The players who are driving on C-D road won't be obligated to stop their trucks at each driver coming from this highway.
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