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  1. Happy Birthday! 😍

  2. Would you drive this?


    1. Fezz98


      That's different 😮


    2. Zysto


      @Fezz98 Yes, it is :D

  3. Meine Glückwünsche ✌️ 🥳

    1. Polyxena


      Vielen lieben Dank 😊!

  4. Zysto

    4 Million Users!

    Big love and my congratulations to this amazing project
  5. Tomorrow is the day to spend with your loved ones! 

    Meaning ---> Get your truck out on the roads because who doesn't love their truck!







    Real Meaning ---> No seriously. Get your truck out

  6. I like modern but simplistic looking trucks. My favourite brands are Scania, Volvo and DAF I absolutely dislike chrome on any truck. Best Regards. Zysto
  7. Late but happy b-day noobio! 

    1. Coolio85


      Thank youuuu ❤️

  8. I wait at all red lights, so i don't worry about that haha. But i can kinda see where you are coming from. Best Regards. Zysto
  9. Thank you for the follow. Appreciated!

    1. ALLIANCE Jean M.

      ALLIANCE Jean M.

      You're welcome ;) 

  10. It's good that you guys are looking for possible solutions to fix duisburg, but in my eyes this isn't a good way on how to handle it. Making it NCZ still causes many problems and ruins the simulation aspect. It also could be the case that people will just going to a anoter city nearby. Of course it's great that TruckersMP tries to fix this problem tho. I'm sure a good solution will be found! Best Regards. Zysto
  11. spacer.png

    Finally got it to work 🥳

    Lots of map mods + other mods 

    1. Unnamed_User


      Let me guess, Wombat's map combo?

    2. Zysto
  12. Thank you for your follow! 🙌

    1. Unnamed_User


      You're welcome and thanks too.

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