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  1. Hey, mit der game.crash kann man immer wenig anfangen. Es ist immer hilfreicher wenn du die game.log anhängst. ^^ Ohne jetzt genaueres zu wissen: Stürzt es nur im Multiplayer ab oder auch im Singleplayer? Wenn zweiteres dann könnte das verschiedene Gründe haben. Wäre also sehr hilfreich mehr Infos zu bekommen (z.B. wie wird das Spiel gestartet?[opgengl, direct11x], etc.) Beste Grüße. Zysto
  2.                                                       Imagination:                                                                                                    (Taken in Italy)                                                                                                                                       Reality:     


























  3. I actually never thought about giving my truck a name but if i were to choose a name right now, it would be: -> Paragon (model of excelence/perfection) ->
  4.                      What's better than finishing a day with a last nice and smooth delivery 😀                                                 



  5. It's a big community and a big family aswell. Sure not everything is perfect, but what actually is perfect on this world? In my eyes it's also a continiously growing project with a lot of passionate people working on the technical side of the project, aswell as the social side of the project. I don't think that we will get something like this anytime soon (if even) and i honestly don't even need new one because i'm already completely satisfied and always amazed by this community
  6. Most of the time i follow the speed limit. ( my max. is 85km/h) I, for myself, see no point in driving faster than that. Everything above 80-90 (outside of the autobahn) is too fast and unrealistic for myself. I have no problem with people driving fast on other servers than the arcade servers but often it happens that i'm driving 80 on a road with a speed limit of 60 and still have people with like 15 meters distance and that's what i dislike about it. But since i've started to avoid these more populated roads it's way more comfortable to do longer driving sessions
  7. Moin!


    Thank you for the follow! 🍻

    1. Zysto


      You are welcome! 🙂

  8. Mine is clearly the new DAF. I just love the modern/simplistic look and i also really love the cameras. Especially in night the truck jsut looks amazing to me
  9. My DAF shines in a new color 😌


  10. I definitely like the newer version more. I know that there are always people who won't follow/break rules regardless, but overall i think it's way better the way it is now rather than what it used to be Best Regards. Zysto
  11. Thank you for the follow!


    enjoy your evening.

    1. Zysto


      You are welcome and thank you, you too!

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