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  1. Hey there and welcome to the forum. Firstly about your ban, if you feel like it was wrongly issued or something like that you can always use the appeal system: https://truckersmp.com/appeals and the feedback system: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Keep in mind that you have to appeal first before creating a feedback ticket. More specific infos can be found viá the links linked above. For the part about "...less restrictions..." i would suggest making a suggestion here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/285-suggestions/ This way you will get direct feedback from the truckersmp team aswell as from the community! I hope this helped you a little bit. Best Regards Zysto
  2. I always enjoyed driving tighter roads on ETS 2, sadly there aren't that many and most of them aren't really that tight either. Luckily promods is way better in this regard and has so many interesting, challenging and cool roads to drive on. I would appreciate if they were to add roads like those can be found in promods (or other map mods) into the base game. I would also really welcome a collaboration between the Promods team and the SCS team. Many other game studios/developers have brought community made content into the base game or even teamed up with them. Really looking forward to how SCS, ETS 2 and ATS will evolve and what they will be like in the future. Maybe it won't be continental but global? Who knows.^^ Best Regards Zysto
  3. I haven't really gotten to try out 1.38 that much but from what i've witnessed it seems good so far. So i'm really looking forward to it Probably also going to try it out a little bit more before official release ^^
  4. Zysto

    ETS stuck at loading

    Hey, what exactly do you mean by "cannot load..."? Are you just waiting on loading screen and nothing happens? Also, do you have ALL mods disabled or just some? Because depending on what you have done it can take a while to load. Best Regards Zysto
  5. Thank you for the follow ❤️ :thisisfine: 

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      And thanks for the follow back ✌️

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      Followception ^^

  6. Thank you very much for your follow. Highly appreciated! ^^

  7. Danke für den follow 🙌

  8. A bit late but thanks for the follow :)

  9. Vielen dank für ihren Follow der Herr 🎩

  10. Was gmail one of the providers you tried? I always recommend this provider because it caues the least trouble (atleast for me). Otherwise than that i can only imagine it being a problem on truckersmp site.
  11. Zysto

    Incompatible save! ATS

    Hello there and welcome to the forums, i hope i will be able to help you out. This method should work and is pretty easy/safe to do: -Just try to use an older autosave made by the game when trying to join the multiplayer Another method (which i'm not 100% certain if it works/is safe) would be going to your ATS folder, which is usually located in C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\American Truck Simulator and delete the folder called "profiles" and also the folders called "profiles(1.38......).bak" However, i would recommend making a backup/copy of those folders I hope i was able to help you! Best Regards Zysto
  12. Congratz on the promotion :)

  13. I don't know for sure but it could be tmp's servers having errors since you're not the only one having this problem. But just for comparison, what email provider are you using? Best Regards Zysto
  14. I don't know for sure but it could be tmp's servers having errors since you're not the only one having this problem. But just for comparison, what email provider are you using? Best Regards Zysto
  15. Thanks for the follow my guy ✌️

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      Np haven't spoke to you in a while, how you doing?

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      Doing good so far, kinda dissapointed in ifmp tho (hence why i started playing again). They screwed themselve up so bad lol

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