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  1. TruckersMP is a way to relax a bit. Just hop on TMP, join a server and do a few deliveries. You meet many people, you can attend convoys and other bigger events. There's no real time pressure, there's a big map to discover and many people to drive with. It's one of my fav games / mods currently, and has been for the past two years.
  2. Thanks a whole lot! I've always struggled with reversing when having a trailer attached
  3. On my main profile I use a T300 with clutch, brake and accelerator peda-set and automatic gearbox though. Every now and then I also use the manual gearbox together with the TH8A shifter, though that happens rarely as I'm too lazy for manual shifting on TMP. I mostly only use it in Singleplayer. On other casual profiles I use mouse + keyboard controls (Corsair and Razor respectively).
  4. You see it everywhere on YouTube so that's also probably one big factor why people keep driving there, be it at whatever cost. It's the busiest area in-game and as such people will wanna drive there, as driving alone one some highway can simply be boring :). I don't like C-D a whole lot, but I see why it's as popular as it is.
  5. Inklink

    das Ban Game

    Da die letzte Aktivität nun schon über 14 Tage her ist, wird der Post archiviert. Bei Fragen gerne melden :). // Geschlossen und archiviert
  6. Da die letzte Aktivität nun schon über 14 Tage her ist, wird der Post archiviert. Bei Fragen gerne melden :). // Geschlossen und archiviert
  7. Hmmm.. To be quite honest, I prefer highways, closely followed by secondary roads. The highway is just a simple and straight-forward concept where not much can go wrong, but you don't meet people a lot either, so that's why I have secondary roads as No. 2. You meet people more often when driving the more popular routes (no, not C-D) and I just also really like it because you don't only see asphalt but also some scenery around you.
  8. Hey! I generally always follow the speed-limit. In cities I drive the legal speed-limit of 50km/h, on highways around 80-90km/h and on country roads also around 60-70km/h. The speed-limits are there for a reason, especially for sharp curves, so I don't really understand why some drive through them with 110km/h, almost crashing into another player. It's just reckless and is not at all realistic. Kind regards, Inklink
  9. // In die Hilfe-Sektion verschoben
  10. I hope y'all enjoyed our latest edition of Real Operation as much as I did! :tmp:





    1. RICKY9618


      Great photo..

  11. Quite frankly, I rarely attend convoys and such. They always take place on the weekend, where I am busy with other things, but I'd say I attend a convoy / event like once a month minimum. I used to attend them whenever possible, but due to time constraints that's not possible anymore.
  12. Some nice drives I did with @Nody and @HandOfClash. And also with @Coolio85, but he had to leave early.


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    2. RedWolf_TMP


      Cool photo with nuub Colioo♥️🙈 hope you enjoyed drive Inklink

    3. HandOfClash


      884149623395065886.gif?v=1 Moin 626694828888948746.png?v=1 Amazing Photo! Thanks for the lovely ride :3 Had a lot of fun 792749467278901288.png?v=1 Im already hyped for the next one?! 738339115564793946.png?v=1 


    4. Nody


      EMG Lovely pics!! :love:

  13. // Geschlossen und archiviert
  14. Hey! I think it's a great addition to TruckersMP, considering loads of players have wished for something like this, including myself. I can definitely see it being a very handy feature in the future, especially for bigger convoys, where you want to take the same cargo together. No need for third-party applications anymore. Regards, Inklink TruckersMP GM + CML
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