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  1. helloo. its been a while tmp forums


  2. Generally it's okay to stop around main roads given that you have hazards on. Sometimes it is not always possible to stop on an NCZ. This guide isn't here to encourage people to stop at dangerous areas but as an indicator of which places are most appropriate to stop at. For any areas marked in red, they really should only be used as a last resort.
  3. Clear Keep of this area at all times


  4. thanks for the follow! road to 200 followers xd 

  5. If I understand this correctly, when you launch the TMP launcher and then click ETS2, it doesn't open TruckersMP? Try these solutions: Is Steam running in the background? If Steam isn't running in the background, make sure you open Steam first before opening TruckersMP. This is because if you try to launch the game, it will open Steam but then produce an error message from Steam's end. It will not launch properly. Is TruckersMP installed correctly? If unsure or in doubt, I suggest you download the launcher again (Uninstall isn't really necessary but you can do it if you want). Make sure you get the correct file paths!
  6. The city itself could really do with a revamp. The highway between Calais Intersection and City can be quite problematic as people need to rely on the second lane to enter the new highway. Now TMP have made the Duisburg Revamp which looks nice but then doesn't feel authentic in terms of the whole map. Hopefully SCS revamps cities in Europe and the UK soon.
  7. you're more easily identifiable if you show a photo of yourself. It increases likelihood of doxxing and can sometimes ruin chances of getting a job or keeping a job.
  8. But for the record no one is obliged to actually follow speed limits in TMP. I and maybe some other people like to be strict with the simulation by following speed limits and local laws while others just want to drive as quickly as possible to the destination or use this game as a cheaper version of Forza. Neither is wrong. Yes the limit is slow but then SCS designed the game considering local speed limits as well. TMP's limiter is set to 110kmh so you don't really have to follow the 60kmh speed limit if you don't wish to. However (this is not to stop you from speeding), the faster you drive, the less reaction time you have to react to something and the more responsibility will be held upon you. If you want to drive any faster than 110kmh then I recommend you try out the Arcade server or Forza which is currently discounted on Steam!
  9. Irl I believe the 60kmh limit only applies to trucks and not to cars in Belgium and Germany. SCS have designed the game based on the local laws around the area to keep the simulation as realistic as possible.
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