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  1. This channel is no longer in use. Thank you for your cooperation.
  2. I think it's up to the driver to decide when it might be appropriate to give way to traffic from a side road. Obviously, everyone needs to get from point A to B (unless we also count the people driving up and down C-D to rec ban people for a living). And if someone chooses to give way to a driver from the side road, well nice for the other driver because waiting can be frustrating, but it's also on the driver giving way if a collision occurs. But it is also the responsibility of yourself and other drivers in that situation to make sure that you do your best to avoid a collision. I see too many people carry on driving at insane speeds when they've got a lot of time to slow down and claim they haven't done anything wrong when in fact they didn't even consider hitting the brakes. My personal take is... If the situation allows it (i.e. it's not too busy), then they can give way to the driver if they want to. Obviously not everyone is obligated to follow rules and consequences may occur anyway but just let them be.
  3. It's true that it gets deleted but then I'm certain the in-game reports usually clog up very quickly that Game Moderators may not be able to see all the reports. The thing is that if there is a limit set to the amount of reports a player can create, then it might reduce the high in-game reporting system load. If I could put out a suggestion: Once a report has been submitted, the report limit will reduce by 1. If it's accepted, report limit will increase by 1. If it's declined, the report limit stays the same. If the report times out, their report limit increased back by 1 again. Report limits cannot go higher than 10. For example: Person A reports Person B, and Person A has a report limit of 10. Once they've submitted the report, they can send 9 reports. If the report gets accepted, their limit bumps back up to 10 reports. If declined, it will stay at 9 reports. If timed out, their report limit bumps back to 10.
  4. Oop I'm a bit late to this boat. I personally think this change is very promising. The amount of effort people go through to ensure that everyone around them in the server gets punished for something trivial is amazing, and I wonder where they get that energy from. And I think the sort of people that live to just shout "REC BAN" for something very trivial are the same sort of people that drive as recklessly as possible, overtaking everyone at bends or on terrain, zooming around bends at 110km/h while being literally at the other side of the road. I really hope the rec banning culture could be put to a partial stop. I do want to however mention that I believe reports should also be based on whether the person recording the incident could have A - Prevented the accident by braking early or changing to another lane B - If this "recording" was taken intentionally to ban them (i.e. if they intentionally switched lanes to make them ram into their truck and framing it as them intentionally ramming) C - If the recording driver is driving as recklessly or even more recklessly than them (i.e. they're approaching bends at inappropriate speeds) And should it be the case where the recording driver intentionally set them up to be "Rec banned", they should be punished where possible. unless tmp already do this then feel free to ignore
  5. DAF XG 480 with the Prime Pinktober Livery


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. L-DR@GO


      I was not really a fan of DAF ...

      Till I bought the XF tuning..


      Now am a big fan of DAF

    3. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~
  6. I think verbal feedback would feel more authentic rather than a like system.
  7. ets2_20230628_232823_00.png?width=1193&h

    1. L-DR@GO


      The Prime Guys 

      Nice trucks 👍

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  8. If anything it makes more sense if we could rename the servers as follows: Simulation 1 -> Europe 1 Simulation 2 -> Europe 2 [US] Simulation -> North America 1 [SGP] Simulation -> Singapore 1 Arcade -> Europe Arcade Promods -> Europe Promods Promods Arcade -> Europe Promods Arcade And then with ATS: Simulation -> Europe 1 [US] Simulation -> North America 1 [US] Arcade -> North America Arcade If the server region is incorporated in the server names then it might make it more easier to actually find a server based on the players location. It's a minor change but makes some difference to identifying servers. Plus it wouldn't be misleading to anyone to think that the servers are a simulation server as the polls suggest, not many people prefer to drive in simulation conditions.
  9. @GraniteHi! Love the post but I've further corrected their website description here:
  10. I have been quite disappointed recently by the decisions made in TMP recently and I do think its misleading to name a server "Simulation 1", "Simulation 2" if TMP doesn't think about real world driving. And as this post mentions, they absolutely do not take simulation seriously: It is quite unfortunate they want to remove the simulation aspect of the game. Therefore, TMP is a racing game and not a truck simulator modification. And to further add onto this, they only want to focus on C-D and leave the rest of the map out as well as forgetting ATS is a game. So I'll present the meme I've created here: Oh btw, could we rename TMP to "C-D Racing Game" while we're at it.
  11. W and S because i use mouse steering! and my CPI button on the mouse is assigned to record clips with Nvidia GeForce Experience!
  12. Mhm! It's on my profile if anyone wants to watch it. Definately not making that mistake again with overtaking on solid lines and not checking if there are oncoming vehicles approaching.
  13. If they are driving safely then I'm happy. But it only becomes a problem if they try to be aggressive to other drivers, especially if they were to overtake on solid lines or when a vehicle is approaching which kinda shows they are impatient.
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